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  1. Solution turn back to the old system: the newly opened rooms at the top... Room owners ask for a rank by peoples in room Advertising : you pay 300 xgold for 2 or 3 minutes at the top of the list but you are not allowed to buy it again before one hour
  2. Be sure to use the direct link example: https://www.internet-radio.com/servers/tools/playlistgenerator/?u=http://uk1.internet-radio.com:8004/listen.pls&t=.pls You must use this one: http://uk1.internet-radio.com:8004/listen.pls&t=.pls It might be the same with Gecko
  3. Was wondering but most anti spam tools would flag as spam any pasted chains of characters as spam. Might be a clue
  4. mm Well always be sure that your files: screenshots, world file, avatar file, profile pictures are in a different folder than the 3dxchat one. For when you uninstall 3DX, you will lost them and when a patch bugs... you uninstall and reinstall. kiss
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