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  1. Exactly, that works. And if you press "F" after editing the last coordinate, your cam jumps exactly there
  2. I agree, if to many poses are built in, you just have no option to move anywhere instead of klicking star symbols... So that ist another reason, to make wasd working for movement....
  3. It is of course possible if they want, because a pirate version has it.
  4. I know, thank you. But my Penthouse is at a height of 120m
  5. And by the way, let us use it for a pool, too. Swimming in a pool would also be nice instead of walking the ground.
  6. Really? Wanna fuck Spiderman? RP ok, but what is next? Flying heroes? Supergirl? The Bat Hole? Robin doing a bj to Batman? Oh, now i begin to love the idea
  7. was asked for and discussed for years now.... Would like to see that, too. Some people are horny for pregnant wifes, other game version can, but people say it is not possible. Other versions have piercings, they say it is not possible. Other V..... tbc....
  8. accepted, sent pm in discord
  9. hole? seems to be some object but never a hole... share me your world on discord if you like... MistressBeryl#8676
  10. Floor? Repair? What is wrong with the floor?
  11. Yes, cum on your skin would be fine, too. I agree.
  12. Hey i love gay/bi and yes, i would love to know what your "thing" is. If some of you like a mistress to order you for blowjob to each other or just watching you, let me know. German language preferred, but not nessesary. And gay cum shot... i love to see you cum in each others mouth.
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