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  1. And I'm alive live to experience you. That counts too. Your words resonate with me and many. Thank you and keep sharing your gift, Derai, that is you.
  2. Love the bg, cute af ;]

    1. JackPine


      Thanks, but call me dumb.

      Bg?Β  Af?

      Told ya.Β  Call me dumb.Β πŸ™‚

  3. Spectacular build! Hope I get a chance to wander the place.
  4. Must have been what caused my disconnect. Too hawt!πŸ™ƒ
  5. So perhaps making the room list easy for the regular user to find what they are look for, and scrap whatever is currently in place for the room list. Take your Virtual Sugar events, Kemistry. Love the creative work being put into developing a venue, promoting the event etc. The user list should be such that when I come to attend, I can get to it easy-peasy. I would hope the average user is smarter than blindly clicking into what is at the top of room list. I know the people I am hanging with are, if not me necessarily on a daily basis πŸ™ƒ.
  6. First, thank room owners and hosts that make your rooms available to explore and have fun in. I wouldn't mind a room grouping option. So rooms for music/DJ are together, rooms for RP are together, and so on. This would allow the room name not be cluttered with trying to describe what is inside. In addition, if I knew which rooms had friends from my list inside, that would be nice. Perhaps a different color for the room text. And as a player only, where your room is on the list means less than what I think I might find inside. How you market that room with its description is key for attracting people like me. My two cents.
  7. Forward, always foward:


  8. It was six months ago that I stumbled across this forum and 3DXChat the game. I was pausing earlier today reflecting on this fact. None of it had anything to do specifically with sex (there has been plenty), or personal secret fantasies explored (notched a few there so far), but rather the human connections I have been so lucky to develop. In fact just today, while attending an anniversary bash of some friends, I ran into a member of the forum that I long have had an appreciation for, but had never met in game. What a joy to finally meet them, share a dance, good conversation, a hug. Only to be followed up by seeing another good friend, well one of the best one could have, who had sneaked in while I was engrossed in that other conversation. This time a mind challenging discussion regarding gender, gender stereotypes, and how to meld thoughts into action and making words inclusive rather than exclusive. All the while sharing smiles and light-hearted banter with friends new and now not so new. Is this your typical sex game?? There may be many flaws to the game yet to solve. And yes, new features and items to add as well. What I hope never changes are the bright shiny gems that are you, that are enriching my life. If we haven't met, let's and here's to the next 6 months!
  9. Keep on a rambling, Dee. I for one enjoy every word. Life IS good! Oh, and put be in touch with that fan of yours. We can start a fan club.🀩
  10. JackPine

    erotic gifs

    Working From Home, is the new normal. Glad its not just me!
  11. JackPine

    Beautiful Women Images

    A penny for your thoughts?
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