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  1. There must be some function to put a file or a folder to the exception list of your anti - virus software. Best to google it, because every software is different. The folder is C:\Users\[your user name]\Documents\3DXChat\Screenshots
  2. Probably your anti-virus software. Try to put the path for the pictures in the exceptions.
  3. 3DXC won't run on an ARM processor. See this thread: Game not running on Surface Pro X?! - Technical Support - 3DXChat Community (3dxforum.com)
  4. The Wild West Town is awesome! I swear I could hear Doc Holiday coughing in the Saloon 🤩 Now we really need a clothes editor, for my cowgirl outfit 😉
  5. Would you make me a Wonder Woman costume? 😂
  6. Imagine being able to project a video onto an object like we do with the materials... We coud have working cinemas 🤩 But I understand the copyright / legal issues with this.
  7. That's awesome, Gizmo! And thanks for the info.
  8. Awesome 😂 And why do I hear this tale in the voice of Galadriel? 😋
  9. We are still here because there are no alternative programs 😂 And even if something else opens, this programm, too will take a long time to get content, get stable, etc. So, we are stuck with 3DXC for better or worse. And let's be honest, is it really THAT bad? We can have fun, build, DJing,... Of course, there are a lot of things still missing that would be great to have. And this might be shocking for some: there is still the real life 😋
  10. in software development, there is an old rule: "it's done when it's done" 😉 I hope the waiting time will be worth it.
  11. I used the thinnest quarter circle, stretched it and made it really slim till it resembled a slice of the cone. Then I copied, rotated and pasted it till it was a full circle. When you open the room file, you can see the many single objects it is made of.
  12. Such a cone is very easy to build. Just use rotation and copy and paste. Grammophon.world
  13. Gizmo said "in about a month". That could mean one month, or two, or... But it seems to be a bigger update, with some new features. So I would prefer that they take their time and test it instead of releasing it buggy. The outrcy would be even louder then 😉 But don't get me wrong, I can't wait for the next update!
  14. I can recommend Notepad ++ and PsPad Editor as text editors.
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