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  3. Could we please get some nipple play poses like this?
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  5. Inflation my dear... not everything grows under inflation Now on a more serious note... I totally agree with your point Cheers / Salut
  6. And here is the rather large, heavily worked on-condense version to demystify what is called the AGREEMENT/CONTRACT. Once again Dears and dears, this is NOT the bible it is simply a guide written from My experience as a RL Domme, to provide some basic understanding of this important article that is cruicial if you want to get really in depth. One of My normal RL contracts, I think the smallest was 59 pages, and the largest was over 195 pages. This is due to all the things in the request/assignment that needed to be gone over, yes even the legal and money stuff Dears/dears. Online I use a simply contract, it starts out at about 9 pages. My current chosen, with all of our talks that we do each day and sessions, aftercare and discussions of the scene, has one that is about ohhh.. 15 pages currently. I will not be sharing the whole thing, as it has a LOT of personal data about her in it. I will pull some of it to allow you all to see pieces that will be about some of the things posted here for example/reference use only. Now... let us get into it, Shall We? A BDSM contract contains what both parties will and won’t do. It clearly spells out the roles expected for each person and what these involve. It will also explain a sub’s availability: is this part-time, long distance, 24/7, or total power exchange? Other things that are good to have listed in it are the start date, and how long the relationship will last. It can be mostly sexual, or include emotional and physical aspects. Here is a list of other topics to include: BDSM Safe words BDSM Rules Hard and Soft Limits BDSM Punishments Some example of rules I can share from My online contract with My chosen... This contract is written in the express interest of the acquisition, collection, training, and ownership of the hereto mentioned individual XXXXX_XXXXXX. This is based on the request and desire of said parties to enter into joint conditions of Online ownership and slavery in the Online Worlds. This documentation, thenceforth to be called the “Contract” is to outline the boundaries, stages, and successions of this agreement to the mutual benefit of both outline parties which will be called “Domina”, Mistress Zee (a.k.a. XXXXXXX), as her player at the time of her retirement of Mistress status within her former circle, and the in game “slave”, XXXXX-XXXXXX.  ((PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION ITEMS/PARAGRAPHS REMOVED)) SAFE WORDS Here is the insert I have for Us over these. Now Safe words are used to stop scenes when SAFETY for one, or both, the Dom/me-sub are struggling, limits reached, violations of agreement, etc. WHEN they occur. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING stops... the scene is at its end. Care is given immediately to the one who stated the safe word. And Darlings/darlings DO NOT run off, CLING to each other and talk. I mean REALLY talk! You just called a halt to a entire scene. It happens. But, you better have a damn good reason, or you will start to build animosity with your partner fast. If something simple is wrong, try talking first. Once a Safe Word kills a scene, with Me, that is the end of the day. Period. nothing else will be done as that Care will continue for the rest of the day. Example.. Safe Words  Here in are the following safe words to be used by both the Domina and slave to signify stoppage of any scene. At the stoppage of any scene the following will be adhere to by both parties…  Talking about the scene/being quiet  Cuddling/time together/alone time  Leaving cleanup for later/putting away tools immediately  Domina Safe Word: XXXXXXXXXX  Slave Safe Word: XXXXXXX BDSM Rules Here is some examples of some rules/expectations I have (these are not all but enough to get the idea) Expectations of the slave to the Domina (Regardless of Collar Rank) The slave will be taught proper etiquette in responses, positions, and mannerism that are expected by the Domina while in her presence. Including proper conduct, when not in the presence of the Domina, as the slave behavior will reflect to the Domina who is fully responsible for the slave behavior in game. The slave agrees that their body belongs to the Domina while online, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined.  The slave agrees to please the Domina to the best of their ability, in that they now exist solely for the pleasure of said Domina while online. The slave WILL be engaged, by the Domina, in the following activities...  Caressing while kneeling/sitting at the feet or lap of the Domina. Open chat and verbal exchange, which may involve cuddling.  Sexual contact which can include kissing, touching and fondling as forms of reward for proper fulfillment of assigned duties or proper behavior. Also that can include more indulgent sexual content in the fulfillment role at later stages. The slave agrees to submit completely to the Domina in all ways while online. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of the Domina without risking punishment, except in situations where the Articles of Refusal apply. The slave WILL fully submit to the Domina all aspects of her online persona in-game. This does not however include the following…  Earned in game currency of any kind  Awarded prizes (not given by the Domina) Won or discovered items of rare or unique value  The slave will submit their time, energy and persona to the whim of the Domina.  This includes their online body, the use of them as party member in instances, adventuring, and/or social events. Such events can include..  Dance parties  meetings  Social gatherings Social events This is to be while the Domina is online. When the Domina is not online the mentioned slave is classified to FREE status and may conduct and enjoy herself to her fulfillment save for the following conditions…  The slave may not seek any other Dom/Domina(s), lover(s) or relate to others in any sexual or submissive way without the Domina’s permission. To do so will be considered a breach of contract, and will result in immediate termination of service.  The slave may not dishonor, or disrespect the Domina’s or members of the Sisterhood. Nor may the slave conduct themselves in like manner that would discredit the Domina, or Her House. Furthermore the slave agrees to answer any and all questions asked by the Domina freely, promptly, and to the best of her knowledge. The slave further agrees to volunteer any information that the Domina should know regarding the slave's physical or emotional state. The Domina agrees to never use this information to harm slave in any way, as all such information is needed to evaluate the emotional health and wellbeing of the slave. Examples of HARD/SOFT limits These can include anything that the submissive or the Dom/me question, do not practice, or find outside their Limit levels. For instance, My chosen and I both deplore Scat/pee play of any kind. This is a limit that we both agree on and no scene shall this be allowed, mentioned, or indulged in ANY way. Now. Understand this is a serious conversation that you have One to one, and MAKE NOTES. Then make sure both sets of notes agree to what is said. These are good starting points for future conversations and paths as the relationship expands. NOTE: include your boundaries on whether or not either of you can have other partners, or practice consensual non-monogamy. Now PUNISHMENTS... Here is an example from My contract with My chosen so you can see several things... Punishments is dealt through the Role play, at the discretion of the Domina. For some infractions, if severe, the Domina may penalize the slave with loss of time with the Domina which the slave will be placed in a time out and not allowed to address or speak to the Domina for a set time relative to the nature of the infraction. The Domina will not speak to, or address the slave while in this state, nor may the slave be allowed in the company of the Domina or her court/lover. This time will be no less than 4 hours and will be no more than 8 hours per violation.  On the third such punishment of "loss of time", the Domina may opt to move to possible termination phase of the contract. Now let us talk about What not to include in a BDSM contract One of the biggest mistakes I see couples make is to try to include every rule they have in their dynamic. This can go bad for several reasons. First off, if a submissive slips from their role and says or does something disrespectful, they could use the excuse that what they did or said wasn’t specifically mentioned in the contract. This can also be a sign of topping from the bottom. Sweet subs.. if you do the OOPSY, man/woman up, take your meds, and move on. Simple. Trying to top of the bottom WILL bite you in the ass, and NOT in the nice way you wish. Dom/me do not become overwhelmed in the clerical documentation of each thing. This is because they will have to add and update the document as new rules are added or taken away. It’s much easier if your written agreement focuses more on the broader rules of your dynamic and the overall principles of each person’s roles. So what do you do instead with all of those everyday rule changes and adaptations? Something you can do is create a separate note or shared task list. This can contain each individual rule you are currently working on. That way the Dom/me-sub contract becomes more like a guide of your relationship, and doesn’t get easily broken/misunderstood. There has been debate in the Houses/Community about who these written agreements are best for. Beginners in BDSM are sometimes reluctant to create one because they think they are just for hardcore veterans. While advanced relationships sometimes believe they are only useful for new Paths. Truthfully, both experience levels benefit greatly from using a traditional power exchange document. This gives beginners a way to start the kink conversation with their partner. Learning their likes and dislikes. Where advanced Dom/me's and subs can use this tool to stay on track with the lifestyle in their relationship. This will help them to stay out of the dreaded “rut” that can sometimes happen. Many times when a long-term D/s relationship is starting to fall apart, one of the biggest reasons I have found is because the couple stopped using a contract. Or worse: they never even had one to begin with. If you are a beginner or more advanced, do yourself a favor and your Chosen/chosen one by taking time to create one. A semi decent site is https://bdsmcontracts.org under their FREE, which you can tune to your specifications. As with all things Dears and dears, this is a guide only. If you want to discussion or have any questions, feel free to reach out to Me and I will try My best to answer, or help you find the answer. Until later! ~Z
  7. You are experiencing a connection problem most likely blocked by your ISP. You need to use a VPN (virtual private network) to get around the block. You may need to try many different countries until you find one that will work as there are a lot of blocked IP addresses. It may also be the DDoS system blocking your connection, either way a VPN will fix your issue.
  8. Commençons par le commencement. Nous avions le boxer de base. (Je ne met pas les slips, c'est la même chose) ------------------- First things first. We had the basic boxer. (I don't wear briefs, it's the same thing). LE BOXER DE BASE / THE BASIC BOXER Et nous avons eut le nouveau boxer l'an dernier. Celui-ci est très bien aussi, car contrairement au premier, on peut le customiser. ------------------- And we got the new boxer last year. This one's great too, because unlike the first one, you can customize it. Mais... Attendez une seconde... Vous n'auriez pas oublié quelque chose? Oû est... Oû est ma bosse ??? Il a suffit d'une mise à jour pour devenir Ken? ------------------- But... Wait a second... Haven't you forgotten something? Where's... Where's my hump??? All it took was an update to become Ken? Il ne s'agit pas là, d'avoir une proéminence exagérée, hein, mais de retrouver, au moins, un petit quelque chose qu'on a perdu en court de route. Petite suggestion : cela serait bien de retrouver le premier boxer plus tard, mais customisable, parce qu'il est bien aussi. ------------------- It's not a question of exaggerated prominence huh, but of regaining at least a little something lost along the way. Small suggestion: it would be nice to find the first boxer later, but customizable, because it's good too.
  9. Bonjour cher @Gizmo et équipe de designers, Je sais que ce sont des bugs, mais je le met ici, car c'est une suggestion, pour les concepteurs, afin qu'ils améliorent la qualité du rendu du contenu, dans le futur. En effet, il serait enfin bon de réparer les vêtements des avatars masculins. Cela fait des années qu'on le réclame. Vous faites beaucoup de choses, c'est vrai. Vous avez aussi de bonnes idées, et des idées intéressantes aussi, mais vous avez tendance à laisser des choses cassées, ou inachevée derrière vous, alors que vous revendiquez le fait de vouloir de la qualité. Force est de constater, que ce n'est pas vraiment le cas, si on en juge par le résultat de certaines choses. Dans ce poste, je vais donc recenser un par un, chaque bug, chaque vêtement "cassé" de la garde-robe masculine. Merci par avance, de prendre le temps de lire et de regarder, afin de pouvoir remédier à ces défauts. ------------------------------ Hello dear @Gizmo and devs team, I know these are bugs, but I'm putting them here as a suggestion for designers to improve the quality of content rendering in the future. Indeed, it would finally be a good idea to repair the male avatars' clothing. We've been asking for this for years. You do a lot of things, it's true. You also have good ideas, and interesting ones too, but you tend to leave things broken or unfinished behind, even though you claim to want quality. We have to admit that this isn't really the case, judging by the results of certain things. So in this post, I'm going to list, one by one, every bug, every "broken" garment in the men's wardrobe. Thank you in advance, for taking the time to read and look, so that I can remedy these flaws.
  10. Bonjour cher @Gizmo et l'équipe de devs, Dans la mise à jour que vous préparez sur les poses, vous avez montré deux poses où la partenaire féminine masturbe le personnage masculin (anime 8 sur la table et 11 sur le lit ou le sol). Ces poses sont intéressantes, mais existe-t-il une variante où les personnages sont inversés ? Le personnage masculin se trouve derrière le personnage féminin qui se masturbe (sur le lit ou le sol, par exemple). Il serait également intéressant d'explorer cette possibilité. Vous avez également montré de nombreuses poses de cunnilingus inversé. Serait-il possible d'avoir des poses où la partenaire féminine n'est pas nécessairement de dos ? Comme améliorer la pose du cunnilingus sur le lit, par exemple. Vous pourriez également ajouter des variantes avec pénétration digitale (un ou deux doigts dans le vagin et/ou l'anus). Merci d'avance d'en tenir compte. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée. ------------------------------ Hello dear @Gizmo and the devs team, In the update you're preparing on poses, you've shown two poses where the female partner masturbates the male character (anime 8 on the table and 11 on the bed or floor). These poses are interesting, but is there a variant where the characters are reversed? The male character stands behind the female character masturbating (on the bed or floor, for example). It would be interesting to explore this possibility too. You've also shown a number of inverted cunnilingus poses. Would it be possible to have poses where the female partner isn't necessarily from the back? Like improving the cunnilingus pose on the bed, for example. You could also add variations with digital penetration (one or two fingers in the vagina and/or anus). Thank you in advance for your consideration. Have a nice day.
  11. Trying GIMP 2 instead of photoshop. Trying a time per year so there is no progress.
  12. Hello Gizmo, 

    i have a few ideas for new stuff. How can i contact you ?


    thank you

  13. so that's... pretty much the question? There's a joke goes around says that devs have some kind of forehead fetish that makes them trying to expose as much foreheads on avatars as possible(jk), but that actually brings a thought—— how long since we got last full/thick fringed hairstyle...? about 3 years? then every hairstyle, either short or long, even it's like it supposes to be a thick fringed one(such like that bob-cut with exposed forehead and 2 mini buns on it) doesn't have any thick fringes. maybe...just maybe...? use the layer/hider system to make something that players can messing around and make their original designs on hair?
  14. Hello! I start the game, log in, but when I try to choose a location , I don't get the list of user's rooms. When I try to choose my own room, or one from 3dx (beach, sin, or whatever) after some second I get the error indication: "Unable to connect, reconnect" . I've been trying for a few hours now, but nothing has changed. Has the website been hacked or what? If it's a central error, why isn't it reported here on the forum???
  15. Last week
  16. What was the solution, so others with this issue can resolve it as well?
  17. I used a file which collar is replaced by a dress. Then I clicked the same dress in "dress" and some glitch appeared, now I'm stuck in loading screen everytime I log in. Pls help! ;-;
  18. Ich musste und konnte das problem nun selbst beheben.vom support kam ja keine antwort geschweige denn hilfe
  19. **WEEK 2023 - 39** *Wednesday September 27 - "Temple Of Rock" by Robje* *Friday September 29 - Umbrella* .
  20. Someone come meet me in game
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