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  1. I do find this whole topic fascinating. Some very strong opinions on both sides of this debate. And I can find valid reasons and respect those opinions of both camps. I dropped in here expecting some sort of interactive sex game. I have discovered way more though. Some really really cool people reside behind those avis. Intelligent, entertaining, creative, erotic people. From all places and walks of life. People I just love to hang with and let real life slip away for a bit. I understand the passions about the game now, I share them. It is you in the game, not so much the ga
  2. Thanks for inquiring! I am a proud owner of one already. Looks great in my cabin!
  3. I see and hear a lot of passionate people on this topic. Many of you builders, room owners, very creative minds. I would hope the owners and keepers of 3DX are listening. My time here has been very short compared to many of you, and you give me a great feeling. You may be frustrated with a lack or speed of updates, but you are still here. This place must have something deeper than the new clothes, poses, etc. A community you keep coming back to. That is what I love most about here... you. All of you. May I be here 7 years from now with my own set of criticisms! Peace.
  4. Just shock and awe here. All of you. Amazing.
  5. A late winter snowstorm put the brakes on another day on a frozen lake, dangling a line for trout. Late season ice fishing coincides with another season in the US, tax season. After clearing snow, I busied myself reviewing last year's tax documents, taxes withheld, paid, etc. Getting it done! It got me thinking about my 2020 in other ways, the year I discovered this place. What an interesting, wild, and mostly wonderful adventure it has been! The game has been a vehicle for fun and a pleasant distraction from all the other crap 2020 dumped on us. And I have found some really cool,
  6. Wait a minute! There is moaning in the game already? Well, hell, I am doing something wrong! 😉 I hope the next 7 years brings all sorts of additions!
  7. Maybe there is hope for me, since I have never been much of a fan of Sin Club! We have our reasons to have found ourselves in this place, and reasons for leaving. I repect that. I know my time is coming with spring time warm weather and the lifting of Covid restrictions that will land my butt back in an office, which will lead to less time in game. Take care and safe travels wherever life leads you!
  8. At the very least the option to accept or deny the hug/kiss should be required if the person is not on your friends list? I would prefer more manners, not an option to be face first in garbage!
  9. Sunglasses and Sunscreen, Stat!
  10. Well, that didn't take long. Hello, Mr. Sun!
  11. Ironic how a place of fantasy can mimic real life. How you can fly so high you don't feel you'll ever come back down, to boom! Moments you struggle to find any valid meaning to why you're here. Familiar faces not around, rooms full of people with no meaningful or interesting conversation, an innocent comment taken the wrong way to sour a mood, not to mention the hateful comments in World Chat and some particularly vile and worthless posts here on the forum. Hard for us to leave our baggage at the door when we enter. We are all human after all, with our own set of warts and flaws. Its gonn
  12. Cuddling? Not cuddling in my book~
  13. I despise hate in all its forms. Seriously, calling out autism as a reason to avoid, belittle, attack? Someone needs to take their trash to world chat, or better yet, perhaps take a break and seek help.
  14. That makes two ayes, the motion carries. Not to mention the motion next to the ocean. This concludes today's committee meeting, time for Happy Hour. Sex on the Beach, anyone? The drink you naughty minds INGREDIENTS Ice 1 1/2 oz. vodka 1 oz. peach schnapps 2 oz. orange juice 2 oz. cranberry juice Orange wedge, for garnish
  15. In that case, queue the rain and let's go play in the puddle until we are both soaked. Read into that what you may!
  16. You explain this well, and there are many more that would like this feature. Good luck! Along with clothing, poses, editor enhancements, etc. the work at 3DX will never end.
  17. You got it, Ex! Sorry, peeps. Ex says. 😀
  18. Along with the image quality in the gallery, I like this idea. I have a core group of people that I enjoy being around whenever possible. To call them out without using up profile real estate would be cool. For the overall profile overhaul. I see the point where your character is highly specialized for a role you want to play or portray. Even though I am a rabid profile clicker, I enjoy a bit of mystery. If an avi catches my eye, and the profile is written well and doesn't call a person out like me to not bother, I will try to work my way into a conversation with them. I love meeti
  19. As I sit in the outpatient clinic waiting room (no worries purely preventative care!) I am laughing to myself, maybe at myself. These patient exam robes? Talk about needing an update! Welcome to my mind~
  20. One can't truly appreciate the light and warmth of a bright sunny day, unless one hasn't had to push through a dark and dreary day. So throw on your rubber boots, I got the umbrella. The sun will be shining soon.
  21. I need to figure out how get the largest possible image to load here. Inside looking out to the outdoor shower. Hey, we are roughing it here. A bit!
  22. From the back, showing the outdoor grill and dining area. No mosquitoes!
  23. Hello! Construction is ongoing, but mainly outside the cabin. Those who know me would go, "Yep, this is is so Jack!" I love a lot of the expansive worlds that are out there to wander, explore and play in. This is a bit of the inverse of those. A single, cozy, warm and inviting cottage tucked away in the woods where I plan to share the space with friends, who also would like to escape the hustle and bustle to a place less traveled. For tranquility, peace, quiet. Following are some screenshots. I invited Betty to help model. She is so agreeable! Once again, I can't thank @Tora
  24. Pulling this one to the current page.. for my pleasure~
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