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  2. It’s official. Have fun y’all, be safe, be kind. Travels signing off.
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  4. I do have my arguments and the real 3DXChat is based upon free mods for other games. You technically pay for modded game. Mod for the game skyrim real game VVV (Notice the time ;)) I can imagine why people on 3DXChat get no updates, is easy to explain. When there is descending in player base, they release an update.... Just think for a moment how old the female and male models are... and I do not encourage people to go in private games, they seem just reasonably better than the real thing.... After that, developers talk about quality... ahahaha quality of a stolen mods ? sounds funny and I think 1/3 of the players know it, but are scared to say it of getting a ban (I got 4 already). Eather you stick with the system and you eat what they give you or you make a path which fits your needs (cyberp*nk 2077)
  5. Right… And how gullible would people have to be to take the word of a self-proclaimed ‘hacker/modder’ to ditch the game and go join the malware infested pirate copy whose ‘development’ is just them duct taping other stolen shit onto the outdated 32bits 3DX client. Get real mate. Cool story though.
  6. Imagine how loyal the developers are, when they let a modder/hacker explain how to further develope their game and let pirated versions to get more updates than the real thing. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS: CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION and take your friends into Discord or the pirated version. Believe me, 3DXChat is trying to shut every pirated version so they can have full access oooor, many people just quit the game. Just quit the game and play something else. Besides, you can all meet in real life ? or find another game.
  7. You and me both. Even more so when the “not entirely legal” version of the game has a LOT more customisation etc… you know it’s bad when the rip off is arguably better than the real version
  8. I’m frankly amazed that the cooperation with Lovense didn’t improve anything. Makes me wonder if that company is regretting the deal by now. I support this call for a Development Roadmap and more communication between the Developers and the Consumers. We pay, so we do have a right to some measure of feedback. If only to decide if we’re still getting our money’s worth.
  9. Really nice work Pagos! Well done!
  10. alt+Tab will switch your open system windows as well.
  11. Jachen

    Say Hello!

    Just saying hello and still looking around. I have seen a lot of things but really love the 3d character building. Hope to see more. And if you anyone has any good roleplay Ideas, drop by and say hi.
  12. Pop that in ur profile or gallery and be eligible for the trivia................. come on over and have some fun
  13. Tomorrow is the first day of the festival guys come on over and enjoy the music and the room........... we will be waiting for you... i wanna see u pop lock and drop that shizzzzzzz
  14. Another cover version "LALISA" from Thai singer Chamook but with Electro-Rock style
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  16. Are we related? The platform drew my in, but it's the people I know and play with that keeps me around. I hope to still here 5 years from now! As long as there is investment in keeping game running and stable, I am happy. But it really could be so much more!
  17. И от меня несколько Всем MWAHHHSSS
  18. Twister,мальчики ,ненадо нас донатить.Мы не чильнем с реального пляжа в виртуальный)))))))))))))) Вот ниразу такое счастье не всралось))))))))) Видосики по приезду,даже в отеле инет дешнянский,еле это грузанули .Всем Чмоки
  19. Playing this game for 6 years now and I can only say that sadly, that won't happen. Look at upcoming content and it was kinda close to a road map and been a year since the last post. Right now I just play this game cuz I'm a horny perv and still have a couple friends here. Not caring bout updates.
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  21. Кисульки,я понимаю,что между Москвой и Гаити 7часов разницы,и отжигаете вы там бомбически. Но фоточки то в группу надо отправлять. Нехотите с айфонов ,кидайте через общий ноут по удаленке . 24 часа вам,время пошло......
  22. Thank you @_Sophie_ for your thoughts on this. In this day and age, and especially the times we are in at the moment, 3DX should be on the cusp of greatness. I for one have fallen love with the game, but even more so with my fellow 3DXers that have made my time here so fun and rich. You are what has hooked me, and I am not going anywhere. But with a bit more marketing, regular updates, an engaged and unified presence in the various communications platforms? Boom, homerun! I see tons of personal investment to make this place the place to be. All the builders, DJs, dance team and bands, etc. May ownership recognize and advance the game, for all of us. I seriously want to see this community and this company to not only survive, but thrive.
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