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  2. westt

    erotic gifs

    Thanks. This is awesome. 🤩👍
  3. Yes you worms should return back to your "pirate" shit and stay there
  4. Free days only for users with a subscription.
  5. hi all. i saw the game was offline, and there are some free days. i wanted to come back for to see how is the game now, but it ask me to renew.
  6. well i can log in and there is where all the magic stops
  7. u made a mistake here a example a 10x10 m cube with a texture isnt same file size with a 50x50 m cube with same texture
  8. Today
  9. Sorry but with that statement all your other statements, past and future, have lost credibility. If you wish to debate any subject you best be prepared to hear a different opinion handed back to you. This is an open discussion and all opinions have the right to be heard.
  10. I don't know the exact day, but it should be in the evening hours, european time zone (CET). Otherwise, you are welcome to join. It should start with treesomes...maybe with the time all the way to romantic, wedding encounters, meetups...if enough people bribe me 😜
  11. Really looking forward to partying with everybody tonight! See you all there! 9.00pm (GMT) TONIGHT!
  13. I think, as a woman, that I feel like if this occurred to men in their everyday play the problem would have been fixed immediately. Yet this has happened to me over the last two years and nothing has changed for us. And yes, I'm aware that its probably been going on longer then my time here but please just address the issue so we can put it to rest.
  14. Ahh, that's the one I'd heard of! I hadn't realized that existed before I made one. Should have figured I wasn't the first to think of it.
  15. I understand that you have no intentions to humiliate anyone and don't have any ill intentions in general Just... it feels awkward when important part of the body, of sexuality, being attached like a toy. I have nothing against people who want to keep it this way for themselves. But for myself I want to be able to lock it for good. It would feel awkward to have it in clothes section.
  16. I wonder if sexdevil paid for their new server hosting with xgold...depleting the coffers?
  17. I Knew it doesnt work right now but you add the functionality but theres a spot to work from
  18. Really? All round to Meica's!!!!!
  19. Please do not think that these are the majority of any group of people. Haters are always going to hate and there is little that can be changed about that. But there are plenty who can be what society likes to call "Straight" and still love and respect those who think and feel differently. Keep faith that you have an army of supporters behind you wanting what is best for everyone. The haters can bask in the chill of their hate if they like as long as they keep it to themselves.
  20. This doesn't quite work right at the moment and is the main point of this discussion. As a woman some poses just add the penis and it can be a little upsetting to experience when it happens to you. Think of it this way, you choose a pose and the next thing you see is that your penis has changed to a vagina. So you change it back, right? Then you choose another pose and BAM back to the vagina again. Everyone here just somehow wants that issue fixed.
  21. Do you mean xgold? This feature doesn't work
  22. Sounds good, maybe then i'll show you my private parts ;) ... I mean a room.
  23. Most of us would like to have that permanent toggle removed from our screen.
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