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  1. It isn`t anime. By the "skroutz mac duck" you meant some type of people who are greedy. Don`t be stupid by taking people as stupid. Scrooge McDuck is a fictional character created in 1947 by Carl Barks as a work-for-hire for The Walt Disney Company. Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from or associated with Japan.
  2. Aren't you tired of calling people what they're not? Are you the or a dev? You are not. You are not less, not more, not smaller,not bigger than every customer. I'm paying full price, not five bucks,but even if it will be five, you can't call people that. No one may. Watch your mouth next time or else.
  3. I meant bots, not new avis. Everything is okay with avis...except mine. Mine has a bug. So what i should pay more for?
  4. No, why? Bots should be for free.The devs have promised that solo fun will be for free. So bots should be for free as well. Why the hell i pay then?
  5. Bob and Betty is not enough. People said it million times. For group sex poses we should get more bots. Avi slots are for other things.
  6. A game is a game. Maybe it someones business, I don't have to care because I am a customer. I bought a service(game time), not a someones business so I don`t make my brain hurt, devs are for this. All bots must be for free because it was created for solo fun, to try poses before you get a date online or to test world editor things. well no. make yourself to loose xgold if you up to. people pay for subscriptions to avoid microtransactions(mtx). $20 per month is enough to give us several updates per month.
  7. Both are sucks. Well, in my opinion. That is my taste ps: left side is not perfect, not realistic, but a way better than right side. It`s subjective. Not everyone want realistic models.
  8. Hairs are always a controversial question. The best ones only for pictures because it has too many polygons. Any hairs for games are different and it more depends of everyone`s taste. Hairs are important. Maybe we will get a good hair editor someday.
  9. you mean their character pack which they bought (to show how their artists "good") with this feature, yes? really good feature. to add different lights like different day times. or to add just different day times.
  10. If someone has some kind of moral or life position, neither gifts nor the gold transfer could change it.
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