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  2. Today I was lucky after finding this beautiful Album by chance πŸ‘€ https://yamis.in/2021/05/11/sea-change-beck/ πŸ–€
  3. Your invited to come to our 1st Hip Hop DJ Battle on Sunday May 16th, at 4pm est. We have 10 DJ's who battle it out against each other. There are two teams HipHop Nationi and Empire Evolution. Come and help us and show ur support to both teams. May the best team win!!! We will have 5 sets of battles for 30 mins for each DJ. Come check us out. The Empire Diamonds will be our entertainment for the night... All our welcome.... Hope to see you there!!!!
  4. maybe your short voting for this update? 10 seconds please: https://xnoirdesirex.survey.fm/last-update-10-05-2051
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  6. This week: May 14th,2021, 7pm EDT, The Quantum Phoenix is born! Season 2: The Journey of the 0-57AR-B continues!
  7. What is wrong with the Lipstick since the update, no matter what colour I choose, I don't see anything
  8. I wouldn't say that's a bug but I did notice prints do not show up on the new t-shirt
  9. The new gifts are not working correctly ... "play it hard" gets an "approved" in the end. Just to notice if no one did
  10. I'm having issues with my account too after I sync up my Lovness toy. I tried signing in on my laptop and I can sign on there. But my PC with the lovness sync won't work.
  11. All new gifts appears as stamp once sent >< Those ones: once sent show all as this:
  12. As you fix the lipstick fix it right now. Black color and such <.<
  13. Anyone else notice the prints don't show up on the new t-shirts?
  14. for me really incredible to wait 6 months for winter clothes when summer arrives and to have sex toys to buy, and to have poses in cages !!!! Frankly if the updates were every two weeks I could understand, but not great clothes, not great poses, bugs, nothing for the builders, nothing in hair, but who are we people in cages with winter clothes and sextoys in all the holes, 3dx went very low very low ...
  15. You and many others complain about this stuff and are never happy. Don't like the new clothes? Don't wear them. Not all of us want to dress up like a slut 24/7, including me and you know me Nikki. Don't like the poses? Don't use them. There's a reason why I never do 3somes, especially with all girls. Better yet, if ya don't like any of it, stop paying for a sub and go back to RLC or Second Life? I like you Nikki but not all of us are here to fuck around when we log on regardless if you, like so many others, think this is just a sex game
  16. Lol and what did you expect? That Lisa will give you a personal couching and train you to make animations?
  17. a lot of work... smfh to come up with this bullshit!
  18. Totally agree Lexxxi, 6months since the last update and what do we get? Clothes from the 1950's??? Is this a sex site or are we going to CHURCH??? The poses??? fine 2 bed poses that look great? the rest PFFFFT. Did it really take so much effort to come up with this crap???? I asked Lisa if I could help with poses with some kind of training program or a clue how to make them, All I got was a name of a program and figure it out myself Then show her what I can do... Yeah so take a few years to figure it out... Maybe NOT!!! Clothes??? who's grandmother made these rags? I come from a v
  19. It is once again time to celebrate Jersey's (Shovelhead's) birthday with a party that shakes the walls of The Dive.Β  We will open the doors at 2pmEST on Saturday, May 29th.Β  We are starting to arrange the DJ list now so if you are interested please reach out and message me either in game or here in Forum.Β  Thanks to those who have already messaged me.Β 

  20. Not in my hat section.
  21. They are for men only.... they are in the hat section
  22. that's a nice update. Thank you @Lisaand @Gizmo
  23. Hey, I'd like to ask if there's anyone with avatar saved with headphones on. I know that there's an avatar for females with headphones on, but I simply cannot find any for males, so I decided to open a new topic and ask directly if there's any kind soul that still has this and is willing to share it. Thanks in advance.
  24. Color changing baseball hats.... why is so hard to make them work??? πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ (and delete the other version's hats)
  25. Oh and also, being able to make the new boots and skirt actual white or any other color would be nice. The way they are now, the colors look weird. Like white looks more like a gray color which gray is fine if that's what I'm going for but pure white or actual color (red, pink, blue, etc) instead of some "washed out" color variant. This also applies to the dungarees/overalls but I'm sure those would have to be a white jeans material like the white jeans we already have. BUT if it can be done for pants and maybe eventually done for the overalls/dungarees, then do it for the white jean shorts to
  26. I miss those days as well. Being able to color change or add prints to everything was nice or being able to wear caps with kitty ears, granted doing that meant we lost the ability to wear an actual necklace (I think the kitty ears were place in the bijourie category in order to do that). The transparency slider would be nice to have again as well
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