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  1. You see it already wearing a dress. But removing those wonderful leather thingies is a pity same that it is not pssible to wear em under a coat. Missing fantasy, and every grown should be able to remove clothes that do not fit at a time.
  2. More Actions, like clap to the music and take bow after you did a show...
  3. For me in Germany i found out, that when i connect to US Server, log out and connect to EUR server i do not have that many disconnects, Is it possable that the Problem is syncing our profiles between the areas causes the crashes?
  4. Now i cannot move it to 0, its max -0.1 WTF????
  5. Let us have tecture sliders for size and position
  6. i totally agree, also the sun umbrella would be a nice thing
  7. Write any language you want, but don´t await that people of other languages help you. That is for every other language than english. Just my own oppinion, no need to discuss about.
  8. I said this very early during beta, didn´t interest the dev obviously.
  9. Ok when you spawn in game you do it at the level of the spawn point object. For me, i am hovering one inch above the floor until i walk far enough to leave the point.
  10. Same with every other top wear or dress, the bra is removed... as so many people said, stop restrictions, if i don´t want so see a bra, i will remove it myself. Same with auto removing clothes for sex... stop it right now!
  11. Not even with sex, just stop removing my bra when i put a top or dress on. If i don´t want to see it, i will remove it myself. And why remove bottom wear with dress? Maybe not many people wear a dress over a jeans but if somebody likes it, why not?
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