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  1. I already sent this to Eva on 3DX Support Teams due to my on going issue of User Rooms not loading for me, but since Build 420, I keep getting the following error when I enter a User World, DownloadOldWorld Unzip error
  2. Hey Losst, I think Ashbash already stated that in the rules... And for everyone else, this is the inside of my house
  3. This kind of makes it look like you are the guilty one. Also, some of the gifted players already make poses for the game from what I understand. So why can't you do what they do..?
  4. Looks like we have the same fault... and the 3DX Support team keeps sending me a copy of my room, because they reset it... not sure how resetting my room will fix the chat problem
  5. I guess its time to call game 3DXMUTE
  6. Chat has gotten worse for me... it now shows my friends as offline, even when I see them in game
  7. Contact 3DX Support... they sent me a file
  8. is this why can never view my own profile..
  9. I only just renewed for 12 months... then game went south
  10. it won't even load my own rooms
  11. That might help... I actually took this whole week off from work to focus on my city design... but since problems with game started, the game won't let me test poses in my builds
  12. So even though I have been going backwards & forwards with 3DXChat Support team... game is still broken...
  13. I think this will be me soon...
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