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  1. The wavy text with the Red/Black looked so cool, but the price for a Year is through the Roof 1248000 XGold... US$ 1,045.98 who in their right mind would pay over US$ 1000 for a couple of DLC's in any other game...
  2. Yeah, I kind of agree with putting everyone on ignore for having a custom name.... because if all your friends go coloured, what a boring life you will lead
  3. I know its all Role Play, but a lot of insecure guys, believe that their cock needs to be bigger than the next guy, that is the only reason I suggested my slide option. For me it does matter how big they are, its their technic "Its not the Size of the Nail that matters, but the Size of the Hammer behind it"
  4. @Lisa @Gizmo why is price for Colour Names so expensive... I went to buy extra xGold so I could buy 12 months, because the price was 288000 XGold.... but to buy that much XGold its US$249 ... why are you expecting players to pay almost 3 times a as much for a feature upgrade than what the game costs? Even without you current half price discount, the only costs US$91.99 I have no problem paying for extra features, but not when it costs 2-3 times as much as the game. If you want to make money, stop selling the game at half price, but don't sell the bonus features for more than the price of the game ?
  5. I tried to buy 12 months, and it was charging me almost US$249 ... but the current price of game is only US$45.99 for 12 months.... why so much..?
  6. You will be billed in US Dollar ($249) for 12 months coloured font, that is like 6 times as much as it cost me to me to get 12 months of game play
  7. Worst place for a guy to COLD a girl, is if I am in that Room.... I target COLD Guys, and go full Futa, and only offer poses that they don't want.
  8. Make sure you load browser with Google Translate before you load the games... thats how I did for me
  9. The reason I suggested Short & Thick & to the positive Long & Thin... because I can see the majority of insecure guys just going for Long Thick cocks with a slider options even if they have short thin cocks in real Life, so I am just suggesting a compromise
  10. Its probably impossible to have Validated Gender for avatars / accounts, because in some countries it would violate the law, so best to forget about the idea, as it might result in game being shut down. Instead, you got two choices... Admit that in 3DX Chat, you are bisexual regardless of what ever gender you are in real life Don't have sex with anyone in game, thus avoiding the chance of violating your preferred sexual preference
  11. I have decided to quit hosting my room as a Club... Instead I just host my room as a art gallery to show of my designs, Club, DJ & Dancer Logo's... my ABC Fonts, and various other builds
  12. Not sure how I would send Zona 3DX file to @Gizmo when the file is over 5GB in size
  13. Sorry to admit, but ZONA had pregnancy and Butt Plugs... @GizmoI have copy of the Zona version of 3DX if you wish to explore what modification they made Main problem @lee64, someone has to design outfits... there you go... project for you design those outfits
  14. @Diana PrinceI think @yogibaer wants some sort of Google Translator integration
  15. Thinking about it, there should be a basic option, Accept Colds if not a friend, so if not checked, you can go to any venue, and not expect to be asked for sex Of course the Host of Venues, that state Colds Accepted, could simply kick players who don't allow
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