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  1. Could not agree moore with you on that @DouceAlizee and I would like to add my view on this comunity in general. Please stop arguing and help each other. Work together. Develop. Don’t destroy. Let all gain on this, be good to each other instead of insulting. Hate feeds only hate, and no one gains from that. And now for another cliché hippie comment, but still very true. ❤️ Make love not hate. ❤️ Is that not why we all play this game in the first place? Take care all and be good to your next one, is all I’m saying. And I believe if all at least try to put a little bit of effort into that, then this game and community would be a much happier place and more fun for all. ❤️ And remember. Hate is not sexy. 😉
  2. Is there somthing wrong with spheres while building in the game? Its like there is an invisible "no go" area around them? It’s like if the game uses a hidden "hitbox" for them that is 3 times the size that they visually are Seems it apears after i rezize a sphere using the rezize tool. @Gizmo @Lisa
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