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  1. Try this Check RAM. Memory corruption could be one of the primary reasons behind this error, hence check the RAM. ... Scan PC for Malware. ... Run SFC Scan. ... Update Device Drivers. ... Perform a Clean Boot. ... Run CHKDSK Scan. ... Turn off DEP. ... Reset your PC. My guess is DEP https://www.minitool.com/data-recovery/dep-data-execution-prevention-windows-10.html
  2. In-game: open profile and report. Have screenshots of the abuser PM... and done.
  3. Check your connection to the server, because what you describe is a connection issue and it seems to affect a lot of people https://status.3dxchat.net/selftest
  4. I had this too... it's a kind of lag. You check your connection https://status.3dxchat.net/selftest But lately, 3DX seems more demanding in resource
  5. Well we can think whatever we want about this. But it's once some people who have decided: Not everyone has asked... If anything like this is done, maybe do it by the game... Fed up with the little few who pretend to rule the game... we all pay the same bill. @Gizmo Please give us the list of forbidden words. Thank you
  6. Common decency and politeness, do you know what it means?
  7. As Icecast is not the problem. (Mine works fine). What do you use together with Icecast?
  8. /me peeps... nothing new same stuff as 8 years ago I go back sleeping.
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