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  1. To all the daddies out there. Thanks for enriching the lives of us queens
  2. That's a fair request, or the option to choose a default peen.
  3. It makes you wonder how much game-life mirrors real life. I hope the intrigue-bakers keep their scheming to their online lives, because if people do stuff I see them doing to one another in-game out in meat space, I'd be terrified.
  4. We don't deserve you, Piney! You're too good for this place
  5. First off, welcome! And second, this stuff tends to move in cycles. Now that I'm back I will force this place to be fun again.
  6. Mistress Nekky. Fun in the spa. All class, all the time.
  7. The Soul Pretender album is great to listen to when you're losing your mind
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