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  2. This all reminds me of a schoolyard bully.... he beats someone up and does what he can to harass the friends of his victom so people will just watch what he does and not try to stop it. It's sad, it's pathetic and those defending OffGroup, KNOWING what they are doing and making excuses, in my eyes are complicit and allowing it to continue. me, I belong to no group, I try to get along with everyone and not make waves. Are there people I dislike? YES, of course, but in the end there is the block feature that allows me to play without having to worry about them. I say that because for s
  3. Refering to this period is a real easy thing, but this period is far more complicated as it looks like. Between the ones on the wrong side ( aks german) and be good people and the one being on the right side and be assholes...it is not black and white. Ofc some things are clearly wrong, no doubt about it, but we go too fast to judge, like all Germans were bad and all Allies were good. And we totally deviated from the subject now ><
  4. Yes, we are sensitive to such things. It all starts with wrong thinking, continues with paranoia and phobias, and ends with a global catastrophe. I don't like living in the past, but we should learn lessons from the past.
  5. Yes it was irony, people pointing out they did a party with OffGang and insinuating they are as guilty as OffGang could be.
  6. When they post YouTube videos SHOWING what they are doing, it is NOT assuming what they are doing it is PROOF of what they are doing, unless you live in an alternate reality.
  7. You seem pretty eager to defend them and find ways to defend them. First off, anyone naming themselves OffGang, knowing what is going on is doing so for 2 reasons, and neither good.... to instigate a fight or because they are. Just as someone naming themselves Mussolini, as in your example... it could be a family name or it could be someone trying to piss people off (Mussolini might not have been a great example by the way). I don't think banning someone simply because they are friends would be wise. I am loyal to my friends BUT I do have limits, if my friends are doing illegal shit
  8. Argh I did my best to avoid it and not make any reference to this, but looks like Godwyn's law is right lol.
  9. It reminds me someone who was living (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) long time ago, but most of us still knows about him. *nods*
  11. Kephryc

    Build 428

    ah and we do teleport wen partnered and picking a spot on a bad sofa chair ..... ;D
  12. I am sorry Nalley, but when you claim you have a third party tool which is illegal according to the game rules, you shoudnt be surprised to be banned.... Maybe OffGang didnt crash the game, and are not behind the shitty things happening, and I hope they arent but claiming and showing everyone you can crash a server, you can offer 1000 gifts if you join their Patreon wasnt really smart at least. They might be innocent, and again I wish they are, but they did everything to think the contrary.
  13. Today
  14. I agree. I would not pay them a cent.
  15. So you got banned then? And btw, you saying "assuming responsibilities by accepting the rules" And you indeed accepted the rules. Including this one: 1.04. SexGameDevil may suspend, terminate, modify, or delete accounts at any time for any reason or for no reason, with or without notice to the owner of the account. Accounts terminated by SexGameDevil for any type of abuse, including without limitation a violation of these rules or the EULA, will not be reactivated for any reason. For purposes of explanation and not limitation, most account suspensions, terminations and/o
  16. Well if you detached from your old group which I suppose was the predecessor of White Breeze, which I suppose you left by personal choice, and then created VIrtual Sugar, it cannot be ruled out that both of em are one of the most succesful "franchises" or "networks" within 3DX, so ruling out the event of a host war created by rivalry is no doable.
  17. que dire sur cette fin d'épisode 8 si ce n'est que tout y est, éxcitation du coeur, du corps, et de l'esprit, eveil des sens, sensation de bien etre , que dire de plus si ce n'est que tout ces épisodes ne peuvent que procuré une immense et intense sensation de bien etre, un regain d'énergie, ne voulant que voir la suite des prochains épisodes, étant profondément admiratif par le talent, l'imagination, et la maitrises des scenarios proposés un plaisir, un merveilleux moment, une profonde et intense joie de vivre que de ressentir toutes ces choses a la lecture de tout cela Cordialement, amical
  18. Q: I saw people flying around the location. Are they hackers? Did they hack my account?
    A: Your account is safe. Set a strong password and don't share it with anyone. Please record videos and report these teleports to support. Cheaters will be banned.

    thats a bug whit partners that ppl are using   and lentency problems so geting a bann for hawing a slow internet conection resorting in ping of 300 or sofing like that will make the player look like teleporting insted walking

  19. consumer rights, considering that I paid for a product by assuming responsibilities by accepting the rules, I expect the supplier to comply with its duties ... what is my guarantee for the paid product, if I do not have the equal right to benefit from it?
  20. How will you get that they are idiots? 3dxchat has lack of information. There are many groups around 3dxchat. How will you get their real goals?
  21. Just because you've heard it before doesn't make your statement true. You said that "Every scum will say the same thing". But every not scum will say the same thing too. Where is a logic?
  22. Kephryc

    Build 428

    Q: I saw people flying around the location. Are they hackers? Did they hack my account?A: Your account is safe. Set a strong password and don't share it with anyone. Please record videos and report these teleports to support. Cheaters will be banned. actually that's a bug with the partner starting and stopping the sex animation after clicking on a spot to walk the game treats it as if you wear other from before partnering in animation or just plain old lentency problem
  23. I will just let you here something to read and hope you will find the right words in any sentence https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/justify show me where did you found out that I am any how justify someone....for the last time: freedom of speech including the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions!
  24. I want more sexy walk option....
  25. Naaahhhh.... there is not a "host war"... in fact I don't even know what a host war is. I am just a little bit disappointed about the behaviour of my "old" group, that's all.
  26. Well to be fairly honest with you, I cant be more honest by saying that buying the offgang client is a terrible idea, all the bad reputation aside, its a bad idea. Giving your info to a 3rd party who is not affiliated to the official game, is like opening the door to user info leaks.
  27. Of course it is. What kind of "fundamental rights" are you talking about? I don't remember anything in ToS about devs being obliged to publicly provide proofs of offences that leaded to bans. Especially providing proofs that can expose private data of other users or game's/server's code/architecture.
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