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  1. Hmmm, I may just have to check this out ^^
  2. Admittedly, my game has been a little rusty lately
  3. Yup yup. People like being romanced and seduced
  4. Next poll: Is Alliehotass the greatest?
  5. Yes It's just such a natural sweet way of showing attraction to someone
  6. Yay, a hover car ❤️ This could be so much fun in a Barbarella-inspired rp ^^
  7. Nektar

    By Anaganda

    I'm speechless 😮
  8. The AFA boudoir is really classy, THX Well done!
  9. I don't mind, and I don't think you're kink shaming I'll do my best to answer this, but keep in mind I can't speak for everyone on this. The expression is not ideal in my book, but neither would having the woman smiling felt right. An expression of exhiliration or anticipation would have served better, but it's hard to get subtle nuances across in a 3d model. The thing about chocking is the recipient is potentially quite literally putting his or her life in another person's hands irl, and the rollercoaster of emotions, from excitement to fear, lust and trust, well, how does one convey that on an avatar? Keep in mind, a lot of bdsm has a bit of a playacting element to it. People step into roles of subs, doms, brats etc. so in my mind the female avatar is probably hamming the fear up a bit, to add to the roleplay involved. I admit that this is just me adding context to a still picture, but I have a hard time imagining a real life bdsm couple where the sub is in mortal fear of the dominant. I fully get that this makes a lot of people uncomfortable. This is niche, advanced stuff. It is absolutely not for everybody. Like I said in my last post in the thread, I do hope future poses will be a bit less niche and have a broader appeal.
  10. Angelqueen, I think what's important to remember here is consent. Nobody can force this pose on you. Anyone who agrees to this pose is not being abused or dehumanized, just playing a game or living out a fantasy. There are a number of us submissives and degradees, guys and girls, who find being put in these kinds of poses thrilling, but also a number of decidedly more vanilla people who also find this kind of stuff titillating. Adding this pose just added a new toy to our playkit. No harm in having more options, the way I see it. That being said, I hope upcoming updates will include some more positions with broader use/appeal for all users, now that us fabulous freaks in the crowd have gotten our glory holes, spankings, slappings and chokings It's nice to have ones kinks catered to, but going forward it's probably not a bad idea to focus more on fucking in general.
  11. Leonard Cohen - Coming Back to You When it comes to love songs, accept no substitutes.
  12. Nektar


    JenC, that bunker looks friggin cool, though in my mind the bunkers made me think more of Generation Zero than Fallout Other than that, I really don't have anything more to add, other than to echo tor's sentiments I'm stunned by some of the talents on here
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