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  1. It does not give a piece of wisdom to that phrase as well as to a chess player. And descriptive notation sucks.
  2. I know. I mean that I liked that funny pose on a dick.
  3. I liked this and had a hope that they will keep it. There is lack of content and making it just for a little time is radiculous in my opinion.
  4. I didnt see any hoodie for fems in 3dx. When will they add this?
  5. Political cryers are boring. Go democrats! Go rebublicans! I can recommend just one thing. Go brains! Because both sides should have this and they have this. Except small pieces of humanity which I wish to take a grip and think about the future.
  6. A Burger seller everywhere is a burger seller. Even in the diaries. 1000 sales per Day! The Best crap you can eat!.. Oh, is it a diary of mine? The #1 Burger store in 3dx! Httttp:/thebestburgerdiscordintheworld.invite/ lol
  7. The Best way to know is to be there, to explore. But if someone lost the chance, watch the video. Good video and cool work. Ps: such an awesome place could be opened sometimes, right?
  8. Lots of work. Amazing build. Looks like a real cartoon πŸ‘
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