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  3. D'aaw! Thanks Jelly!
  4. Not gonna kinkshame ya for that. Guess everyone deserves a right to do one disgusting thing in their lives huh? Hope ya get tested afterwards, and aren't afraid of cobwebs. Think the last thing ever to even see that pussy was an industrial strength hedge trimmer. It don't see much action beyond that.
  5. You come for Derai and It's Five Across The Eyes!
  6. Psst... Diary... 3dx is fun again... Well, it always has been a fun escape from the cares of the day, but lately? Deliciously sweet! Naysayers and complainers here be damned.
  7. I'm just being nice to her in the hopes she will let me blow a load in her vageen. So far no luck.
  8. Have you tried using a VPN? I use Nord VPN (A paid service) through Canada, and I have no connection issues. This weekend, I have had the same No world Chat/No Room List/DC after 60 seconds problem I had before the US server patch. It worked all week, but crapped out Saturday. Apparently, TunnelBear VPN, which is free for 500 MB or something, also works.
  9. I don't know what legal rights we can claim, but DJ Biacat's parties are generally well-attended and she has good music. In a platform where user contribution is vital to the fun, it's not fair that we have no recourse against these bans and reports. No one is logging in to dance at that old west saloon to whatever that crappy radio station is. Our rooms, Our DJ's, Our events are what builds our community. Please find the time to address this system of bans and punishments. It's disheartening and is really putting a damper on new rooms, parties and events. A friend who recently came back to 3DX after a year asked me "Where is all the creativity that used to be in this game?" I'm afraid people are losing their will to invest their time and energy into making 3DX a better place. Thanks. -Jelly
  10. Gotta love that movie. The reboot retooled this moment into a summary execution I believe. This scene is more powerful but also stretched my Suspension of Disbelief. Them having that long a conversation without being caught.
  11. Twiggy's comments were quite reasonable and politely stated. I don't really fall on the same side of the discussion that she does, but her point of view is completely valid, whether you agree or not. Your comment was pointlessly hostile and insulting. Grow up. -Jelly
  12. Once again account has ben blocked. And this time in two days in Tomorrowland, I had a party on Saturday and on Sunday I didn't say a word in the world chat, and I ended the party normally and now when I went into the game this unpleasant surprise. That's funny because at my party that Sunday we received a person who spammed a private message to people who were in my room inviting people to leave my room and go to the GALLXXXY CLUB. the impression I have is that for devs this is allowed. And I that in two days I didn't even see what was going on in the world chat was banned simply with the claim SPAM IN WORLD CHAT. Well, I wrote to the support and asked them to show me the Spam I did, and if that doesn't happen I will look for my legal rights, enough of being accused of something I didn't do and being punished without any reason
  13. Bring it on. Hehe. Seriously though. Just wait. Before long she’s going to claim that me replying to you, is me stalking Her. I mean I’m a narcissist myself but she’s on a WHOLE new level.
  14. I have ocassionally noticed this problem, but like you, I have only been able to solve it by relogging. I have even swapped to a room with a different stream, and the background stream from the first room will still be playing. Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but it's not something unique to your system. -Jelly
  15. Once again DJBIACAT has been stuck in the game and this time I really see that it is a case of chase. She did a two day Tomorrowland this Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th, in those two days she didn't post anything in the world chat or in our party and we didn't even talk to anyone in the world chat, on the contrary we had people in the room spamming in private messages to people who were in our room. Well, in summary, if it has been blocked, let us be shown what spam has been done in the world chat or search for our rights so that this has an end. So, please, I want you to unlock it or show us what it did wrong


  16. Once again I am blocked in the game and this time I really see that it is a case of chase. I did a two-day Tomorrowland event this Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, in those two days I didn't post anything in the world chat or about my party and I didn't even speak to anyone in the world chat, On the contrary we had people in the room spamming in private message to the people who were in my room. Well in summary if I was blocked I want to be shown what was the spam I did in the world chat or I will look for my rights so that this has an end. You are radical with certain things, but with those who open rooms of rape and pedophilia you do nothing. So please, I want you to unlock me or show me what I did wrong. If it is necessary to look for a lawyer I will do it because I am not full of this thing already. Paid to play and not to be blocked for no reason

  17. Hey, It's Sunday Night, September 27, 2020, And I am having the situation we had before. No world chat, no location list, and on and off friends list and gallery images. Disconnect after about a minute. It has been this way all day. Again, NordVPN through Canada works, but the US hub does not work any more for me. I am a Verizon FIOS customer in New York City. Thanks. -Jelly
  18. Goooood. You will be. You willllll be.
  19. Thanks and agreed. Don’t know why she thinks I’m afraid of you btw. Hell we’ve argued in the past. Still think you’re wrong on a lot of things but fear ya? Hell no.
  20. Ok, so Ex is not Pierousss and she is a girl? All right I can accept that. Next topic, didn't you date Lux here on 3DX? If I remember right, he hates you now right? If so, considering the last part, you can't be all bad.
  21. Also I was a "custodial engineer" in college myself. Granted I was only 20 and not 39, but I think it's decent work, and it can pay well depending on who you work for.
  22. We have a janitor at 3DX now? Guess you can't say gizmo isn't making good updates then, because I have seen what goes on here and we really needed one.
  23. I don't find you threatening at all....u fall in the same class as Chloe or Ex.....So enjoy being the village idiot u are
  24. Well. Coming from the likes of you, I will wear the title of shithead with pride. 😀
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