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  1. when in the editor, press F6, then you are in 3rd person view. You can shift + click whererver you want your avi to stand. You can move the camera with the wasd keys. And you have to select the object you want, then move it with the according tool.
  2. unfortunately that's not possible
  3. but you entered the numbers of your Discord account, too, right? Mine would be "Diana Prince#9636"
  4. this is just in the editor. As soon as you enter a room, it's fixed. Shouldn't happen in the first place, but yeah...
  5. I have a similiar effect. Normally I use speakers, but when I change to Blutooth headphones, I need to restart 3DXC for the changes to take effect.
  6. sometimes the confirmation pop-up window ("Do you really want to ignore?") is too high on the screen, so you almost can't see it.
  7. Nym said on their Discord server probably this weekend
  8. you could use the water material and color it black. Or maybe the glowing light object will work when it's colored dark
  9. I'm sure the Sin Club (like the Saloon and the dressing room) is just an asset from some shop. So it might not be easy (or allowed) to change something on it. Or Gizmo might just don't care...
  10. I can confirm was Paulinus said. The problem is with copying objects in the editor when the room is over 8 MB. It helps to enter the room itself and then go back to the editor. Seems the memory is cleared then. I had a room open yesterday that is 14.6 MB, and other than long load times, there were no problems for the visitors. So it must be editor / memory handling related.
  11. yes, that seems to be an "official bug" now
  12. With this method (bump your room with xgold), the users may buy additional xgold (=money for the dev). I would be surprised if it gets changed, but it would help SO much for finding a room!
  13. Yes, you must be either online or somebody has to be in your room.
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