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  1. Sorry to confuse you@Akeli but the top screenshot was my main avatar looking for the Lovense event.... the bottom was what I could see using one of my design avatars... Basically, it just looks like White Breeze didn't want me to attend the Lovense event
  2. WHF.... is this ban because @AzureSkyis my daughter in game
  3. I am guessing White Breeze really want me to get banned from the game So I tried to attend the Lovense event... but it not showing up on my list Yet when I login with one of the Alts I use for designing... the room shows up on my List And @Alystina from White Breeze confirmed they are the hosts
  4. Hey Folks, Some of you know me for my ABC Fonts, which a lot of players use in their rooms, but I also host & run a site called 3DX Clubs & Events which is a Advertising site for players of 3DX CHAT. Basically, I grant players a Author role on the site, so they can post their one Blog type adverts. All post get automatically posted to the following 2 twitter accounts, so they can follow & retweet to their followers on Twiiter https://twitter.com/3dxClubsEvents & https://twitter.com/MnFLadyAlexa The site also features pages for @ColinDude& BunnyBot But enough of that, lets get down to business so to speak, I want a new logo for the site. hence this Logo Competition. So for all you 3DXChat builders out there, I will be putting up a 1 Month 3DXChat certificate as a prize for the best designed logo, designed using 3DXChat The Rules All logo designs must be made within 3DXChat One Entry per player Designs cannot contain pre-existing fonts (Yes I am on about 4 or 5 player based design sites, so I will know if you have used any) The logo design should clearly say 3DX Clubs & Events Deadline for Competition Entries is Saturday, 9th October 2021 Winner to be announced on Saturday, 16th October 2021 Below is the current logo I designed using 3DXChat to give you an Idea what the Competition is about And yes I did seek permission from the 3DXChat team to run this Competition
  5. So just over a year ago I started up website when clubs could post their adverts for events they were holding... my first big sign up was United Independents So I am just here to see if anyone here would be interested in Becoming an Advertiser on 3DX Clubs & Events Anyone wishing to promote their own Club or Event will be granted the Author role. An Author can create, edit, publish, and delete only their own posts, as well as upload files and images. Authors do not have access to create, modify, or delete pages, nor can they modify posts by other users. Authors can edit comments made on their posts. All post get automatically posted to the following 2 twitter accounts: https://twitter.com/3dxClubsEvents and https://twitter.com/MnFLadyAlexa https://3dxclubs.events
  6. The tool used to make the pixel pics, is not made by the 3DX Devs
  7. maybe a smile editor inside the Character Editor, what you think @Diana Prince
  8. I don't mind @NetLawidea, as long as the only pose he can use if bisexual blowjob pose... where all those bulked up guys can only suck Futa
  9. I am happy to have helped you find a bug to fix 3DXChat status - Changes
  10. Could we also have a Sofa version of the pose, with the girl's legs resting on the sofa
  11. My body proportion's are only so big, because I wanted to be closer to my real life body size, but alas 3DX won't allow my full size..
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