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  2. Mhm. That’s the point I’m trying to make. All this time people get stuck on looking at What someone is. While the important part is Who they are. Or what they Do. For me personally, I treat everyone with equal suspicion until I know them. Man, Woman, Child. How they treat me or those around them is how they get treated by me. You reap what you sow. And do unto others as you wish to be treated.
  3. Wilps, thar are many factors to how you interact with someone other than their Sex/Gender. I think this whole subject of accepting people is so being simplified. We are more than Sex/Gender, yes even in a sex game. Tha social dynamics between people are vastly complex, so to have you question answered ah would suggest you develop character traits fo each, social behaviours favourable or not, personality etc etc. Im sure you would treat one different to tha other if one lets say was nice, had manners and was open and tha other was not. If bah chance they are tha same in every way apart from their Sex they were born as, then No. Ah personally would treat them tha same as ah would anyone. Until they are undeserving.
  4. No I would not treat her differently I would treat her respectfully like I treat any human being. I wouldn't seek to deliberately offend someone. And I would refer to her as "she" because it's a decent thing to do. Plus I don't hate people for being different, that's not a problem at all. But we are debating stuff here in a practical sense and I tell you what I think. If we argue over something we tell each other what our point of view is. That doesn't mean that if I get in a debate with you, and we say "fuck you" to each other that I would generally disrespect you and would address you with that attitude.
  5. I think changing of minds isn’t a goal here. The discussion is just showing our own beliefs to the world and exchanging ideas basically. Exactly what a forum is for. We are far away from the original topic by now. That’s true.
  6. And you are missing my point. Humor me with a hypothetical. You meet (let’s say Liana for example) together with another random woman. Would you treat Liana any different than the other woman? Yes or No? One is Trans, the other is not. Do you behave any differently towards one?
  7. Im just curious, with this lengthy "debate" has anyone's mind actually been changed? Or is this just going round and around and around? Ah had a person at Art School that told everyone they wanted to be addressed as Lord of the Dolphin People. Ah didnt know if they were serious but they seemed to be so. So people started addressing them in this manner, Lord this and Lord that. Ah was in befuddle, should ah just ignore tha fact he wasnt a Dolphin or should ah accept his request, honor his wishes and do as they had requested. After a week or so of not addressing him in any manner ah spoke with them. They confessed to me that they truly identified as a Dolphin. Not only that but as their Lord, ah was taken back but how serious they were and mah ideas of them just being silly quickly evaporated. But still ah was in a dilemma. Was he a Dolphin? ah didnt think so, should ah disrespect his wishes? ah thought no. Mah decision was based on purely selfish reasons. Ah thought to mahself, ah should call him Lord. Whether ah believed him or not wasnt the issue but ah hedged on tha side of caution, if bah any chance ah became stranded at sea then having Lord of tha Dolphins as an ally could be a wise decision.
  8. well you are merely missing the part where biological males identifying as female are not the same as women born as one. So you can call them trans-women if you would like. we have to call it something, but for biological females we already had a word. and it's simply "women". Not cis-women. So I'm not using this word referring to a woman.
  9. The principle is the same. It’s adding a superfluous qualifier to a term. It doesn’t matter if someone is a biological woman, or just identifying as one. Your response to both is the exact same (I hope) So if them being Cis or Trans changes nothing in regards to your behavior towards them. The term becomes meaningless. Or am I missing something?
  10. oh and when it comes to words like marriage or relationship, you are right. we can use them that way. I don't think there is a contradiction when we call it simply marriage or relationship at all. People can use it as that also. We only specify "gay-marrriage", or "same sex relationship" if we want to specify it when we speak to eachother. It's something people do. So sure, it's marriage and relationship. If we want to specify it, we can. It's something people do. it's an activity. Not something they are.
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  12. well you can't make teh same argument because we are speaking about men and women. If you want to differentiate things, sure you can call biological women as women, and people who identify themselves as female even if they were born male trans-women. That's what I do also.
  13. This exact same argument could be made for marriage for example. You wouldn’t need to specify ‘Gay-Marriage’ or ‘Same sex relationship’ or whatever. It’s just marriage and relationships. Same with Cis-Man or Trans Man. Both are simply Men. In an ideal world.
  14. Language always was evolving, changing new words added to it, or forgotten. When you come up with something, you also come up with a word for it. If an ideological group comes up with something new, THEY are the ones who come up with words to call it something. I personally never used these newly made up words like "cis-woman" since I am not part of this cult where I need a new word for real women, just to avoid calling them women. We have all these new things we can add to it, like gender non-binary and all that. It doesn't mean anything changed, people just add words to call it something when they come up with a new thing. That's what we do with language all the time. quite often come up with new words, when we want to describe new things we invent. EU tried to formulate this "politically correct" language bill where they added a bunch of new rules for the sake of identity politics and political correctness. The bill was now withdrawn because of the public backlash. In essence it was about regulations like in publication the words Christmas not to be used, Names like Marry and John to be used as Malika and Julio, not to offend non christian people with christian names. To replace the word "man-made" with "human induced" Crazy things like this. Sure we can change language any any possible way if we want to. But people should not be forced to do it. And you are talking about the English language, mind you, because in the majority of languages there is no distinction between gender and sex. There was no need for it. because this ideology based on identity wasn't exactly adopted globally, nor there was a need to make a distinction because gender pretty much means sex for most people regardless of the language they speak. But most people don't actually use words made up for the sake of "fairness" for some ideological group, they don't take part of this, or adopt these views, and they will not use the word "cis-woman" because we already have a word for it. It's simply "woman".
  15. The whole discussion in ‘that other thread’ reminded me of something I read recently. It used the Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter issue as an example. And it stated that often people overlook the implied ‘too’ in that statement. Black Lives Matter (too), but by not noticing that implied Too, they instead assume that they have to matter exclusively. It’s like someone asking for a cookie. “Can I have a cookie” can mean they want a cookie just for themselves. But if they ask for that cookie while everyone else is getting theirs. It means they want one too. Not that they alone want one. Same thing with the Trans issue being talked about in the other thread. There’s people advocating for Equality but not too equal. They keep implying that if a group is equal to them, they lose something. Makes it sound as if they imply that the other group is by default less worthy then they themselves are. While the Trans folks just want to matter too. Not matter more. Just matter too. I hope we can get there one day. Soon. World is a dark place. Let’s not make it darker.
  16. I’ve struggled where to begin in responding to you, but I would ask you now to expand on this part. You talk about ‘them’ and how if they are equal to you, you lose something. So my question is, where do you see yourself in relation to them? Are you better then them? And being considered equal is pulling you down? If the above is true, haven’t you become what you hate? I get the feeling you are a strong advocate for Women’s rights. And I applaud you for that. But by your words here, you are sounding like that which you fight against. Later in your response you tell of the uncomfortable feeling of your friend’s friend perving on you. Now here’s my question on that. Would the situation have been less awkward or upsetting if it had been a lesbian woman without a penis? The other points in your reply have been far more eloquently and elaborately addressed by Ozma and Laina. But these are my thoughts and questions on it.
  17. Honestly, yes - this. In a professional workplace, for instance. My employer has no fucking business knowing if I have a dick or not. That's no concern of his. If you're working a job for me, I expect you to be professional, and knowing what's in your shorts is the least of my concern. Is your boss requiring that you look feminine, be feminine, and have a vagina? The fuck job are you in where you have to have a box versus a boinky boink? Granted, yes, I realize there are highly sexualized jobs - strippers, a waitress at Hooters, whatever - the idea is that... if you're so caught up on appearance standards and sex that it matters , maybe find a different job? If it's your thing, go for it. For the record I am in accord with you, Oz. What's in my pants shouldn't fucking matter if it's not a job that's outright sexual in nature. Not that I intend to frown upon people working those jobs. You do you. Fact is, you do you. You wanna be a stripper go for it! If I could, I might just. I'm sure I'd do well with it, and if my numbers on PornHub are any fucking indication, there's actually a pretty good demand for transgenders in a 'sexual' nature job. Maybe it's not the standard, because it's so taboo. Let's use an example. There was a survey asking people their comfort with transgenders. Majority of people admit to being 'okay' with them, but only about 3% (including transgenders) say they "would date a transgender." Yet when it comes to PornHub statistics - Transgender porn is one of the more popular categories. Why are people so fascinated with them to be sexually aroused, but unwilling to admit their attraction? Cultural taboo? Most likely. Not that I'm out there looking for love, mind you, and most CERTAINLY when I meet someone who seems even remotely interested in me, the topic of "I have a penis" is definitely going to come up. Likewise, when a trans woman goes on a date, the opportunity to be like "OH HEY BTW I HAVE A DICK" never pops up... sometimes the partner gets violent. Likewise, how would a cis woman feel if she was dating a cis man and two or three weeks down the line they go to do the naughty and the guy goes "... wait... you don't have a cock?" Maybe the problem isn't presentation so much as societies need to get more in tune with actually KNOWING their partners before having sex with them. "Buuuut, what do I know?" Cheers and best wishes, -L
  18. I don't know the thought process behind this texture. When looking at it I presumed its for blocking off areas in continuous builds like streets and paths and that it showing you when you got close is giving you the feedback that this is as far as you go. Maybe gizmo can help here and tell us?
  19. Its getting closer to Friday, you need make ur plans to come to GSpot and experience great music great dancers and great company. Here i can show u a good time!!!!
  20. The exact opposite of this is true. I gave you the actual terminology to distinguish yourself from trans women and you denied it, as if your personal incredulity somehow washes away the truth of modern language. You are a cisgender woman. I am a transgender woman. We are women. All of these statements are basic facts. The first two are how we distinguish one type of woman from the other when it becomes necessary. But it isn't always necessary. I'm sorry that you had that experience. It does sound very uncomfortable. I've never experienced something like myself, but you have my sympathy. How many of those court cases have resulted in this? Where did those cases occur? I haven't heard this assertion before, so I am interested. But I would like you to cite some sources on this. You're right that there are plenty of articles about what transgender people face in this matter. If you have sources that demonstrate another side to this showing that women are facing legitimate, widespread problems as well, I'd be very interested to see them to expand my knowledge on the subject. So far I haven't been able to find any, but that might just be search algorithms getting in the way. Again we come to the evolution of language. Originally, "gender" could refer to any means of categorizing people sharing certain traits. Eventually, around the 15th century, it took on the meaning of "sex". Then in the 20th century, as I think you were trying to point out, it shifted again to become a preferred term in academia to essentially mean "sex but not as in intercourse". In 1963 we saw the first usage of it to refer to gender as a social construct. I'm detailing this to demonstrate language evolution. It happens across all languages as a natural social phenomenon to fill the needs of society itself as it evolves. As we evolved to once again recognize that identity exists separate from biology, the word evolved to fill that gap in language. It's been 58 years since the modern definition of gender was first used. Sure, it takes time for language to propagate, but that time has been significantly reduced in the Information Age. I don't know, I'm not a linguist. But it seems to me that the "common knowledge" argument doesn't hold water after more than half a century of language evolution. Especially when it's so very easy now to learn about new language and, if you're unfamiliar with it...just Google it. Yes, we want to have it so that if someone asks what our gender is, we can tell them what our gender is. Same as you. But another way of putting what you're saying is: "Lots of transgenders seem to want to have it so if that question is asked they can answer female while knowing that the question is actually being asked as to what is in their pants." If that person isn't my doctor or someone I'm comfortable getting intimate with, they can shove that socially inappropriate question up their ass (and even the latter case is a touchy one, better approached by the trans person involved). Incorrect, and thank you for proving the point of this entire thread. You have fallen for the myth that slurs like "trap" perpetuate. If someone goes around asking people what's in their pants, they're the ones violating social norms and "common sense". What saddens me is that you think this has anything to do with trans women. You do understand that actual men can pose as women online, and do so? You find it all over 3DX, even. Just hunt around profiles and see how many are self-professed men playing female avatars, and those are just the ones that say so. Trans women aren't the ones casting doubt over your sex or gender online. Especially not in 3DX, where so many of us proudly proclaim ourselves to be trans. In fact, we face the exact same issue you do. I have been equally frustrated to find people posing as trans women and discovering they are not. Don't get me wrong, I really don't care how anyone wants to present themselves here; verifying anyone's true identity behind the screen would be a nightmare and not worth the effort. But I'd be lying if I said it didn't irk me. And sure, I can understand the frustration of how it causes others to cast doubt on whether I'm even a trans woman, much as you feel doubt is cast on whether you are a woman at all. I just want to point out that you seem to feel the presence of trans women causes others to doubt if you're a woman at all; am I getting that right? So you understand what it feels like to have someone deny your identity based on misinformation. Those doubters are denying or doubting your identity based on the myth that "she might be a trans woman". Just as transgender people's identities are denied by those falling for the myth that we are defined by our biology and not our identity. Trans women are not creating this problem for you. We go through the same thing. Don't let haters and bigots divide us.
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  22. Hi! I just noticed that the game is saving a game.json file (and maybe other stuff) to the Documents/3DXChat/Settings folder. I tried deleting it but it just came right back the next time I launched the game. Is there any way to tell the game to save that somewhere else? I share the computer with others, and we have the Documents folder automatically backing up to the cloud. Not very discrete having it there!
  23. Wait, her friend was also a woman but with an erected dick while watching three of you?
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