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  2. This week: Friday, February 23rd, 8pm ET, Poachers' Expanse! Season 5: The Journey of the 0-57AR-C exploring the unknown reaches of the galaxy and beyond! This Friday, tune in to 3DX Chat for the new episode of OPAL STAR! Join us Friday, February 23rd, 8:00 PM ET for Episode 2: Poachers Expanse! In this episode, the starcruiser HMS OPAL STAR chases down the alien fleet in a bid to prevent disaster! Your Live DJs: DJ Wolf, DJ Dmannn, DJ Bikini Kim, The Huntress and AIMIE the Hologram Hope to see you all there! Love! Dance! Explore! Party!
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  4. 5th place: JOY & FakeWifa Our magical encounter begin 3 month ago. My lovely Fake wifa accept my proposal per accident and since that day my life got upside down. Lovely words Like: "where you fucker?" came Out of my speakers when wifa called. Another day my private Chat got exposed to all public and you stole my pants in Front of all people... But at end i want wish my littke Fake wifa Monster a happy v-day and Happy 3 Month anniversary
  5. 4th place: SoPokky & his wonderful man I met a wonderful man at the Gay Club! From the very beginning, I realized that this is the person with whom I feel comfortable, we can talk about any topic. As time went on, every day with this man became like a holiday. After a while we started dating, it turned out that he was very sweet, caring and very hot. A week later, we married each other. We speak two completely different languages, but love has helped us understand and get to know each other better. And let's be honest - Google Translator has not been canceled This Valentine's day was wonderful, great music, good people, and most importantly, the time spent with him.
  6. 3rd place: Amaraaaa & MisterDJ "It's the encounters with people that make life worth living!" Guy de Maupassant Even in a 3D world, it is very important to meet people, no matter on what level. Every encounter makes sense and gives you something to take with you on your way through life. Sometimes encounters are short-lived and sometimes something great comes out of them. Friendship, love, family! I am grateful for all encounters! However, the most beautiful of all encounters for me was on July 19th, 2023! When I stood in a white, long dress opposite the man who took me as his wife! It was an emotional, dreamlike, breathtaking wedding. And I will never forget this special encounter... the beautiful thing is that I meet my husband anew every day. We grow together, learn from each other and really appreciate having each other! At this point, thank you for everything, my darling. You give me support, hope and trust... apart from your endless love! Love you MisterDJ
  7. 2nd place: xLiONEL and xSweetbunny * Our love story began in the world of 3DX chat.... * This is the story of xLiONEL and xSweetbunny. It was September 30, 2023 and I can still remember that day clearly. It was a day that started quite sadly from my point of view. I was in a room full of people celebrating and having fun. I looked at all these people, but one person kept catching my eye and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was also sitting alone and I noticed without knowing her that she was sad. I was just on my way back to the dance floor when she suddenly came to me. Like an angel that had flown down from heaven. She hugged me without saying anything. Even without knowing me, she noticed that I wasn't feeling well, because she felt the same way. We started writing to each other and immediately realized that we got on very well. We started writing more and more to each other and eventually started dancing together. We wrote a lot and sympathized a lot. At that moment, I already felt a warm feeling in my chest. And this feeling only intensified from day to day. But this is where our journey began..... From that day on, we were in contact almost every day. We wrote, phoned and sent each other lots of pictures. On October 30, 2023, the time had come. Our big wedding together in the game, with lots of friends and family. And what can I say, she made me the happiest man in the world. Despite all the difficulties due to the language barrier. No matter what happened, she was there and I wanted to be there for her just as much. We started to support each other in every situation, no matter what. We even started to learn each other's languages so that we could talk to each other even more. I still can't put into words what I would do for her. All I know is that I love her and want to cherish her forever. And our journey is far from over..... BECAUSE FOR ME IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM OR WHAT LANGUAGE YOU SPEAK. LOVE HAS ITS VERY OWN LANGUAGE!
  8. 1st place: BORZYI & ❤АмурА❤ Our story started a couple of years ago... We first met in the open spaces of the 3dx chat at the Fresco club, and a conversation ensued, which later turned into something more... We met in real life, and a year later we got married on the day we met, in a couple of months we will have 4 years from the day we met and 3 years since we have legitimized our relationship. And for this we want to say a huge thank you to such a cool project that allows us all to communicate without borders and find not only friends, but also true love! We travel a lot for work, and games help us enjoy each other's presence when we're not around. Take care of your loved ones and give them only your love and care
  9. Announcing the Winners of the Social Media Challenge! Greetings to all participants and lovers of virtual romance! We're thrilled to announce the winners of our Social Media Challenge, hosted in partnership with Lovense. The love-filled festivities brought together numerous couples in the specially crafted Valentine's Day location within 3DXChat, and we were delighted to witness your passion and creativity. Let's unveil the champions of our challenge. These individuals have captured the essence of romance and shared their unforgettable moments with us, spreading love across Discord and Twitter. Join us in congratulating the winners who will receive exciting prizes, including 3DXChat XGold and Lovense toys (with the exception of the sex machine) of their choice. 1st place: Lovense toy of choice for each member of the couple (excluding the Sex Machine) 2nd place: 1 year subscription to 3DXChat for each member of the couple 3rd place: 6 months subscription to 3DXChat for each member of the couple 4th place: 50,000 XGold for each member of the couple 5th place: 30,000 XGold for each member of the couple We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants who shared their love stories and made this event truly memorable. Your enthusiasm and engagement have made this challenge a resounding success. The winners will be announced in the next few posts! And remember, love knows no bounds, so keep spreading the love in every virtual embrace. With love and anticipation, 3DXChat & Lovense team
  10. I can, but since the complaints are about the update, the logical thing to do is respond in the thread dedicated to the update. The truth about the "glass" metaphor is that it is both half full and half empty. Both things can be true. But you'll never get your glass all the way full if you don't tell the person with the water that you're thirsty.
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  12. U can give ure feedback in other topics..u didnt get my point .. my point is about the complains afther a Update. Like VirginieFR said..the glass is half full not half empty.
  13. Hello lovely people, storm club has prepared rewards for you later. We will award two couples and one guest for the most original themed outfit.
  14. I am having No problems moving Objects around but when it comes to putting Items on a Table Like Glases of Wine etc, for the life of me I cant understand how to snap them in place. Please Dont laugh, maybe I am just getting old but HELP ? Also, how the heck do you fill a cigette pack ? Any and all responses extremly apreciated and yes I have read every tutorial so I am missing something really Simple. Kind Regards and Extreme Thanks for help with this Topic. I am just looking to make a Table like this: Kind Regards, Mystic
  15. i done paid 2 times why we getting take for scam i paid to have my head tag changed now its gone iam not paying you money to have my tag colors gone all the time done paid to much now i had it changed and now the colors i had are gone why we got to pay again we shouldnt have to pay over and over to change colors for are head games thats a called a scam and fauld making people buy gold over and over to have them change thier head tag colors done paid 2 times and where is my gold i never gotton but you took my 24 dallars
  16. The font looks like Primer Print font. I made an alphabet with it, you just need to "fill" the letters Primer Print Font.world
  17. looks like your internet provider blocks 3DXC... You could try a VPN like Hotshield or Mullvad VPN and set your virtual location to another country.
  18. I am The Madam of a Small Little Club Named "Starlights Ladies of The Night" A No Colds Club for the Gentlemen with the Finer Tastes Seeking Dancers - We will be in game at Sin City 5 PM Central Monday Evening to set up Friend Requests for just Two or Three Women who would like to be dancers from 6-8 PM on Monday Nights. You Can find us there Raven and Mystic
  19. I don't think that artists who work on clothes and animations can just go and fix game's bugs. Maybe some of a clothing / animation problems - yeah, but most of the clothing problems related to the layers and I have no idea if artists can fix it themselves without help of the programmers. Problems with animations is also related usually not to animation itself, but to avatars holding something in their hands so it's not about animation itself being problematic. So artists just do what they are supposed to do - making pretty stuff, delivering content. Not like they can go and fix not loading avis or radio bug or whatever. SGD probably need to hire more programmers but well... I dunno what's their financial situation.
  20. When something is worthy of praise, I'll give it. When the new clothing system was first introduced, it got high praise, and deservedly so. But no, this isn't just a "don't use it if you don't like it" situation. This game doesn't just have bugs; it is riddled with them. What makes that worse is that many of these bugs have existed for years. But rather than fixing them, or giving the community things it's actually asked for, we get more distractions that look shiny, but are rather low quality. But we're supposed to swallow the BS that guys got "37 new styles" of shirt? No, they got one new shirt with some variations. A dozen new dances! Not really. 11 "running man" dances with little variations, and one dance that has no sense of physics or gravity. You asked "why". The answer is simple. Because if we don't give feedback about the devs' missteps, they won't know they've misstepped. You may not like what we have to say, but as you point out, not everyone has the same taste. But everyone deserves to be heard. You don't see me whining that people are giving praise to the stuff they like. That's their opinion and they're entitled to it. But just the same, I'm entitled to let the devs know what I think as well.
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