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  3. Sammy's Variation [V] has just released 26 FEB 2021. I made this set for Simone, my elder sister BD party. She gave me tough request for making different languages, Music Genre and must be Ladiesโ€™ Party. I agreed to do it but she must perform live twerk dance, choreography was designed by PamelaBKK. This set was released one week before the party cause she needs rehearsal. It contained Lullaby, R&B, Funky and Rock music, cooking with Electronic style along with Spanish, Indian, K-Pop and English version as usual. Hope you guys would love it, just a bit more girlish + crazy Sammy
  4. How's new update ? February is almost finished.
  5. You can be a psychic to... just feel the next update! ๐Ÿ˜
  6. What's new? February 26th 2021: Contributions: 1 New room by SummerX: Sky Tower (Villa) 1 New room by Arantxa: Villa (Villa) 1 New object by MissVermillion: Daft Punk Tribute (Decoration) 1 New object by Jukio: Melting Point Font by Rooty modifed (Font) 1 New unshared room by Riverine: Black Penthouse www.3dxchatsharing.com
  7. No problem at all, it's only right to help and give advice Sure, I basically tried to fix my profile with like this code: <font face="Century Gothic">This Code</font> On the site it is displayed correctly, without errors, while in game it doesn't work and the code is displayed
  8. Wow...... pretty nice number of participants.... Last two days of survey running - please share your opinion. https://cutt.ly/9thpoll
  9. Hello how are you doing. When you're open. Send a pm then I can come. I love reggae. Thank you
  10. Well, that didn't take long. Hello, Mr. Sun!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hello Juliet, I'm writing to try to solve a problem for some of my 3dx friends who would like to register in this forum, they find it difficult to register because the sign in new users does not work, are they doing something wrong?

    Thnks for support.


  13. Thanks for the feedback! Can you give me an example?
  14. Looks like March 17th will be our next Comic Con! and it appears we made a schedule snafu......we have the Bare Bunnies booked for April and The Dream Team and another surprise Dance Team to join us for the 17th of March
  15. Ironic how a place of fantasy can mimic real life. How you can fly so high you don't feel you'll ever come back down, to boom! Moments you struggle to find any valid meaning to why you're here. Familiar faces not around, rooms full of people with no meaningful or interesting conversation, an innocent comment taken the wrong way to sour a mood, not to mention the hateful comments in World Chat and some particularly vile and worthless posts here on the forum. Hard for us to leave our baggage at the door when we enter. We are all human after all, with our own set of warts and flaws. Its gonn
  16. I foresee another ban and delete in the nearby future. Some cunts never learn.
  17. You think I've forgotten all ur lies and hate and spam u threw at me at my old threads????????? Not for one minute Bub You keep quoting me...........and I'll keep on a coming.........
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