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  1. I see my ABC Fonts more than just simple letters... for example, in the New Venue I am designing, I see an Entrance & Window's to my club
  2. I would suggest that when a new player creates an account, they get to choose if they are auto-assigned a parent.... so pregnant players can have a baby
  3. Then add option to allow a player to allow friends to locate them
  4. Self suck for everyone... Guys & Futas sucking their cocks & girls licking their pussies
  5. It would be cool of you could have a walking circle.... basically when a player spawns into a room, they are forced to walk along a set route, rather than stay at the spawn point
  6. I think I need to re-read 3DX Chats T&C regarding https://www.patreon.com/ ... because I know some games state Patreon funded Mods/Builds must become free after a certain period
  7. @EagerHank have you tried remaking your surfboard with 2 Eggs, because I walked right up to my Twin Eggs Surf Board
  8. Hey Everyone, I guess I am most known for my ABC Fonts... even if you don't know me, you probably seen my ABC Fonts used in various Venues, even by experienced builders... I even do Commissioned Fonts... But today, I just want to unveil new ABC Fonts that I have been working, basically I have been turning my existing ABC Fonts inside out I even turned the @Lovense Community Logo inside out LGBT Lovense.mp4
  9. Sorry @ToraxI noticed on your https://3dxchatstore.com/ that some builders sell their designs.... however, what about royalties for the objects they use, that were objects designed by others..? I as I noticed some of my stuff are being used in rooms that being sold and is listed as Content: Fully own build yet you list me as being the content designer of the content used on https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/ I fully respect the work that you have done in creating both sites, but as a designer I don't like it when I see other designers are taking credit for my hard work, and in this case actually profiting from it
  10. Hey @Maartine did you find that Text you were seeking...? If not maybe download from here AlexaDarkness Archives - 3DX Chat Sharing ... not to brag, but my fonts tend to be popular Failing that, if I know what kind of font you are looking for, maybe i can build you one... My prices are just a couple of these in game gifts
  11. So yes I am a builder... but I have my own style, so it really depends on what exactly you want @BilawalD
  12. Hey @Redjiif the @Lovense Community ever need to do a LGBT event in 3DX Chat, then I think I got you covered
  13. So I just designed my new OUTΞR SPACΞ font, but now I think I need a venue to try it out in. The font can be also be used as a Door or Window for a room.... or jus slap some coloured blocks behind it to create a rainbow font...
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