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  1. Oh. You said JackET. But feel free to leave me here too. The place is beautiful! Nice work, Eva.
  2. Wow. . When I step back and take a breath from the past week. I call the central US home. Working east I have managed to enjoy this delicious place with you on the east coast, UK, France, Portugal, Nederlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, and finally the west coast of the US. Different places, different cultures, but shared passions and desires. Around the world in seven days. Wow.
  3. Hello diary. Pondering this interesting time. With the factors of spring time weather and wanting to be outside, a more routine return to the physical space called work, and a revolving door of caring for those elders (as if I am not already one!) in my life, my life here has become more compact, but nonetheless even more intense. Perhaps its my wisdom now being in this space for over two years, or the selection of friends that have surrounded me, or perhaps more accurately, my dumb luck! Whatever it is, I am so enjoying these recent times. To those I converse, debate, and dance with. To those who in the heat of the moment throw caution to the wind and indulge in the fantasy that leaves all involved sweaty, sated, and smiling. To all of you, thank you! This is what this space is all about. To those who seem hellbent on using this space for drama and abusive behavior, you really are missing out. Honestly, you should try this way! Peace.
  4. For every drawback to this place, invariably it the fun and good shines through. There are many here (still can use more!) that just bring a smile to my face whenever we cross paths. It is you I hang hope on. Thank you!
  5. The game inside the game? No. This is not a game. None of it. The level some people will go here, hiding behind their avatar names and assorted alts to sow division, and hate and drama astounds me. The one place I have been learning about, and more importantly accept, the wildly complex and wonderful world we find ourselves in concerning our shared humanity and human sexuality. I can handle those who want to try and play games with me. I have learned to forgive and move on. But to those who wantonly want to shut out others, and finding pleasure in shutting down favorite places, why? Why?
  6. I brought a question up in forum once, then tagged Devs directly. That did get a response, a 14 day suspension. In a separate thread, another is lamenting the forum seeming to have lost the positive and fun energy it used to have. Geez, I wonder why? My subscription is up for renewal and all this does go into decision making. Feels like the bad here is winning.
  7. The surrounding trees are such a nice touch. Jackpine perchance? Beautiful work, EvaMarie.
  8. No offense taken. The rules stated are easy to follow, if one has any amount of respect and commonsense. However, from a look at world chat most days, and even some of the names on open rooms, we have our fair share of adult children and rules that are not being enforced. I tried to challenge this once, and I was the one sent to a forum timeout for 2 weeks. Would I appreciate something being done? Yes! But, I am not good at holding my breath.
  9. Rereading what I wrote I almost threw up! One doesn't have to look far to see terrible examples of how horrible and easy it is for humans to be cruel to each other. Very Quixotic of me I know, but I hang my hope on kindness winning in the end.
  10. Leopardus, not sure we ever met in game, but you will be missed. You are taking a stand and I admire that. It is for similar reasons I do not use other social media platforms. So why am I here? I am lucky I guess? I have managed to find in my circle of fellow 3DX'ers pretty decent and respectful people. Have I come across those that have rubbed me the wrong way (or vice versa!), yes. But bullying or hateful? Luckily, no. I don't condone this bad behavior, I abhor it. However, this place needs more of us, not less. Wherever we go we are forced into dealing with unappealing others. It can be family, coworkers, neighbors. It's not easy to just walk away, we'll just end up walking, and walking, and walking. I like it here and want to make it a better place for all that join me here. I hope us good ones can hang together and perhaps someday, SGD gets their shit together.
  11. My earlier comment on free speech was geared more towards those idiots in World Chat. By all means, if you really want to talk that way, it makes it really easy to identify and shun you. Yes, I would love the rules stated above enforced, but enforcement here is lackluster at best. And directly questioning things regarding this topic has resulted in me being banned in the past. I loved @Derai's idea. Give us the option to just turn off World Chat. Out of sight, out of mind.
  12. World chat is like driving by a gruesome car accident. You know not to look, but you can't just close your eyes. I am a big believer in free speech. You write what you want, but I don't have to read it. Knowing up front that someone is toxic makes it easy to click ignore.
  13. My stomach is growling already. I will be bringing a big appetite!
  14. Why am I here? A couple of simple answers would do. A way to to connect and share experiences during Covid is one. Waking up aroused and able to log in and get off with a like minded soul as another. But wait. There is more to this place than meeting up, and hooking up. There are those that you have connected with that mean way more than a hook up. Someone to offer an ear to talk to, a shoulder to lean on. I got to realize that today, and for that I am truly grateful.
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