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  1. I never close my room... It stays open until the last person has left, and turned off the lights because they finished
  2. Maybe @Gizmo can add a function where is selected, people can only invite you for sex if they have opened your profile.
  3. Hi All, Just thought I would share a preview of my new ABC SHATTERED FONT that i am currently working on
  4. As soon as the new moving lights came out, I started experimenting... The first discovering was my Dancer Spots... who want to be the disco lights when they dance.. Alexa's Dancer Spots - Other Objects - 3dxModz
  5. @Gizmo & @Lisa loving all the new dance pose... But would it be possible to create a Sync with Room Host Pose, basically when some enters a room, whatever dance pose the room host is using everyone dances using that pose if selected. That way it would be like everyone is line dancing.
  6. This would be cool As long as SNOW/RAIN can not penetrate any object this would be cool
  7. I would hope in the background that your name is linked to your email.... to prevent a new avatar suddenly being married to someone they don't know
  8. I had this because I logged on an hour earlier than usual... then the next day, I logged on my usual time, and my credits was reset to 150 credits
  9. Calm down my little one, I already dealt with them
  10. I don't think it has to be a requirement to be on friendlist for grandchildren. Via gifts, I can contact anyone you have been contact with, if they sent you a gift, so friendlist is not a requirement.
  11. Why does it still cost 5000 credits to divorce some if they deleted their account..? Isn't that a bit unfair... my friend is married to some who deleted... but they still married, but have to pay to divorce. In real life, if your wife dies, you don't have divorce your decease spouse, you can simply re-marry.
  12. I guess they need a option for host to decide if partner can enter or not... I tend to do all my naughty stuff in a public room, and me & wife tend to have fun with the same people...
  13. I once got threaten by a player... but the only way they could carry out their in real life threat would be if they hacked 3DX Chat servers...
  14. I just bought 20,000 gold, plus got my 50% .... so I got 30,000 gold in total
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