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  1. JackPine

    Beautiful Women Images

    Hammock time? I love hammock time~
  2. This is how looking up towards heaven is supposed to look~
  3. Always something to take from your writing, Dee... Even the messy ramble ones! Even a empathetic person as myself uses my traits to get what I want. So are we all Narcissists in our own way? Quite the ponder. Oh and never forget you are you, and there is no one like Derai! Some may argue that is a good thing, but I like you just the way you are. Holy crap I am channeling my inner Mr. Roger's something fierce today. Better get into the game and fix that soon.
  4. Another celebrity (at least in my eyes) sighting today! Wandered over to Havasu Falls before work today to dip my feet in the water and enjoy the sun. Catching sight of a frequent contributor here and to the game, I had to say hello. What a treat!! Our conversation had to end too soon, but I look forward to next time. This place continues to surprise me!
  5. Please do not attempt this at home. @Kemistryis a professional! ๐Ÿ˜€
  6. More you say?๐Ÿ˜œ Got to clear my calendar and check it out!
  7. Friday found me on my lunch break on the shore of Lake Keeley admiring the view of the water and some relaxing music. As I made my way to the exit, a frequent poster here surprised me with a hello. A delightful person and just a pleasant chat. This world never fails to make my day, and make my lunch hour run over. Whoops!
  8. Awesome venue @PleasureGirl! I was only able to stay for but a moment before playtime had to end. Hope to enjoy it fully another time!
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