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  1. "Lube? Sure, I keep a bottle next to my super glue bottle!"
  2. Him after cumming: "Mmm the ants really are in the sugar now..." "Why are some women attracted to serial killers? Not that I'm complaining, it's worked wonders for me!"
  3. Thanks! There're some really life-scarring lines in there
  4. I'll agree that World is a good place to go if you're intending to develop a thicker skin. Also, while I generally go by the rule that that World chat is garbage, the truth is it is what we make it. The majority of WC users aren't bigoted ogres, they're just the ones that make the most noise. There are some genuinely cool people on there, and we can all do our part to make it the place we want it to be Seriously though, it's garbage.
  5. Woah! Nice work, Allie. Now all that's needed is trenchcoats, sunglasses and rain 😎
  6. Avoid World Chat is in my top 3 of advice to any newbie who asks for tips and tricks for enjoying the game. I don't always follow my own advice, mind you.
  7. I think the occasional bout of abstinence can be good for you. That way, when you come back to whatever it is you've taken a break from is all the sweeter. Of course, forced abstinence is rarely kind to the soul. Hopefully with things stabilizing people can get back to having an awesome time in game
  8. Blood diary? That sounds positively Clive Barker-esque, Jack xD But yeah, sometimes not engaging is the wise course of action.
  9. Sheesh! I've had my share of creeps on here, but the waiting around your place after you leave, that's dedication 😬
  10. Nektar


    I really should start masturbating again at some point
  11. Nektar


    Expect stiff competition
  12. As I walked along The supposed golden path I was trembling with fear All the lions and the wizards yet to come I seen in the distance Silver mountains rising high in the clouds And a voice from above did whisper Some shining answer from the moon Please forgive me I never meant to hurt you
  13. Hypnotic, sis
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