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  1. Jowey, did you see the announcement by Lisa about Unity 5 renderer 21 January 2016? So, sit and wait
  2. Is it possible to add fireplace from Sin to our rooms?
  3. What Is Your Stripper Name? YOU GOT Electra Shock Pole artist! Everything you perform is extremely innovative. The world hasn't seen such a creative and unusual dancer yet! Communication with audience, spotlights, stage - it all makes you feel free and right at home. You enrich the whole business, if they only knew....
  4. I'm very sorry to hear this. I will miss you Luna
  5. Take care and wish you all the best in your real life
  6. Vesperaldus (Western Dragon) is a Pterian Quadriped (wings, four legs). The Western Dragon is classic, one from all those tales about knights slaying dragons to save a princess. Fortunately, no dragon had done such a thing. They are far from evil, but peaceful, advice-giving creatures that have long been extinct... or so we may have thought. Dragons learned and perfected the gift of changing into humans, to hide in disguise. They are the original Telepathics, the First Tribe. Anyways, Western Dragons appreciate the classics, the old, as well as the new. They embrace change and are often great leaders. If you are a Vesperaldus, you are good with people. You may seem ordinary, but inside, you have a gift.
  7. i like ur profile image! :o

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