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  1. Thats an Interesting idea. Will people start diving by clicking a specific button?
  2. People should not be silent and question everything. Today, someone points to 2 billion people and asks to do something with them quickly(yeah..on forums lol), having no idea what these people and symbols mean. Most of the problems are due to lack of education, which creates new problems and hatred all around the world. Anti-Semitism, racism caused by lack of knowledge as well.
  3. These days? Do you mean days since 1945 till now. OP was offeded by a mistake. I think it is good that people help with knowlege. Anytime
  4. Swastika and the name of the host fit each other just perfectly. It is from buddhism.
  5. Sometimes the hairs are not flexible enough to take a good picture.
  6. Ah yeah they are rezzing. SL is a laggy thing and their engine is really old.
  7. This is not true because that can be a part of the game as well and a part of gamedev mistakes in their netcode. I never had problem in Overwatch(for example) because they have a good netcode. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netcode
  8. People who just found 3dx want to know anything to decide to join or not to join. So it is important to know about cons and pros, bad sides and good sides of this product. Objective and subjective.
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