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  1. It could have been the GTA of sex mmos by now if the devs wanted to. We can only hope someone develops an open source sex mmo.
  2. Fond memories of when the first Trabbies arrived at my hometown on November 10th, 1989, after the Wall was open
  3. Awesome build! Do you come from Eastern Germany?
  4. Maybe with a program like Audacity. Load the music file and save it with the new settings.
  5. I see one big problem here. The world files are not encrypted and there is no copy protection. They are just plain readable text files. So even if I would put some of my rooms up for free on the sharing sites with the comment "not for commercial use", nobody can stop other persons to use it, maybe change it ever so slightly, and then sell it. Or the other way round: if I would want to sell a room, how many downloaded objects from other people am I allowed to use? A single vase in a big mansion? Or a whole bathroom? Or what if I only use downloaded objects? I don't know if Manyasha would be ok with people obtaining one of her rooms that someone bought from her, and selling it themselves with a few changes made. Don't get my wrong, I'm not against making money with your hard labour. And building can take weeks or months, so $40 can be VERY cheap! But not being able to protect your work against others making money with it, might just lead to drama.
  6. don't you dare to start a butt - slapping party without me!
  7. yes, we need slapping guys in the face pose for the colders
  8. Can you give us an example of a model that meets the required quality? And what are the essential points?
  9. That's right and wrong. I'm sure the disconnects are due to poor connection caused by the providers as you say. But what the devs could do is: make the servers and software more resilient against paket loss and timeouts. That would help a lot of people.
  10. I don't think it's possible to turn the cam with the keyboard You know you can hide the interface and the mouse cursor for videos using strg + z and strg + c. It's somewhere hidden in the manual... I use this when shooting a video.
  11. It would be great if we could use all the functions of the public rooms: ambient sound real pictures different poses different textures mini games etc.
  12. Ohhh, perfect!!!! Thank you so much Sometimes it would help to read the "manual"
  13. I don't have a world chat on the official Discord server. This is how it looks like for me
  14. And now, where 3DXC is promoting cam girls to stream 3DXC for the whole world to see, I think it's getting more risky for 3DXC. Every player must be aware that, if he/she is in such a room, his/her avatar might be seen there on Chaturbate. And for the authorities it's easy to make a list and get all info about you through your CC data. I know, this is (again) the worst case scenario, but it is not unrealistic.
  15. Because in Germany it's against the law to posess or consume even drawings or texts / stories with cp. Minimum 1 year prison, no probation. And if this is true for stories, it might be true for games as well. But as I said before: I'm no legal expert, but better safe than sorry.
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