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  1. Unfortunately I'll miss this, but happy birthday Lori and Rhett !! Party Hard and Rock On !! Trill
  2. Way overdue, sorely needed, little if any opposition. Gizmo please research this improvement. Thanks!
  3. I've always especially enjoyed Raevaen and StarrFyre, thank you both, and thank you to all of the other DJs.
  4. I think moderation of our own Diaries is worth a try, as a trial run. I also want to say thank you to everyone for taking a step back and trying to keep the forum civil. Have fun all.
  5. Lot's of people, in countless threads over the years, have discussed the unrealized potential of this place. My opinion is that Gizmo and Lisa pride themselves in making high quality graphic content, and have not been comfortable hiring a full time resource to help generate content more quickly. This is just a guess on my part though, I have no proof to back it up. I would love to see more content, improved QA testing, and a growing community, but something behind the scenes seems to be holding this potential back. I think they do a great job with what they publish, but I don't think user
  6. Seems like this might be an easy change, to create a filter to block a few key words in room names that obviously break the ToS? What you say and do in private is to each their own, I just don't want to see room names in public that seem to promote it. Giz?
  7. Desirea


    now THAT is hilarious! I've known Ciera for years, and even today I still have no clue about some of the UK references she makes. I'm from the States, constantly googling some of her references. If you would ever talk to either one of us, or taken the time to read what we post, I suggest even you'd realize there is very little similarity. But if it fits your agenda, by all means believe what you like. Thanks for the laugh, I enjoyed that. I'm sure C is laughing too.
  8. Desirea


    /me scratches her head wondering why someone would bother to post this dribble on a tongue-in-cheek thread, instead of just ignoring it and move on. Feel better now?
  9. Damn, 2 posts to my 1, you are so good at this. Thanks for the tips!
  10. /me looks at Rob's total forum posts count and laughs about attention mongering. Good one!!
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