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  1. Can i change my avatar name? How do i do it? Thank You
  2. I ADORE this world. Thank You for making it so good then making it even better
  3. Just got disconencted and cant log back in Cannot connect ot server WTF?
  4. It gets really old. So many friends aren't on here anymore, so many fun rooms are gone. Its really getting depressing
  5. Just looking to meet people and have fun.

  6. It would be nice if someone from 3DX would give some official information! If i wanted to be ignored i would stay in real life more.
  7. And the official explanation will be: <<anyone wanna guess?>>
  8. OK so someone in the company has to be providing information to the people who are messing with the system......
  9. Yeah like theres anyone left running it who really cares.........
  10. If i do kiss it you may fall in love with me....but im willing to risk it...... giggles
  11. No but girls can be MAD enough to make someone's life miserable..... I ever tell you about my ex.....
  12. I got disconnected about 45 min ago and haven't been able to get back in. When i click to long in NOTHING happens.....Not even an Cannot connect tot he server message.
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