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  1. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting other person to die. @Little buddha on my bar counter
  2. I will take a pause from 3dx. No updates and such a beautiful weather here. Best regards
  3. I love sneakers. Is it a reason to fight? I appreciate your tastes. Lets keep it polite and peacefull please
  4. It would be great to have. There is a problem with an avi height and a couple dance.
  5. I got this bug with iggied ones in the past like a year ago.
  6. Russians who would like to meet other languagess, write in English mostly. The idea is good any way.
  7. Thats why they did that quote with no correction they are professionals. Who knows what Borrel meant.
  8. BBC did all right by quoting. It was a mistake from Borrel. He meant Kharkov. They just sound similar.
  9. Thing of taste. Some People adore implants.
  10. Any topic in WC can end in a childish way. In the end, even after censorship, there will be nothing to talk about. WC is a garbage. So let it be.
  11. They removed that because many people asked for that. It was working Interesting. When we were not using animations, our body sizes could be as small as we did in settings. But if we were using animations, our bodies automatically changed to the common size.
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