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  1. Why is this should be our problem? Every project has such problem, but they dont stop doing updates. With a simple hack People are able to take any mesh from any project. Unfortunately, but this is true.
  2. This can be kinda bug. If a person is a partner with someone and other People have sex too, one of them can add 3rd person from another group and then a person can choose another 3some pose (for example) and a person from one group can be teleported to another group {depends on kind of pose}. I have got this bag couple of days before. Funny. Make a bug report.
  3. I can make many clothes in 30 minutes too ... In 3d marketplaces... Just money needed πŸ˜‚
  4. Contact me in the game. I'll help you as much as I can.
  5. How will he get manners if he Maybe didnt learn them? Any good mannered explanation can help.
  6. We already was talking about it. The Best solution is custom Keys. Arrows are not good for me.
  7. Exactly. They didnt make clothes for long. I dont care about long dresses. I am okay with jeans or skirts, but I would like to see more different clothes.
  8. They dont create long things lower knees.
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