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  1. Grand Opening of "Cheers" by Coffee & Tunes Inc Friday 11-19-2021 4 pm EST - Midnight 8 Awesome Dj's Butterfly Babies Dance Team, The Cheers Dancers https://coffeetunesradio24hrs.com/
  2. no ban eject button in current or further updates..is unacceptable and a COMPLETE failure to listen to your very patient customer base cmon Gizmo please prioritize better.. please and thank you

    1. SusanLouisa


      So beyond frustrating.

  3. Ban~Eject Button ? please

  4. absolutely,and if possible if kicked from room...ignore should automatically be applied. because if i kick from my room it won't be a mistake it will clearly be they did not follow rules..i am very easy to get along with , and like everyone else i want people to come and enjoy my rooms...just don't cause trouble
  5. no privacy issue....no private info on ejected given..just a simple button...you come into my room, and break my rules..i hit button, and blast you into some corn field somewhere never to be allowed back..simple stuff here folks, and kudos to Gizmo for listening to the Majority
  6. simple. my room...my rules...and generally is 1. no drama, 2. no colds, 3. and most importantly......................HAVE FUN.......Really Easy stuff
  7. Gizmo nice upsate, but how about out Ban-Eject button? Its pretty clear the community wants this...any ETA ?

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