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  1. Lovense Lounge • ReM3Dx You can't create these toys inside the World Editor.
  2. As far as I understood it, this is an official event by 3DXC and Lovense. In the pics you can see that they even have Lovense toy objects that were created especially for this event (and not built in the World Editor, they were provided by the devs).
  3. Yeah, the lack of communication and sparse updates was just because of the lack of money. You can't hire a second or third dev with just (estimated) 40.000 - 50.000$ income per month... But now, with Lovense on board, everything will be better! Direct communication and interaction with the devs and monthly, no!, weekly updates will make everybody happy. Just keep buying Lovense toys and don't stop to use them 😜
  4. Why do you still want a pose editor when you got LOVENSE INTEGRATION! But don't despair, with all the money that is now rolling in due to this corporate deal, Gizmo will finally get to work on the pose editor... /sarcasm off
  5. The only "fair" solution would have been if they provided the room themselves and got an external DJ. So nobody could say, "why were other members of the community chosen and not we?". And like someone mentioned before: they could have announced a "Collaboration Party" without giving details in advance.
  6. Try ALT + Enter to switch to window mode. Then you should be able to save the file. Then ALT + Enter again to return to full screen. It's a workaround, but better than nothing. I hope the devs will fix this bug someday.
  7. What material is the shirt supposed to be? Marzipan? Plastic? Is it some kind of armor? Looks almost bullet proof 😉
  8. I'm talking about exploiting it, not abusing. You know the difference.
  9. We were not talking about sharing rooms, we were talking about sharing info of exploiting the game. We can build ourselves, but these exploits are not obvious. And the info about them was only given to others for money.
  10. Thought so 🙂 Are we allowed to use these objects, too? If yes: what's their name in the world file?
  11. Wow, looks awesome! Are the Lovense toys self made or were they provided by3DXC?
  12. Correctly Angelqueen. It's not about selling your rooms if you want, I know how long it takes to build a decent room or object. It's about taking money from players to give them the information they need to exploit the game and use assets that are hidden. And no, they are NOT accessible just using the World Editor in the game. You have to know how and what to edit in the world files.
  13. He also said this: "The second update is about character and clothing customization. But these are not just new clothes. This is something more " So let's see how much we can customize our avi and the clothes.
  14. Maybe something classy like the famous Bond / Indy dress.
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