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  1. That's true, but I have never seen anybody asking for handbags before (I might be wrong though). The dev time for this could have been used e.g. for some clothes for men. But at least they are updating.
  2. All these suggestions in this thread and others, and what do we get? Handbags and glowsticks of all things...
  3. ahhh yes! That's some thinking outside the box, hihi.
  4. Hi Max, I don't think that's possible in the World Editor, because the opacity of an object is not dependend on the view angle. You can make glas or water black, so that you can't look through. But this doesn't change with your viewpoint. So, no peeping Tom, hihi
  5. Hi Niblette, thanks for the response and clarification I just wanted to know if I was doing something wrong. It's no problem deleting the lines in world editor. Looking forward to the next version xoxo
  6. no, you have an orgasm snd you squirt
  7. Hi, you can have an orgasm with the left icon under "Sex Actions", and moan with the right icon.
  8. What? If I had known this, I would have queued "Last Christmas" in an endless loop last month
  9. here are some: Genesis3dx - Your 3DXChat Community Welcome to 3DXChat Sharing! - 3DX Chat Sharing
  10. Hi @Niblette, I stumbled upon something else. When I tried to convert simple lines (paths), ND III creates a world file without any objects. This is how it looks in Inkscape: This is in ND III: And this is the world file: {"valuetype":"float","objects":[{"n":"group","objects":]},{"n":"group","objects":]},{"n":"group","objects":]}]} Another thing: when I convert freehand curves or spirales, etc., there is a new line in the generated world file that "closes" the object. Am I doing anything wrong? It seems the path must always be "closed". Is there a way to avoid this? So that the spiral looks like in Inkscape and in ND III? Thank you in advance!
  11. How about file sizes in UE5? I suppose they must be huge (gigabytes) with the hi-res textures. UE5 would be awesome, but they would need some serious server space to hold a couple hunded user generated rooms. But just imagine 3DXC with these graphics...
  12. Ohhhh thank you so much, now it's working! You are awesome!!!
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