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  1. reduce z-scale to 0.99999 dont work for me... WE NEED A HIT FIX..... IMEDENTLY
  2. the next opening of White Breeze pattaya will be on tuesday 23.11.21 from 8pm onwards you are of course welcome to visit us..i will host the room myself and you don't need a link to visit us
  3. Tits a wobbling and wobbling...no chages...no fix...:(
  4. omg...what a amazing party...sooo much fun ....unbeliveble ... i had so much fun and have not been to a party here for so long time
  5. thanks for misunderstanding...I don't care if you come...I will go and have fun.... .
  6. OMG ...I get plaque when I read some of you.... you finally get some great things...lovense inclusion and much more...and then they give you SEVEN toys at the party......and you have nothing more important to do than to complain that not everything goes your way?...that you weren't asked who was doing the party...that you couldn't help decide......that the date doesn't suit you...that they dared not ask you or even pass you over,,, the owwwwwww ...you want to go on the arm? let me tell you something...the whole place is owned and as far as i know lovense doesn't belong to any of you.... so it's totally legitimate that you don't take part in every decision and that things are decided by the "management/owner"... (just like it is in real life) if you don't like it, someone will surely show you where the carpenter left the hole...because you are very ungrateful.... OMG I can't eat enough food to make me want to puke... for all the others i hope we have a great party together on friday and have a lot of fun together...now ...and in the future Anong if i find grammar or spelling mistakes...keep them..i don't need them..i have enough of them
  7. same here...cant log in
  8. is the "VStroker" Kiiroo PEARL 2 for women also compatible with 3dx? or only the toy for man?
  9. The Performance of 3dx is very bad till the weekly update starts...big rooms often unplayable and some lil room too......somtimes many more ppl in the room but i cant see all of them....i hope u will fix it very fast
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