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  1. love the new update , only thing i would like to see is a item lock button . this would make changes to avitar easyier like you change your tattoos lock it so you can open saves add it auto applys the locked item making it quicker to change avitar changes to all my saves , just a quick open and resave
  2. i get the same , but i can get on my twin account , thought a get banned or someting but looks like im not the only one.
  3. anyone else having trouble going back to the full game from the beta , yes i put my normal items back first
  4. all you can really do it click the chat setting icon and mute the notification
  5. this would be so good would like it showing for cum in areas too
  6. was thinking same thing @Diana Prince
  7. got to remember to add the ribbon to my clothes , spread the word everyone
  8. Stuff like that would be so cool , just to get away from the same old things in the game . i would be happy with other objects rather than beer bottle to hold lol then again got the phone hold pose with no phone
  9. i do hope so a little more informate from the dev`s on what is upcoming and progress would ease peoples minds for the future of the game
  10. did you flatter a sphere ( ball ) this is a long time bug that you float on to of it
  11. LOL was hopeing for the tail update for halloween . so wanted a demon tail lol guess we are not going to get it in time for true update fashion
  12. Just hope they get into the game soon , really need a update lol
  13. There are some poses that are Male only too , would like to see them for shemale too
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