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  1. In the beginning, when I first starting building I would host rooms without staff I had 90 plus guests. But after I started sharing the ABC fonts that I made for my rooms, my guest numbers dropped. They didn't just drop because others were using my designs, but because those of clubs used staff to bulk up the numbers, Recently, I have visited clubs where 99% of the room numbers are actually staff, be that the Host, Greeters, DJ's or even Dance Teams. I have seen Dance Teams made up of 30-40 players Plus most clubs hire 3-4 Dance Teams. So when the 3DX Devs make it possible to sort rooms by numbers, it doesn't show that rooms are any good, it just shows how many friends have gotten together. For those who boast about having a room with 150 players, that doesn't really prove your room is any good, when 99% of the players in your room are Staff. A good room will usually only have about 5%-10% staff And I actually design logos for Clubs & Dance Teams
  2. Must remember to remove the Devil Dancers logo as I am no longer associated with them
  3. So for most of you who know me, Love to design ABC Fonts and share them with other builders. But I thought I would share a room I built that I called the Gallery A few logos that I redesigned a few more that I redesigned Because everyone expects a DJ deck in a room I did not design the Sunshine Girls logo, everything else my design
  4. I once went offline with my room still open, and thanks to visitors... it was still open when I logged on 18 hours later
  5. I use Zeno.FM | Free streaming and listening to your favorite radio stations from around the world. Sport, News, Talk, Politics and Music. http://stream.zeno.fm/nng2gbp5wv8uv
  6. I was about to design a logo for someone when I noticed an Arch Object was missing from Build Mode. I only noticed this @Gizmobecause I was going to create a logo using my ABC Curves font that so many other players use. The only way for a player use this object, is if they already have a design containing this Object
  7. The size of your build doesn't always equal lagging rooms. I have experienced large rooms that don't lag, and also small rooms under 500KB lagging to the extreme. Sometimes it just boils down to the complexity of what you have built in a localised area. Too many objects in the same spot can cause the game to Lag. If you can, try to build complex looking builds with the least number of objects as you can.
  8. It really depends on how the Font was built... I have made many fonts that don't require you to hold the Shift Key when resizing the font.
  9. @DireTeddyBearthose stairs also work upside down as slopes in both directions
  10. I will only agree if it's made available for all Gender options
  11. I wonder how male players only play with Female avatar, because game doesn't allow them to wear female clothes with a male avatar
  12. Just go to Scotland and investigate for yourself
  13. Scotish guys wear KILTS, so why now allow guys to wear Skirts @Gizmowith a few tartan textures
  14. The Majority of players can't play in Large Build Rooms... that is a Known Fack. Because most players down have High End PC's with Hign Broadband speeds. @Gizmohas recommend Max Room Sizes... but this Theard is about builders who have exceeded the Limits, and complaining about the fact that game becomes unstable when they exceed the limits.
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