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  1. Bleh, where do these people come from? I met a person like that on here a while back who basically wanted me to modify my avatar, my behavior, my opinions, until they suited their expectations of what a proper partner was. Like, dude, go make an alt account and have fun marrying your ideal self. Clearly you're not looking for an actual person to be with.
  2. Ha! The guy sounds like a bit of a psycho "Come over to my death trap. Did i say death trap? I meant apartment! I'm a nice guy you fucking cunt!"
  3. Well, it finally happened. I got burned out from work and now I'm on sick leave for the next three weeks. I suck.
  4. You can only be in so many places at once, Derai, and only divide your attention between a finite number of people at a time. I've experienced what you're describing, and yeah it's never fun to feel like you're neglecting someone in favor of someone else, but at the end of it all that's the choice we have to make. You shouldn't feel guilty about it. I try to mitigate this somewhat by scheduling "dates" with my friends, so that I keep in touch with them. It sounds rigid when put like that, but it's more like "hey, can we hang out tomorrow?" and not "I have a time slot between 8 and 9 PM wh
  5. Oh yes I remember that evening. I was quite consumed in PMs so no wonder I missed you and Cicely there I did meet C at the Wednesday truth or dare. Your waifu is an evil genius ^^
  6. Wait wait wait, you two were at Subspace?! I feel like I'm missing out 😮 Also, you're supposed to be an innocent, blushing bride, Piney! Innocent!
  7. You cheeky monkey ^^
  8. I'm not gonna lie, this would make my day 🥰
  9. Just when it seemed I was in for a new spell of melancholy a dear friend of mine showed up unexpectedly in game to remind me why I'm the biggest whore on 3dx ^^ Thanks, lover! You know who you are ❤️
  10. If you're crossing the sound A God-forsaken eve Would you please bring a message To someone I hold dear Give her my best And tell her then That I've always been proud to Call her my friend Tell her some of those days we shared together Were some of the best I ever had And tell her I'm sorry For all the faults that came But that none of them were meant As some sort of of cruelty Tell tell tell Tell her those things for me
  11. So, i just broke off something beautiful before it could blossom into something perfect. It might have been the right thing to do, but it still leaves me feeling like an awful person. This was what I was talking about earlier when I spoke about making the same mistakes. I know my heart must seem like a cold and frozen lump. Please whoever reads this, tell him its nothing further from the truth. It's just that if I'd have given all that he'd have wanted None of those things he'd fallen in love with would have been there in the end Someone please tell him this fro
  12. Just please please please be careful so you don't accidentally post a 3dx message in a work colleague chat 😬
  13. I feel like I am repeating all the same mistakes I've done before. Don't fall for someone, and don't have them fall for you. Why do I do this?
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