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  2. Try this: And check your connection.
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  4. You may have already tried this but worked for me a few years ago...... Uninstall and then go into your games folder and manually delete the 3dx folder, then install again
  5. Thanks for this post my Baby. i love you *kiss*
  6. Well I've tried pretty much everything I can think of. So if it doesn't just spontaneously start working on its own, I'll have to cancel my subscription.
  7. Honey Lickers Nightclub , Girls, Party, Fun, Good Music, in a pleasant Atmosphere and unique Ambience Open every Friday from 8 o clock pm (CEST) till open End . All are cordially invited and welcome to celebrate great Parties We look forward to your visit , From Germany with love Dorothea and xChris & the Honey Lickers Team
  8. Bit of a Boss Birthday then! LOL
  9. This was I accidentally found from YouTube Channel. Best of Beat Box performer. Michael Winslow & Hjortur Stephensen performed cover Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" in 2015. I could say it's blown my mine just with an acoustic guitar & pro beat box I've ever heard 😁 😁 😁
  10. The connection with the database is somehow 'hectic'...
  11. No, I get into the game, I see everyone, can chat or interact with people. But my profile is blank (and everyone else's profiles are blank), my friends list is blank, and it shows I have 0 gold. I assume there's some sort of database where all that stuff is stored and the game needs to link to it.
  12. Thanks to Ex-Haran we have a new member!......welcome to Safe Haven LynnBecula!
  13. Conoces Abbey Road , vuelve a vivir la experiencia en forma virtual .... no pudiste conocerlo aun, siente el placer de estar en un sitio emblemático de la música, siente la sensación de cruzar el paso peatonal más famoso de la historia, date el gusto de tomarte la clásica foto …. You know Abbey Road, relive the experience in virtual form .... you couldn't meet him yet, I felt the pleasure of being in an emblematic place of music, feel the sensation of crossing the most famous pedestrian crossing in history, give yourself the pleasure of taking the classic photo .... conoce el estudio donde se grabaron algunos de los más celebres discos ..... meet the studio where some of the most famous albums were recorded ..... Bienvenidos a Abbey Road ………. Próximo 26 de septiembre Welcome to Abbey Road ……….. Next September 26
  14. I'm still curious about how Neon Vines could play small instrument like a Pro. Well, this is about making your set with additional dubbing melody and FX. If you're musician I recommend ROLI Seaboard Block, kinda like expansion-able like LEGO stuff. Max of connecting this gears together: 6 units. Moreover, you don't need any cable connecting with these gears. Just connect them together with built-in magnetic right side of the unit. OMG 😁 😁 😁 It's very handy for first start & expandable. Not like a crazy ROLI grand (limited edition) with prize tag USD 9,000 in 2013. Each unit cost around USD 300 which is quite reasonable price. Here's a review from John Ebata, Keyboard Manager: Cosmo Music Canada. P.S. For Ableton DAW don't support with ROLI MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) yet. But soon.
  15. We are not allowed to change our minds?....
  16. Might be a dumb question of me but you are not using the 32bit version right ? since that got taken down.
  17. I'm having this same issue. I have a brand new laptop and installed the game. Can't connect (can't see my profile, friends, gold, etc.). I followed all the steps in the FAQ, nothing worked. Then I literally just disabled my entire firewall, and it still won't work. If I have no firewall active at all, I don't see why it won't connect.
  18. and I gave likes again
  19. "BIRDLAND" 15 de diciembre de 1949, abre sus puertas en el 1678 de Broadway en Manhattan, el club de jazz Birdland que lleva su nombre en honor al gran Charlie "Yardbird" Parker y por el que pasaron los más grandes del género, este es mi homenaje. December 15, 1949, opens in 1678 Broadway in Manhattan, the Birdland jazz club that bears his name in honor of the great Charlie "Yardbird" Parker and through which the greatest of the genre passed, this is my tribute . En marzo de este año se cumplieron 60 años de la publicación de "Kind of blue" de Miles Davis, el álbum mas vendido de la historia del jazz, aquí podemos escuchar "Blue in green" que según los entendidos es la mejor composición de jazz de la historia. In March of this year 60 years of the publication of "Kind of blue" by Miles Davis, the best-selling album in jazz history, we can hear here "Blue in green" which according to the connoisseurs is the best jazz composition of history
  20. "EVENT HORIZON" Año 2046, la flota "Event Horizon" al fin llega por nosotros, ahora nos queda un largo viaje en busca de un nuevo planeta y el desafío de recomponer la civilización, de hacer un mundo mejor... Bon voyage Year 2046, the "Event Horizon" fleet finally arrives for us, now we have a long journey in search of a new planet and the challenge of recomposing civilization, of making a better world ... Bon voyage
  21. "BUNKER" Año 2045, la tierra colapsa y pocos lugares quedan para estar a salvo hasta que llegue la ayuda, aquí esperaremos lo necesario y tenemos lo que nos hace falta, comida, alcohol y claro está, música para bailar, divertirnos y que el tiempo pase lo mas rápido posible...... tranquilos, disfruten, el rescate está cerca. Year 2045, the land collapses and few places remain to be safe until help arrives, Here we will wait for what is necessary and we have what we need, food, alcohol and of course, music to dance, Have fun and let time pass as quickly as possible ...... calm down, enjoy, the rescue is near.
  22. "PAUHOUSE" Año 2011, una herencia inesperada me hizo beneficiaria de una pequeña y hermosa isla en el Atlántico, a 80 y tantos kilómetros de Fernando de Noronha y a 310 km de Natal, Brasil. En estos pocos años me dediqué a construir allí mi casa, la casa de mis sueños en el paraíso. Year 2011, an unexpected inheritance made me the beneficiary of a small and beautiful island in the Atlantic, 80 km from Fernando de Noronha and 310 km from Natal, Brazil. In these few years I dedicated myself to building my house there, the house of my dreams in paradise.
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