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  1. I get the sense you are not that worried~ 😜
  2. I hope y'all don't mind, but I have extended my membership for another year (at least). Guess I am not that easy to get rid of. 🙃 Catch you soon in game!
  3. Tomorrow will end with my first year under my belt here in 3DX. What a whirlwind of experiences both great and mostly good. A few missteps along the way? Sure! But life, even here, is never perfect. Certainly not mine, but I try to be better every day. Today found me spring cleaning. Through the year I have amassed quite number of 'friends'. A number were one time encounters, or those that appear to have left the game or have been inactive for some time. I made the decision to remove them from my list. Perhaps we will run into each other again, and I will welcome that! Th
  4. That you first look inward speaks volumes. Evil does not act that way.
  5. Huh. To him, I must be doing the 'Nice Guy' thing all wrong too. If you are a Toxic Bitch, Dee, I will gladly stand next to you proudly, as the Toxic Bastard!
  6. That's a bad thing? But seriously, take good care of yourself Nek. Work needs you and we need you!
  7. This one left my side hurting from laughing! Thanks, Ex!
  8. Some of the most beautiful songs are also the saddest. This is one of them.
  9. Many valid points here, which I hope is being read by those that develop this game. As I travel this place and get to know more and more people, I have managed to find my way into some circles of longer term players. There are quite a number of you. Many of you must be satisfied with the game or know this is the best we got. In large part, you are the ones building, sharing, making this world always newer and fun to explore. Thank you! Would I like more content? Sure! Would I like improved, expanded editor compatibilities? Of course! I suppose I could be part of this perceived
  10. Your words ring so true, Silvio. A part of me hopes to never truly learn from mistakes of the heart. Love lost does hurt, but to love is to be alive. Your words are of great value, and a great addition to our little world. Keep sharing, my friend.
  11. In a week my avatar celebrates his 1st 3DX birthday. A lot has changed since that day 355 days ago. No, maybe not the game so much, but what has is so much richer. The relationships forged, the fun times had, the experiences shared. This happened because of this place, and I would not trade that for anything. In no small part this 'game' helped me survive this year like no other. I will welcome an update, but I would rather welcome you to share time with me. That is what l embrace!
  12. I am still flushed and a bit discombobulated. Busy work day, but managed to drop in on Havasu and hang with some relatively new friends over the lunch period. A group of 3DX long timers that have been kind enough to let me insert myself into their circle. Meanwhile, I noticed a friend online that I haven't connected with in awhile. I threw a hello her way. She responded happily, but mentioned tied up with work. I responded with no problem, and a wish to connect soon. An immediate reply saying I was a real distraction to staying productive. I laughed and bid her well. As I left
  13. The past 32 hours: Swung into a club to enjoy my morning coffee. I love my European friends who are later in the day and already ending their work day and letting loose. Sweetheart of a friend danced with me, for me, and... well, talk about a wake me up! Dropped back into the game in the afternoon and found a great compadre' from the forum here. We shared a steamy soak at Anaganda's Bathhouse. Relaxing conversation, people watching, and making light of some of the nicknames. 'DickOfDeath'? C'mon, Man! I love my time around her! 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Eveni
  14. Exquisite detail, Leeloo! Simply, amazing!
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