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  1. I like the idea. What does the troll songs mean?
  2. It sounds like people do not want realistic things.
  3. I would like to get the arrow movement Keys. Its a thing of coding. There is no need to make new animations.
  4. I came in some random room with many Interesting things. I was exploring, watching Interesting effects of the glass material, furniture and whatnot. Getting a PM from some man like "take this big Black lollipop beautiful". I was like "a No?". He was like "but all White chicks like Black cocks!". I said that he watches too much porn. He answered that I am a racist. I was like "You are a racist. But I am a White lollipop lover." He started telling me bad and dirty things, I kicked him to my iggy list. And so it will be with every stupid racist on my way. Tolerance doesn't imply a change of taste. If you dont like me because I dont like Black lollipop, Gucci, purple color or Pizza, don't call me a racist. Call a doctor.
  5. Happy Birthday 3dx. Thanks for the amazing updates
  6. I dont know if 3dx needs to make a trial version because there are many vids in the Internet and people can make conclusions. There is a good video on 3dxchat.com. There is another thing. Sex games ain't a cup of tea of many. There is no way to get endless subscribers.
  7. There are more people here than before. So you can renew your sub and enjoy new meetings
  8. This is from Hephaestus the beat forger - "I'ts a trap". Can be found on spotify or YouTube. Or anywhere else.
  9. I have never watched this movie in English. so the 1st.
  10. It looks like I didnt play that period. Interesting to know.
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