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  1. What the new unofficial discord server and who is this Scarlet? It seems one from 3dxchat users. The same person, the same rules o.O
  2. @Gizmo , Devs. Around a week ago, I send a bug report and post it here. I bought a character for 10000 xGold and I still can`t use it not for builds and not for testing group sex poses, because this character is invisible if I use it from another character. It is a week the problem is not solved. Give me 10000 xGold back, I`ll try to create another character. Maybe new one will work. In game name: LadyYehara
  3. Thanks to the devs. I hope to see flat sneakers in the next patch. Keep the content coming in balance.
  4. Devs didn`t make a poll about changing a model of feet. They did a poll about shoes. Why such conclusions? They will not change actual models of shoes. They will add new one. There is several ways to change a type of feet and one way to add new flat(with high sole) sneakers to the game without changing female feet.
  5. I have a doubt that they will check every account. I have a doubt that fakes will not get someones second or 3rd character or just a main name of user who doesn`t care about polls(there is a lot of them today). This poll in discord just an utopia today which will born more and more unhappy customers. Most games with big experience will never do it because they had such mistakes in the past(some of them have discord just for communication between community and for any news for them). They have their own member area for doing polls today. Optimization. What sense to go to another site, to do an unnecessary step to make polls somewhere where it can be falsificated, to make us join to another site if they can skip it and create the same poll in the member area or in game with connection to the member area? GTA is doing it in their member area, Blade and Soul did that in the game. It works a way better and clear.
  6. Discord is a platform for gamers. Discord can`t get all of 3dxchat users because not everyone use it. A way better to use member area or in-game poll to get all votes and exclude any falsifications by fake accounts which can be created for a minute by gmail. I tried it. One minute, one vote. One hour, 60 votes.
  7. Why did you post it exactly here? Post it there or create a topic
  8. So, public disagree is working. Congratulations! You/We Can ❀️
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