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  3. It's the Fourth of July, come enjoy the beach and my newest room - The Sand Castle!
  4. Bonjour à tous mes amis et fidèles lecteurs et lectrices ! Je vous présente à partir d'aujourd'hui une nouvelle série qui se base sur les histoires de mon amie Esther. J'ai écris ces histoires pour elle et son mari Oscar. Je les adore tous les deux et je leur ai fait ce cadeau. Avec l'accord d'Esther, je publie maintenant ces histoires. J'ai vécu certaines d'entre elles (comme celle qui vient). Je vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir... Bisous à tous et... n'hésitez pas à commenter !
  5. BurningMan Trucktour Festival WELCOME ALL
  6. This is nice and awesome
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  8. Just wanted to share how I got this work. Installed Windows 11 through Parallels on my M2 MacBook. The 3dx chat installer wont run because its an ARM version of Windows 11. All you need to do is get the install files from a working copy on a windows machine. I copied c:\Games\3dxchat folder and pasted into the virtual machine in the same file location. Then just start the 3dxchat.exe and it all works. I find the graphics are sometimes glitchy when entering a room but after that it works well, in fact it runs better than on my i7 evo laptop with iris Xe graphics. Hope this helps out !
  9. Well this is the problem, consent should be required for anyone, no matter what you think of them.
  10. Ok still got it done, scaling on the z axis to 0 did the trick
  12. Tried the thing and made my own svg with Inkscape which did not work out so well Saving the svg to world did like nothing So I converted it to a png ... it worked kind of See the pics what I am doing wrong? And I put the svg in as well so maybe someone would like to look at it and tells me what is wrong EDIT: can it be that a path cant be open like a simple line? Rastergrafik.7z
  13. Five Finger Death Punch - IOU Love it Say my nameAnd watch the fire growCurse my nameA demon gets its hornsSee my faceThe one behind my eyesI'm a son of a bitch, I'm as bad as it getsAnd I'll be that till I die I Owe You NOTHING.
  14. Five Finger Death Punch - Welcome To The Circus Heard this and thought of 3DXChat -Welcome To The Circus-
  15. The Sixth Munch today! Join us at TheMunch to meet dominants, submissives, switches and people that are just exploring. It is a place to mingle and talk about the BDSM Lifestyle, or anything else for that matter. A free flowing social gathering for the interested, with plenty of potential playful corners. The Munch opens its doors tonight at 22:00 CEST / 4pm EDT. I hope to see you there! We BDSM
  16. Bonjour à tous:) Samedi 18 juin, le Studio Fantaisy Label vous a présenter leur soirée « Jazz & Soul ». C'est donc dans une room glamour et entournée des multiples instrument de musique que les MOON vous ont offret une très belle performance. Hello to all:) Saturday June 18th, the Studio Fantaisy Label presented you their "Jazz & Soul" evening. It is thus in a glamorous room and surrounded by multiple musical instruments that the MOON offered you a very beautiful performance. Le son du saxophone a résonner toute la soirée dans les Set des Dj présent pour occasion et ravit les oreilles expertes présente sur la piste de danse. The sound of the saxophone resounded all the evening in the Set of the Dj present for occasion and delighted the expert ears present on the dance floor. Merci à Studio Fantaisy Label Merci aux Djs BIACAT, Psyche, Venusya, Zhanee, Chevy et Foxxxy Merci à nos danseurs Thanks to Studio Fantaisy Labe Thanks to the DJs BIACAT, Psyche, Venusya, Zhanee, Chevy and Foxxxy Thanks to our dancers
  17. Sorry for the delay. I've done that already and the problem remains.
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