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  1. I would like to thank our Developers, @Lisa for their awesome work and specially to @Redji for the amazing work with these poses. You guys are best! Keep it going!
  2. 1) Patap. 2) lllEXlll, registration date is May-June 2014. 3) Words of support. Mitigating circumstances. He gave a link to show how much better the real and official version of 3dxchat is than any pirated version, and this act could prevent players from leaving the game to another version. Merits. Patap did events, gave prizes, subscriptions for women to attract more of them to the 3dxchat. This is one of the best promo-tools which should be supported by developers as well as in most games. He sponsored the events himself, from personal funds and I personally am ashamed to hear that he was banned without clarifying the circumstances. In judicial practice, it is not important what a person did, but more important why a person did something. Motives. @Gizmo @Lisa I hope that you will weigh all the pros and cons, and will get a right conclusion. Thank you for your work.
  3. Prove your words then. Now I can`t stop laughing. You don`t know what they wants, you are not SexGameDevil. This is an open forum with rules that have not been violated by OP. I see how you can't stop to spoil the subject. You were wrong and now you are trying to excuse your actions.
  4. Try this. https://sexgamedevil.com/contact.html There is a section for business that includes the press.
  5. You were reported for your lie, personal attack,offtopic and so on.
  6. You were reported for your lie. PS: All my posts was saved by your quotes. You seem really out of your mind.
  7. I second your wise thought I just will fill the form!
  8. Hm, I forgot about the party. Didn`t you forget to post how many people were in your room?
  9. You, Mar, looks like didn`t get the point that you were failed since your first post here, because OP was not about to discuss anything. But you are trying that hard to start a prohibited discussion and to spoil the whole topic as you did with robt in the past. I will don`t give you a chance. If this topic will be deleted, I will open new myself. You are breaking rules by yourself now. So if you are that educated as you said, go read first post, fill the form or go out.
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