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  1. Yeah, I find the best course of action is to shudder and go about my day. As long as it stays in fantasy land hopefully it doesn't bleed over to real life.
  2. On sexual orientation and 3Dx A thing that has always stood out to me in this community is the number of male users who've set their "Looking for"-status in their profile as Women, yet these same guys will gladly hop into bed with me, a sissy, ie. guy with a girly avatar, but at the end of the day, still a guy. First, let me say thank you boys, I'm very flattered😘 Second, just to be clear, I don't do "trap" stuff. I'm very open and clear about my sissy kink, and the guys I'm with know the score and still want to hop into bed with me. Third and final: boys, please, the line forms to the left. With the preamble out of the way, lets move on to what I wanted to talk about. If you were to ask any of these guys about their sexual orientation, they'd probably tell you they're straight, or bisexual. Some might be closeted gay guys, but I'm not so sure. I've never been told by one of my partners to keep quiet about our misdeeds (not that I would talk about it, that's between us), and more than once been left with gifts in my profile for "services rendered". So why then is it that these guys that are not ashamed to have a fling with a sissy still say they're looking for women only in the game? If I were to offer an hypothesis, it would be this: A good subset of guys are attracted not necessarily by women, but femininity. By feminininty I refer to the classical/traditional notions of the female form (knowingly simplifying a more complex and nuanced field of study, with my apologies to the discerning reader, simply to avoid having to litter my post with caveats and asterisks): softer, curvier features, womanly mannerisms and gestures, inflections, tone of voice etc. These traits attract them, regardless of if the person in question has a penis or vagina. The most obvious rebuttal to this whole ramble would be that we already have a definition for this kind of person: a bisexual male. But I would still argue that this type of man isn't necessarily attacted to more masculine men, but would not mind sleeping with a feminine man and would not suffer any sort of emotional crisis or cognitive dissonance. Their orientation would be towards the feminine. Perhaps I'm completely off in my assessment. Perhaps there have already been studies made on this and I'm just repeating old news. Perhaps I'm way out of my depth making these assumptions. Either way, guys who fall into this category: thanks for being around. You certainly make my time on 3DX worthwhile
  3. When not making vague allusions and innuendos in my diary, what's a "day" in the 3dx life of Nektar actually look like? * Log in and collect that sweet, sweet 3dx gold. * Immediately jump into the character editor to do some half-hearted changes to my avatars that never really stick. * Check my messages and friends list. Who is online? Is this the time for a casual chat or a hookup? * Check World Chat. If there's something interesting going on, join in. If people are being World Chatty, do some drive-by snark. * Eventually start going from room to room. If my friends list didn't result in a hookup, I tend to jump into the Sissy Boys and Admirers-room (Best place to find a man who appreciates my "talents") or if there's a fantasy RP room open switch to my fantasy-alt Anaideios (you should fuck him). If @BonnieMonella is hosting a room, go there immediately and dance myself stupid ❤️ * If none if the above action is going on, keep hopping around and chatting/going back to the character editor until I either strike gold with some hunk or log off and do stuff unrelated to sexy times. So there you have it. The great mystery unraveled. Till next time, hugs and kisses! 🥰
  4. Git out and vote! Also, my user experience is startlingly the average user experience
  5. I am going to have to revise my stance on World Chat a bit. Depending on what time of day you're on there it can be a most awesome place with actual interesting conversations and people who haven't been socialized by rabid coyotes 6AM is where it's at 😁
  6. Oh yeah, Gauge certainly belongs on my list
  7. Sandra Romain When I first saw Sandra perform two things struck me. First, her very distinct accent, and second, her amazing ass 😮 She manages to bring a fiery passion to every scene I've seen her in, and even when she's playing at submissiveness you can tell she's running the show
  8. When someone named Twiggy is telling you to eat more you listen, Jack 😛
  9. I just thought of something: a father being cuckolded by his own son. It's Oidepus Rex, but with less murder
  10. Please, understand, this was over the course of half an hour or so! Just re-reading this is giving me a panic attack
  11. I give World Chat a lot of guff for being an awful place full of bigotry, trolling and general unpleasantness. Lately, however, it's become even worse What the fuck am I looking at?
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    Welcome to the forums, telisifa! Just don't believe everything that you read and you'll stay sane
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