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  1. 12 DJs - 12 Stunden Komm zum ultimativen PEACE Event für Frieden in allen Ländern der Welt. Dies ist keine politische Veranstaltung!
  2. But why tell me the client "Connection refused"?
  3. if you get an error during installation, try installing the game in a different folder. If the computer has a different hard drive, try installing the game on the other hard drive.
  4. When I open a room, like my RP world, I can write the title "RP world Naughty Neighbors ger". Not more. Now I see others who can write much longer sentences, like "Ke k s e n V o r s t a d t / W a l d s e e ". Why is that?
  5. Stephanie,. you don't have to prove ANYTHING to these people. People who behave like this are simply not friends. We've all had the experience of being flagged online when we were offline. But even if you're online and don't answer, that's no reason to attack you like that. Enjoy the game.
  6. This problem keeps popping up for me too. I thought I observed that this only occurs from a room size that exceeds 3 mb. However, it also happens when I only work with a fond file (creating words).
  7. The biggest misunderstanding of many users, as I've been able to observe for some time now, is that they think RP is the same as fuck. I've been running the Naughty Neighbors room for almost two years now. My warning now is, someone comes in, "Hello, I'm the new neighbor. Can you show me everything?" and the current step is, "come fuck". That's not the point of role-playing games. I like it when people show up, live out their fantasies, play a role, that's what I offer the opportunities for. Developing stories with an erotic component. Every now and then I also start crime games embedded in it. Unfortunately, that's not what most of those who call themselves RP'ers want. Another shortcoming for many is a simple room rule: do not enter houses where there are already people without being invited. this rule is intended to enable individual players, especially couples and single women, to play undisturbed and enjoyably without being showered with cold. It's a shame that so few are seriously interested.
  8. That's definitely a great idea that I would implement. The problem is that you only have one room. You would be tied to your welcome room all day long. Unless you find a community that shares
  9. by turning on the penis of the female avatar in the game
  10. everyone should be able to do what they like here, but I find hitting people in the face demeaning and insulting. I also leave rooms when the couple practice something like that.
  11. I don't know a single woman in my circle of acquaintances and friends who would practice this, including myself. I don't know what would be great about it other than pain. So for me, it's neither real nor virtual.
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