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  1. Final results of second survey made from 15.6. untill 22.6.10:30 CEST 86% of Users are facing bugs every day. 88% are facing disconnects every day. 74% rated blow 4 or 5 points with means usually not satisfied (Ø 2.88 in total). Please find Poll here: https://xoyondo.com/ap/LtvCpUC0EJJSPZO
  2. I started a new survey on 15.6.2020 - already collected more than 140 statements. Results of former poll (votes made 14.5. untill 15.5.) 76% of Users are facing bugs every day. More than 60% are facing disconnects every week or every day. More than 60% rated blow 4 or 5 points with means usually not satisfied (Ø 3.4 in total). Results of actual poll (votes made 15.6. untill 17.6.10:30 CEST) 86% of Users are facing bugs every day. More than 90% are facing disconnects every day. More than 70% rated blow 4 or 5 points with means usually not satisfied (Ø 2.9 in total). We have been asked to be patient, as you are already working on improving the situation. However, this also means that patience may run out at some point. Most of all, if there is a lack of communication from your team to us - your customers about the planned improvements - combined with a clear timeline. Please find Poll here: https://xoyondo.com/ap/LtvCpUC0EJJSPZO Poll is still open untill 22.6.2020 - dear DX-community feel free to vote and tell us your opinion! Thanks to members of following Discord-Servers: MODZ, SafeHaven, WhiteBreeze, SlaveGarden, BadCompany for supporting this survey!
  3. Gros bisous :)

  4. Fully agreed 👍 Lack of communication is worst. Just wondered how game would look like if all private rooms would be closed for some days because they banned us all 🤣
  5. I agree with Derai They have been providing a lousy technical performance for weeks and now crown it with the usual poor communication coupled with arbitrary measures against hosts who actually support and promote the game. I like this game a lot... Hope they will listen to their paying customers and improve at least the communication....that should be not to difficult......
  6. Gros Bisous Miss NoirDesire :)

  7. We had a great party yesterday - even with little server crash inbetween - thanks to DJ LuxInterior! Thanks for joining TheBunker We will be back Thursday night! https://thebunker3dx.wordpress.com
  8. maybe don´t miss to visit THE BUNKER today - ROCK THE BUNKER - its just a Bunker (I´m on iggy too of course 🤪)
  9. We are open tomorrow - 11 PM (CET) Live DJ LuxInterior 🎵 We love to see you 🖤 https://thebunker3dx.wordpress.com We are looking for dancers and DJ's! Powered by #manoirdesire & #BDSMshowroom
  10. I my opinion the support desc should be dealing with technical issues users a facing....and should be available for those needing help. So II didn't send my results to support Team. But of course you are free to share the results. In my point of your Gizmo and his team would be well advised to listen to the community and follow the forum care fully.
  11. I fully agree with Teresa too. Fix the bugs...get servers work reliable... We like to have a stable game...new stockings are not this important Since DDOS happend it seems to be even worse than before. Most of users a facing bugs and beeing disconnected far to often....see here the results of a poll I made. https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/10490-better-stable-than-new-stockings/
  12. Hey folks I made a poll the last week about quality of 3DX You will find the full thread here here are the final results
  13. The poll has been closed - I like to present you the final results. Thank you a for participating. @Gizmo just to repeat - I am in favour of this great game an most people which left comment in the poll are too. But there is a big and growing number of people getting dissatisfied by technical issues. Most comments in the poll are pointing out that the community would like you and your team to focus to get the game reliable instead of adding new features. I would be pleased if you would leave a statement for us here. XOXO Noir
  14. I like this game so much but I am really afraid that 3DXChat will loose customers and will not be successfull in future - and everybody knows what happens then....
  15. Dear Gizmo and dear team of 3DXChat, sometimes it not easy to stay calm and be polite - we had a great party this night before maybe 10 minutes ago your server crashed again. 65 guests got thrown out of the romm and the party is over. For my person I am sure - I won´t need new stockings before you get your system running reliable. Hope you will improve soon
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