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  1. Ran across this and wow, sums up what I feel for so many in the place.
  2. Good to be back! Now let's party!
  3. I would like to help press the issue, but still smarting from my recent timeout in the corner. Meanwhile I am attempting to learn how to fix my place. My opinion? Don't hold your breath.
  4. Learn, Love, Loss. 2022 is already shaping up to be a wild adventure! Learn: I have learned that some things are just not allowed to be said, let alone asked about or debated here. Loss: I lost 14 days due to what I learned above! Love: The bonds that I continue form with many of you. The chatter, the laughter, the dancing, and shared lust for delicious encounters are simply amazing!
  5. 2021 will mark the majority of my second year in this place. I have learned much, not just about many of you, but myself. I have loved, not just through mutual attraction and sex, but through friendship and shared interests and values. I have lost, not just through those who have left the game for their own valid reasons, but through misunderstandings, mistakes even of my own making, however unintentionally. Learn, Love, Loss. May 2022 bring more of the first two, but what is living without taking that risk of loss? Bring it on New Year, I can't wait to see where you take us!
  6. The past few days in game I have received many a compliment. Apparently, as the consensus is saying, "Damn, you are good at this, and also a damn nice guy!" I am humored and humbled by this attention. Humored because the way I started in this game it would be laughable to think anyone would ever have this level of praise for how I attempted to meet people, let alone interact. Humbled because along the way, I have been able to learn from some really great people to just be myself, be kind and nice with no expectations. To be descriptive, complimentary. As I look back on 2021 I only see an upward arch of fun and friendship, and can't wait to see where 2022 leads me, and us!
  7. I will not lie, the holiday weekend was special. All of my family safe, and in agreement about how to navigate a second Christmas dealing with Covid. Time was spent together, celebrating, physically and emotionally present. Wonderful. On the flip side, in the continuing concern to keep the risk of exposure small, outside contact with people continues to be limited. This brings me to you. You may not be those "real life friends", but you are so important. We may only see each other as a virtual reality avatar, but also the kindred spirit of humanity. We are friends, partners, and even lovers. You all fill a void in my life and for that? Thank you!
  8. If wearing a condom would help solve what is infecting the servers and keep us all in game, I will gladly volunteer and wear them! Please send a pallet, I have been a bit lucky as of late.
  9. It happened again today. As part of my Working From Home workday, I have my work computer on the left, and my 3DX computer on the right. I could say gaming computer but 3DX is all I will ever play! With headphones on, I sat myself down at Keely Lake, perfect ear candy for concentrating on work items. It is usually a quiet place when it comes to local chat, but today that tone of several messages arriving made me look up. Just some friendly greetings between friends, one being mine. I chimed in with my own hello. I am so happy I did! What ensued was a simple, innocent, wonderful conversation with another who linked me to this diary. A chat that filled local (probably to the chagrin of the other visitors) before we laughingly went "Whoops! Sorry"! It was a sweet time! When you read this? Thank you!
  10. As crazy as this world is at the moment with continuing lock downs, lock ins, friend and family events put on hold, no longer heading out to a local club to listen to live music and have a drink, you all still give me hope. In this world we can still be ourselves, share in a beautiful place, listen to some great music, dance, sweat, share in a delicious and delirious moment of lust. All without fear. I want the fear 'out there' to get behind us, sooner than later. At that point it will be much catching up to do in the real world, knowing full well I will miss you. Until that point, enjoy this place, each other, and the ride! I know I am, and for that I am so thankful.
  11. Where does this get us as a community? Nowhere. Be kind. Be respectful. Use commonsense. I want no one banned, but geez!
  12. I find it strangely delightful and what makes Olesya, Olesya. She loves this world, unlike some of the other recent threads.
  13. Although the scene played out hours ago, I am still laughing and my side hurts! I stopped by a dear friend's apartment that she had opened to friends. The two of us were alone, and fun ensued. Afterwards, in our post-cotius haze the discussion turned to sex fantasies. She shared one. Needless to say a short time later, another male friend arrived, and we moved to the bedroom. Before long the three of us were in bed. Apparently, he had experience, or least on the basic operation of threesome poses. Us other two, clueless. She was enjoying the moment when suddenly he was gone. He did try to reenter, but lost him again. We got a laugh thinking the moment was just two hot for him to handle! Then arrived another good friend. Although our friend doesn't fit the bill of a straight male, being a respectful, good natured, fun, and carefree person with the right naughty parts, he volunteered. This is where the sex fantasy turned to epic comedy. With confused pose clicking, 'you lead, no have her click, wait, what?', before long there was a tangle of limbs, penises and/or strap ons galore, and Tim, frankly, being in a place he has never been before. We were laughing too hard to make any of it work, and agreed it was time to just hang out. I absolutely loved it!
  14. Over the past couple days I have run into new acquaintances who have connected the dots and linked the in game me to this diary. Some with rather detailed memories of things I have written, previously. How cool is that?! My hope is what you read here jives perfectly with the me you meet in game. What you read is what you get. Can't wait to make the next connection with one of you!
  15. What an interesting, incredible ride this place continues to be! I am one to always quickly look in the mirror whenever things go awry. Where did I go wrong? What did I miss, or could have done better? Then along comes another that experiences the same, one who surely should not be on the same side as me. Vindicated, maybe? But I take no pride in that. I came here to escape that, not feed it. This is not what this place should be about. I wish for all of us peace and joy making connections with each other. I have made those connections with many here, and cannot wait to continue building on those who enjoy this journey together.
  16. There must be something to the male/female differences with teleporting. A friend offered to help place a teleport object in my room. She tested it just fine and sent a new world file to me. I struggled to have it work properly. I was able to edit the arrival spot slightly and get it working. Question is will it work for a female avi. I brought Betty, but she was no help. All she does is talk, talk, talk.
  17. A friend helped me place a teleport in my too cozy cabin, instead of climbing a ladder into the lofted bedroom. It is working wonderfully! Hope any kinks you are experiencing are worked out.
  18. Hello, friend. I know the feeling well. However, with my experience with the game the past two days? I would not be surprised your date stood you up not out of any frustration with you, but the game itself. The latest updates are not without its challenges it seems. My hope that is the case for you!
  19. I am not sure where else you may write, but keep doing it. Your words I respect and enjoy.
  20. A friend today reminded me to just be me. Wise words. Then sharing a room that had my name written all over it. Right again!
  21. I find myself somewhat caught in a conundrum. I am an American, born a white male during the time the Civil Rights Act was being pursued and adopted. I was educated in the words of Martin Luther King Jr of reaching that promised land of a color blind society. One without labels, just content of character. A place I desperately want to be a part of and want all of us to be. In life as well as in game I have exhibited those values, friending and more, from all colors of the human spectrum. Now we enter this debate of sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity. I can envision a society without labeling people based on color, but when it comes to gender identity? On one hand I hate that we are needing to label ourselves on the basis of who we are, and who we are attracted to. On the other hand, as much I love those around me, I still only sexually desire persons that fit a specific label. I want all to feel comfortable with themselves, and with me. I have met many outside my former comfort zone, and have grown to appreciate their presence in my life, even though it is purely non-sexual. Is it okay to still to carry those desires for a specific subset, however 'archaic'?
  22. Are my ears burning again? Earlier in the day Friday found me at Erotic Nude Beach. A friend joined me. She recognized another nearby sunbather as one who has been a rather rude colder. We decided a show was in order... By the time we were through, we had scared the shit out of her cat. Damn, I AM bad! In all the good ways.
  23. Damn, my ears are burning. 3DXCHAT is a place for virtual sex. However, what you witnessed, the only thing 'virtual' was due to the two being separated by physical distance. The rest? That was real, and I must say, deliciously so!
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