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  2. Go to "Select Location" and "Customize". On "File" choose "Load from File" and choose the downloaded room. If you just want to add objects to an existing room, choose "Merge from File" instead.
  3. Any one know how to add content that I downloaded from https://www.3dxchatsharing.com
  4. I see my ABC Fonts more than just simple letters... for example, in the New Venue I am designing, I see an Entrance & Window's to my club
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  6. Insatiable PresentsComing SOONStay Tuned, Heres A Teaser _teaser_1.mp4
  7. GraKa Treiber aktualisiert und Firewall / Virenscanner alles schon abgeschaltet ...alles versucht :(
  8. My topic is more to @Лиза, because is impossible i yo make contact in discord with her, i just have question and suggested. I saw in discord server what will coming like updates, but i notice and something really pointless, i will give and ss to i can be understand well. So my suggested is the things (bodysuit) who coming as updates in section DRESS to be put it in section TOP, because if its stay there will cant be mixing with the others sections. No have logic !!! Hope i will be understand corect, because in the end the new things need to be can use well too
  9. I never experienced anything like this. The most I can suggest is to temporarily relocate the start point to see if the problem remains.
  10. Well idk if it really was prints, but if you look closely at it, they sure dont look like 3d objects
  11. Only prints? Then I fell for it, I can also do without that.
  12. Thank you for the info. I went through the paths on this one, and they all look ok. I went ahead and did Union on them anyway. Still running into the problem where it saves a world file that never loads in 3dx. Test-New1.rar
  13. They got scrapped they got not a good reception when they got shown... as you can see, its just image piercings no real objects, they look like prints basically on that picture so since we got earrings and rings, maybe we get piercings in the future
  14. Found this in official discord channel, updates, date 20th August 2020, before build 423. Post by Lisa. But she didn´t answer me as i asked what happened.
  15. Crazy industrial-retro-psy club sound from Animay, Naglfar and Dota in a spectacular club down the rabbit hole on a magic island.
  16. No. They are all far away from the startpoint.
  17. Thank you dear Yvonny, I found it at 'customize' and now I understand the word 'editor' too.
  18. Hi Niblette. Great to hear that you still improve the editor. It's the best tool ever and saved me literally hundreds of hours of building time Any chance that there will be a version that creates filled out shapes in the future? I know it must be incredible complex to calculate and create.
  19. Do you have any teleport overlapping the "start ramp" (spawn)?
  20. Hi. I created a large room with 3 teleport-based elevators. When i start this room, sometimes i start at the "start-ramp" as usual. But sometimes i enter the room at one of the teleport-places. Does anyone have similar experience and knows how to avoid this behaviour? Regards Tim E. Traveller
  21. Right. Sex poses is the only good thing about Achat and yes... They are really complex and well done there, can't argue with it. I would love to have same system in 3dxchat too. I doubt its going to happen though... Considering how much poses we already have, adding additional animations for each or even a good portion of them would be... a gigantic amount of work.
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  23. Just check in the list of path that there aren't any tiny vector outlines and that each path is unified by under Path in Inkscape clicking Union. What's happens sometimes if your forcing the program to try to draw an impossible shape for it to represent with the thickness outline you have it will divide by zero and crash. If you get no output it means the program has crashed. I'll add exception handling soon so a popup appears with hopefully some helpful information about what happened rather then just nothing happening. Also I would really recommend using Inkscape 1.2 at least for me the older Inkscape seems to lag sometimes when I al using it now.
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