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  2. Today we can only save the whole body and clothes. It would be nice to be able to select either the body or the clothes or both of course.
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  4. Why is this not a thing yet? For a game that has hundreds of different choices for outfits it would only make sense to be able to make outfits and save them to presets so we can just go into the editor and change at the click of a button.
  5. I know how the codes work, but how do I embed them in the game?
  6. - Soft/Hard toggles or slider for Men, I don't walk around with a hard-on 24/7 - Condoms with used condom visibility - Detailed character sex/kink compatibility questionaire and profiles, with a colour-coded ranking detailing your compatibility, and an auto-accept/decline toggle based on your compatibility results for non-con or spontaneous sex.
  7. A QR code can be scanned with the Camera app of your phone, and it usually leads to a specific website. Also, a QR code can be used to link your Lovense toy with 3DXChat.
  8. I'd like to know how to use a q code in the game.. I've seen them, but can't find anything in the user's guide
  9. Well, succubi are females so yes, I'm looking for a female partner.
  10. Edmundo

    I Need A Pimp

    Hi beautiful I'm a man and I'm still interested in a pimp question or a man let me know if still active
  11. Hello, what should I do, I just the demon itself, the subscription ended and I wanted to know what is needed for this or do you need only girls
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  13. salemalex


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  14. It would be awesome if there was a time stamp in the messaging system. It would be nice to know if say, someone messaged you while you were offline, when you log back in 2 days after, you have no idea if the message was sent an hour a go, or a day a go. This would be great information to know, and I am pretty sure it would not be difficult to add.
  15. You can use Quest 2 with airlink through the Oculus app. You have to start the Oculus app first then 3DXChat as the new launcher doesn't load the Oculus app. If you don't start the Oculus app first, the oculus feature is greyed out in settings.
  16. I'm still looking, if anyone is interested in playing.
  17. 1. Adding our own textures. 2. Activities besides sex 3. Interest search feature between profiles(essentially alternative to room tourism, of course with option to click yourself off or on as being searchable like second life).
  18. Dear Players! Scheduled network maintenance will be performed in our data center during the following time frame: Game all entry points: February 2 21:00 - February 3 00:00 (UTC) Several minor interruptions are expected as well as possible short service unavailability. The maintenance is necessary to make our service better for you. Thank you for understanding! 3DXChat Team Join our discord to stay informed
  19. Стамбул все узнали ? Я же перед вылетом в Москву на турецкую часть заезжал ,за Лукумом и Халлуми . Всем хватит )
  20. Я тебе,кстати, Маратефтико привез ) и Тизби (еще кое-кому) А то тут порывались уже ''джинов изгонять '' и из этих сосудов ))
  21. Стэфи,на второй день ''церковных песнопений'' они убедили меня ,что земля плоская и стоит на двух амазонках ,Кэрол и Габи ))))
  22. Hey all Im john 35 and i come from germany. Im new to 3dx and i search for nice peoples to talk to, dance or chill together, visit some nice places, have a nice time and maybe, if we vibe more as flirts I like loughing, romantic, flirting, teasing swimming and dancing. But i love Adventures, too Feel free to cantact me, have a nice day and see you
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