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  1. Yesterday I picked up the keys. Today the big move commences.Β 

    For those on here or in-game wondering where I've been, I've been busying myself will packing my stuff for an upcoming move to a house. Today, said stuff is going to start moving. Following that, there's unboxing to be had.

    Wish me luck, my pretties ❀️

    1. Rodin



    2. Rodin


      /me is roll`n out an "Red Carpet"


    3. JackPine


      Great news!Β  Enjoy getting settled in your new home!

  2. I think a lot of people are on a hair trigger when it comes to gender issues these days. There's nothing offensive about your or Tsela's statement, but people start looking for the hidden (probably non-existent) message/dog whistle/term-du-jour reading the worst stuff into the most banal statements.
  3. Let's infuse this weekend with some positivity!
  4. Ask and you shall receive ^^
  5. You're good people, Travels
  6. And you've both had your say. It doesn't need to continue any further from here on out. Just go on doing what the two of you do best. Ex, build. Lux, DJ. Both of you, find a lovely partner to fool around with
  7. This is going nowhere. The fallacy of any online argument is that you want to get the last word in, only there never is a last word. This forum isn't a moderated debate, and this isn't the real world where "you wouldn't say that to my face" is a factor. All it's going to do is take time out of your day. Nobody is saying the two of you have to be friends, but you don't need to engage each other either. This game is big enough that neither of you need to cross paths, and if you do, don't engage. All you need to do is stop posting about the other and this goes away.
  8. I don't see anything wrong with using alts, unless you're actively trying to deceive someone. Like @Xizl says, we have not want to share all aspects of ourselves with people, strangers or close friends, and there's nothing wrong with that. But given how sensitive a subject alts are for some users, I list my alternate avis on my profile to avoid nasty business. As for what I use them for? Well, I have a male alt for when I want to try male poses, and a fantasy-rp avi for when I'm hitting on elves and orcs and what have you I might even make a sci-fi avi eventually for Coriolis.
  9. Springtime hayfever. Fuck my life. It's hard to feel sexy when you're sneezing, your eyes are watering and your head is pounding.
  10. @SusanLouisaAbsolutely. Given the alternative they did the right thing.
  11. That's manners and common courtesy talking. White BBC's don't have those.
  12. I guess so. Man, what a shitty position to be in to have to essentially choose between the bubonic plague and cholera.
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