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  1. Agree. There are no statistics about wc contingent ahah, only thoughts 😏
  2. a "No" agitation is okay for our wc, but if they come to the forum, they should vote with more random time delays in my opinion.
  3. Very probably someone wrote in wc about the poll. But probably your are right. 12/12/12 minutes, 13/13/13 minutes, 14/14/14 minutes, etc. Looks like someone loggin and reloggin to vote lol
  4. Already better. They fixed the world editor problem. Now it works with saving.
  5. https://artsandculture.google.com/exhibit/standing-tall-the-curious-history-of-men-in-heels/BQJSZR_j5AhtLA
  6. Congratulations to you! It got so long to get the update. It works just fine at first look.
  7. I had 3 characters and one of them was a male character. I didn`t hide it. I used it in a good way, in a way I like actually. Could pandora show how I honest or dishonest? No. Everything you can is to ask. Everyone should have equal rights. I can "defend" my rights myself. Xizl is right at most of points. Xizl made a poll and has a reason. You can ask Xizl about reason or just read the forum, this thread. There is no statistics here except subjective opinions based on self experience. Making any statistics is a difficult work. Any statistics must be proved and noted. I noticed that you are too aggressive to the person who started this poll with no reason. Xizl is okay with arguments.
  8. -Snip- This is not a statistics. Btw, this pandora was/ is prohibited and pandora could give you such a small statistics about someones alts and profile information only. Everything after that are thoughts about, subjective thoughts usually.
  9. Statistics is a strong and loud word. Show your statistics if you really have any.
  10. Some words/sentences are shown in Golden color in a random way.
  11. More important bills are if all the pandas were fed. If all pandas were fed, all the bills are paid.
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