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  1. Please write in English, so more people would be able to read and maybe help you. Thanks.
  2. I remember there was once a really well made White House room open. But I don't know who the builder was, sorry. Maybe someone else remembers.
  3. As we in Germany say, "Der Ton macht die Musik" ("the sound makes the music"). If you are agressive against people who just want to help you and don't listen to them, you shoudn't expect much sympathy.
  4. If you had followed our advise (let somebody else try your stream), it would have taken a day or two to find this problem. You never said that you were using two accounts at the same time. Hmm, that would have been helpful information. And you never even tried to only use one account?
  5. I don't get it. At one time you say the link works when other people use it and now you say others have the same problem.
  6. I can open my room with your link if you want. If it doesn't work -> 3DXC's problem. If it works -> it's some problem on your side
  7. Seriously, when it's working for everybody except for you, what can 3DXC do?
  8. so if it works when other people use your stream link, then it means the problem is on your side. Some ports on your router that are blocked?
  9. I think he mentioned when he opened for group everything was fine. So you should open the room for public
  10. Maybe it's worth a try to open a room that just has an object to stand on and the radio object. To rule out that it's something in the room that's causing the problem.
  11. I can open my room for public with your stream if you want.
  12. So everybody who uses your stream has the same problems? I use this link for a couple minutes now and have no problems yet.
  13. I don't know much about the tech side of streaming, but when I stream e.g. one of the Radio Bob stations, there are two links: MP3: http://streams.radiobob.de/bob-80srock/mp3-192/mediaplayerMobile Nutzung: http://streams.radiobob.de/bob-80srock/aac-64/mediaplayer and in the manual I used for setting up my stream they say one should use the mp3 one. Could THIS be causing the problem? (Just brainstorming here)
  14. yes, we can do cross - tests to identify the problem
  15. I'm using "MyRadioStream", never had any problems with streaming.
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