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  1. You asked me to come to your topic being mentioning my name. I warned you about that. So don`t play innocent. Another lie. You`re talking shit about me to her behind my back, that is why you were kicked. Any tales except these? You can`t stand against me because I love the truth and I don`t fight. I come and ask. Keep in mind.
  2. Omg, so you don`t have any logic. You could just say that. Simple and short.
  3. So you support the silly troll? Omg lol That pictures you, people that you are into and your behavior. Robt is nothing and can do nothing because he has no brains to troll and has no intelligence to keep any convo. I may continue the list of this garbage and how he treats people here, but it waste of time.
  4. It doesn't matter. Continue to play the role of victim. This will never help you. Your biggest problem is your behavior, and many people have already told you this. Now get off of my diary, I didn`t call you to come here. Otherwise you will learn a lot of interesting words in your address.
  5. Her. Learn something. "HER". SHE. Repeat like a mantra lol
  6. Lies. We were not the best friends. Just friends. I am not surprised that you lie on people because it is everything you do all the time in 3dxchat and it was proven. I have pictures where you was the first who opened his room. And the pic where you opened after his opening your room as a revenge. You know this, because I posted this many times. You were catched on a lie and still do this, Jade lol I am not surprised x2 Such a garbage you are. Bullshit. You created safe haven after the moment when your ass was kicked for a bad behavior from many people, from jazzy (you were speak a shit behind my back) and from rest of good places. Intelligent people don`t want to mess with a "person" like you. Your "safe haven" was created for liars, thieves and rest of garbage. Any company is its leader. We know who you are. You can keep creating tales and legends about yourself. I was the first person who warned our builders about you when you did open not yours place being know that it`s not yours. Your the best friend was giving you WPB to "make pierr cry". You knew that and specially opened his place. That is what you are the person. Next time try to come up with something more realistic lol
  7. Can you use logic in your conclusions at least once in your life?
  8. It`s funny to see how Jade "use" "friends", then breaking friendship with them because she took everything she wanted from the "friendship", taking and opening rooms that isn`t hers and after that trying to find an excuse to another fail of hers. She blaming people for trolling being a troll herself, she blaming people for bullying being bully herself, she blaming people for things that she does herself. Jade, you had a chance to avoid me. Now blame yourself for everything that will happen in the future.
  9. There is no sense to talk with jade. She is on a highest level of stupidity. Maybe it's innate. Sometimes people just born with this.
  10. no one cares about your members lol you repeat the same thing all the time.Get a doctor
  11. I am pretty well. I can`t say the same about you.
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