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  2. I got this from a friend ages ago, this script exports the entire registry to the location it is being launched from. Do not share the exported file with anyone, as it may hold your login information, if you have checked the "Remember me" box.. To import your settings and colors again, you just double click the file it makes and accept the popup box thingy I hope that is the easy solution wanted. 3DX Exporter.bat
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  4. **WEEK 2022-40** *Wednesday, October 05, "Temple Of Rock" by Robje * Thursday October 06 *Friday, October 07, "Rock'ologia" by SFL* *Saturday, October 08, "Rock'ologia" by SFL* *Sunday, October 09, "Studio 54" by Biacat*
  5. I personally would love some chaps incl. the color- and texture-option like latex, leather and stuff. but thats just my thing maybe. I do like the idea of wearing suits generally. Especially with an optional vest and tie. Of course only in combination with the same color- and texture-options mentioned above already...
  6. Some of us from the midwest / south and southwest wouldnt mind having some cowboy boots hats and belts and buckles, possibly a bolo tie and conchos for the hat band. also for sex poses can we integrate some formof breast play for women, sucking nibling squeezing holding/cupping in palms, finger or thumb rubs ? just a thought whether its mf of ff
  7. Ca serait super ! _______________________________ That would be great !
  8. Bonjour @Gizmo, Il existe un bug depuis votre dernière grosse mise à jour qui est assez gênante. Il arrive parfois que l'on voit des personnes danser, alors qu'elles ne dansent pas. Vous serait-il possible de réparer cela ? Cela nous oblige à nous déconnecter et nous reconnecter de nouveau, afin que ce désagrément disparaisse. Quand on s'engage dans un moment intime c'est ennuyeux. Par avance merci. Enfin, merci pour le dernier patch d'aujourd'hui, avec les nouveaux vêtements. (pantalons et bermudas). Les hommes vous en sont reconnaissants, (du moins ceux qui utilisent des avatars masculins). 1 - Ici, on est revenu dans notre room. Ma petite amie est allée dans sa garde robe ce changer et quand elle est revenue, elle avait ce bug. (On dirait qu'elle rentre sur la pointe des pieds, très tard, après être sortie, jusqu'à pas d'heure.) : [Photo voir plus bas] 2 - Une autre situation : [Photo voir plus bas] __________________________________ Hello @Gizmo, There is a bug since your last big update that is quite annoying. Sometimes you can see people dancing when they are not. Would it be possible to fix this? It forces us to disconnect and reconnect again, so that this inconvenience disappears. When we engage in an intimate moment it is annoying. Thank you in advance. Finally, thank you for the last patch today, with the new clothes. (pants and shorts). The men are grateful, (at least those who use male avatars). 1 - Here we are back in our room. My girlfriend went to her wardrobe to change and when she came back, she had this bug. (It looks like she's tiptoeing home, very late, after being out, until noon.) : 2 - Another situation :
  9. Patch 440 🛠 Fixes + Default ocean level = 0 + Action hotkeys 1, 2 (moans) + The nickname style disappears after the name change + Adding the same partner multiple times + Gui items were not displayed when switching categories (Layer Mask, Hider, Layer Blend) + Dolce and Hyphy toys objects are fixed. And icons for all Lovense toys has been added Features + Copy chat message without name (Ctrl+Click) + Double click to run (in the walk mode) Content + New clothes
  10. We hope to see you all this evening 18.00 H CEST Team PINK! GreenPower - Juice- Powerstation - The Music Factory - Velvet DJ Group - Xanadu Group
  11. Short example of what can be done with video screens
  12. Well, they are busy with a good and useful stuff too, like new clothing customization for example... But yeah, I don't understand why they can't give us an option to leave our clothes on during sex while we ask for it for years. I may be wrong, but I don't think its too much of a work if it could be added among many other futures with a Rochi's dll before.
  13. I mean we know thats possible. Been done before with a 3rd party tool or something... Now we wait for devs to actually make it happen. But nah, they're too busy adding new colored names and deciding how much money they want to milk out of us.
  14. Oh wow, that was a fast answer! I guess i did not looked good enough through the forum. It doesn't looks like the easy way i hoped for but well, at least a workable solution. Thanks for the fast help!
  15. From another thread in the forum: Hit Windows + R keys combination ---> input: regedit ---> Enter 2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER ----> SOFTWARE -----> SexGameDevil -----> 3DXChat 3. Select: MyPaletteColors then click on File ---> Export
  16. Hi! I wonder if there is an "easy" way to backup all those color presets i made?! On my other device nothing appears and i am not sure where those informations are stored, because its nearly impossible to make them the same on my own again. It's not really important for clothes itself but for editing in worldeditor it's absolutly needed for me, otherwise, i would have to recolour a lot of stuff in certain circumstances which would driving me into madness. I would really appreciate an easy solution.
  17. At least let us get clothes back on. I can accept that my skirt/pants/panties getting taken off when I am giving guy a blowjob (even if its very silly), but at least give me the option to quickly wear them back on - because now I have no option to do so.
  18. Just remove the auto nude in all positions. People know when to get naked while roleplaying, and others like me prefer to have sex with clothes on like in a quickie, I don't care if the penis goes through the fabric of jeans or panties, later they could make it so that the jeans can be pulled down halfway and the panties are pushed aside so the penis can go in and look natural like in real life, but at least for now remove the auto nude, it is the worst thing in the game and ruins the sensuality and roleplay.
  19. It would be nice if @Gizmo could comment on this. The subject has been raised from time to time in recent years, but has been ignored so far. It shouldn't be a big step technically to turn off the clothing autoremove. If you ask around in the game, you will quickly notice that many players are annoyed by the autoremove.
  20. As you know first hand from another world you were part of, this was a largely used feature that goes beyond just watching movies or porn (which would become extremely busy venues.) The feature is multifaceted in it's use. Clubs can visualization like modern bands play behind them. Those seeking a break from hustle and bustle can have whatever 'relaxing 6 hour youtube loop visualizations they want in both public and private builds. The possibilities are as endless as imsginitive usage. Plus the best Unity Plug in for this is already made a Russian programer several years ago. Just needs installed. Probably take Gizmo 15 mins to add.
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