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  1. Ive been getting disconnected / then connection refused when i try to log back in HELP
  2. it was on a flat house floor. Only flattened cubes.
  3. Thank You Let me follow up on this avenue. There are a lot of props with many individual pieces there!
  4. I saw this happen last night in a friends room. there was a spot where you sink through the building floor, the ground under it and down into the water. it happens with her and my avatars. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. The modz site is back up. Try going on and e-mailing them about the issue directly.
  6. The modz site is back up. Try going on and e-mailing them about the issue directly.
  7. Where can i get this? Sounds like thees a bunch of tools to help build in 3dx. Thank You CatKatW
  8. I was told that larger room file sizes can contribute to lad really bad. I have a room thats like 3.8 meg and was told that was already BIG. Was told there are probably a lot of duplicate props that never got deleted. there were a few but not many. I deleted a bunch of stuff. Really didn't affect it much. WHAT takes up the biggest chunk of file size and how can I find out except trial and error? Candle flames? The room has a LOT of the light bulb props. Where should I start to cut the file size? What file size should I aim for? It should be smaller than ...????? Thanks
  9. Is anyone else unable to get on the 3dxModz site? Does anyone know who to contact about it? Thank You
  10. When i log into 3dx since the upgrade when i go to the beach from the log-in screen i wind up in the water and have to swim to the beach. When I go to the salloon i wind up under it looking up at everything. If I try to go the beach or the saloon a 2nd time (re-click on it) I will wind up in the right place. Is something wrong on m end or is this a new bug? Thank You
  11. I tried re-installing the game. The UI is totally different and when i go to the beach my landing point is in the water and i have to swim to the beach. HELP!!
  12. Can i change my avatar name? How do i do it? Thank You
  13. I ADORE this world. Thank You for making it so good then making it even better
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