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  1. As your kisses and licks travel slowly down her body, your tongue pausing, rimming her navel while your body and hands spread her legs. She moans in delight as your face slides ever lower, your tongue leaving a glistening trail as it snakes ever closer to its prize. Her hands tangled in your hair as she gasps, "Ooooo, goddd yesss, I hope you love cheese!"
  2. My apologies in advance, for a somewhat serious discussion, but you know who you are dealing with here. Could just be me you are seeing. I am always lost and not sure what I walking into. It is usually trouble though.
  3. 3dd75ff93e15d3ddcba731f657aeef0689d5d1a0

    I try.  If I fail, try again.

  4. A beautiful place, Hinch. Thank you for sharing, and hope you can bring it back.
  5. Stepping my foot outside to retrieve the paper I noticed it immediately. The air crisp, dry and cool. That air that when you breathe, fills the lungs easily. The heavy, muggy air of summer gone. I take in the scent of the pine infused air deeply and step into the grass. Heavy with dew, cool, no, cold. As I pad across the yard, I leave a trail of footprints behind me in the green grass. Hopping onto the dry pavement I pause as I pick up the paper. I look to the east to the rising sun. Noticeable now. Its position and its height still in the trees, evident that our tilt away from its fiery heat has picked up its pace. This morning is fall’s warning shot across summer’s bow. Change is permanent, and the cycle of the seasons constant. Fall will eventually win the day, with winter already lurking behind the scenes. This actually gave me comfort with my own life at the moment. This virus that has attacked my left arm and hand has passed its summer peak. Following its own cycle, it is beginning its slow retreat to winter dormancy. With that, this excruciating pain should subside. Will subside! With that, I can get back to normalcy and do the many things I desire to do. Summer will still flare up and challenge the cycle, but fall will win out in the end. I welcome fall.
  6. Pine - 1 Jack - 0 Thank you, @Derai! I need that! To edit and clarify. I needed the giggle, not the neverending beatdown from that tree! Lol Already have that problem from these shingles. Argh!
  7. I am licking my code right now. Not sure it is working, but it tastes like... chicken. 🤪
  8. Yes, this is a place for fantasies and sex. With others, consensual sex with others. With real living, breathing fellow humans that are behind each avatar. Many of who have been touched by rape outside the confines of the game. All I want is an understanding that rape is not a fantasy of the victims of rape. A victim of rape did not engage in sex, let alone consensual sex. Rape is a form of terrible violence against a fellow human being. No debate here will change that meaning to us victims of rape. This is what us victims of rape see. If this the case, a room on 3dx should not be named rape, because what is happening in that room is consensual and is not rape. All it is doing is reopening the scars of so many us, and saddens at least me, that some take the term so lightly. Peace
  9. JackPine

    Not understand

    Tohi, Peace. A few poses that you don't like, shouldn't be the end of the world.
  10. I am not a builder, but I am impressed by what many of you that are, have created. I am not a DJ, but have been privy to some really good vibes by a DJ with stellar playlists. I am rather new to the game, but what drew me in was a simple upfront payment and the game is available. Fully. My hope is the game could reward those who are contributing to make this a super fun place to explore, but somehow leave this simple payment model as is. I fear this may be the first step to this game devolving (not evolving) into a game like those others, that personally, I don't care for. Peace.
  11. Much of nature amazes me, but these little guys. Leave me in wonder every time. 😀
  12. A hummingbird visited me last night. I was sitting on the deck after work, the sun still high as we move into late summer, heating my face. The sun warm, making the cold beer seem even colder on my lips, smiling as I read another passage of a friend’s creative writing. Then the hummmmmm of wings, a green and red speckled bit of wonder roaring past my head. Hovering neatly, he judicially proceeded through the red and pink blossoms of the hanging petunias next to me. Head disappearing inside, his wings almost invisible as they whirred. Then rotating out like miniature helicopter, moving to the next. Reaching the end of the planter, he turned and hovered briefly, the sun just at the right angle to make every tiny feather glint and sparkle like an emerald, his throat-patch a ruby worth more than any jewel dug from the earth. We gazed at each other for a brief moment, then he whirred his way over my head, disappearing into the trees. All of 3 grams, flower nectar his source of energy, he will soon embark on a migration to warmer climes. It could even include a non-stop flight, a 1,400 km journey across the Gulf of Mexico, already 2,253 km from my deck. This little bird made me and my issues of the day seem even smaller. This world is full of miracles of life, if you keep your senses awake. I tipped my beer towards the tree, wishing that little bird god speed, and thanks for the visit.
  13. Go Big or Go Home, eh?! Going to have to check it out!
  14. Oh Diary, Its funny. Been without stable internet for close to 5 days now. So no game time, and communication relegated to the forum and discord. But for some reason, I am quite happy about it. Maybe its learning more about friends outside the context of a sex game. Maybe it was standing up and beside those I respect and admire and pushing back on those ideas that a particular word is not such a big deal (see entry above). Both, actually. I am beginning to REALLY love this place. The creative minds building the rooms, the cool-ass DJs, and some fine people to truly call friend... anywhere! They are what makes this THE place to be. I am blessed. But... pssst... GET THE GODDAMN INTERNET WORKING! Thank you. 😀
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