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build 363


- Redesign of the Beach location.
- 2 sex poses have been added.
- Home layout Save/Load from file option has been added.




- Switch the camera mode using the F5, F6, F7 keys.
- You can't turn on VR mode if VR device is unplugged.
- Photo Uploading with uppercase extensions has been fixed.
- Sound echo has been fixed.
- Standard water quality is set by default, high quality water is currently experimental for now.
- Hide VR gaze pointer by Shift + Z.
- Lost chat and profile window fixed, when you change resolution from high to low.
- Head and Body buttons in the Character Editor have been fixed and zoom in correctly.
- You can now use wall poses on the walls in the user rooms.
- Furniture collisions have been disabled in Home Editor.


If you have any troubles with patcher, then follow these steps please.

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Learn more about upcoming updates on 3DXChat Telegram Channel (100+ members already joined) https://t.me/play3dx


build 388


 New materials

 Improved eye shader (eyes will be more realistic)
 User Interface Scale option
 New Poses mf/fm/ff/mm>bed>foreplay
Ignore button added to profiles
Delete button and Ignore button added to profile of ignored user
 Update later button for new patches
Updated cumshots
Starting area increased
 New way of applying lipstick (saturated lipstick color)
Offline Messages between friends
Black skin color, new faces, eyebrows
New hairstyles

 Server restart alerts

 User notifications from admin

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