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  1. Yeah, I noticed it too. But I was mostly fine with it because the quality of normal pics still more or less okay. I mean I would love it to be better but it's not too bad. Which I can't say about text. Yes, text on the pictures still readable, but it's obviously blurry. Hope they will return to old, less harsh, quality reduction.
  2. Maybe there is some minimum/maximum size threshold after reaching which game not trying to resize the picture?
  3. Is there any trick to upload image to 3dxchat's gallery without losing SO much in quality? Maybe some specific size? I tried to use best quality / max size options in Photoshop, both for .jpg and .png files, but quality in game is terrible anyway. I am trying to upload a picture with text, because I don't have enough place in my profile to describe everything I want there, but text on picture looks so blurry in a gallery, readable, but still terribly blurry.
  4. This #SAYNOTOWHITEBOYS looks pretty ironic to me considering that most of BBCs in this game are exactly white boys.
  5. Imagine a rl rape victim entering the room (not even a rape themed one) and hearing some girl begging "No! Please stop!" while being brutally pounded or slapped. Kind of too much, even for a sex game.
  6. Or the dudes who bounce around with their girl avis, and bowling balls boobs. You are very naive if you think that boys playing girls is some futa exclusive.
  7. Is being nasty and disrespectful towards whole groups of people just because you feel like it is a normal behavior for you?
  8. Are you guys unironically talking for already 10+ posts about how could someone vote "no" in forum poll?
  9. What makes you think that you can talk for all girls? And if you check the discord, most people actually enjoying the new update.
  10. Revealing and erotic dancer outfit. If it can be called "roleplay outfit" of course...
  11. If devs really going to add limp cocks in the game and give shemale players stuff like bulges and correctly working pubic hair it also would be great to make penis instead of pussy displayed under the skirt/dress when we don't wear panties.
  12. Would be great to keep cock, if it's turned on, under the clothes, not only under the new maid outfit, but also under the dresses/skirts, if worn them without panties. But I guess it would require to add the limp cocks to the game first
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