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  1. Oh. You said JackET. But feel free to leave me here too. The place is beautiful! Nice work, Eva.
  2. Wow. . When I step back and take a breath from the past week. I call the central US home. Working east I have managed to enjoy this delicious place with you on the east coast, UK, France, Portugal, Nederlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, and finally the west coast of the US. Different places, different cultures, but shared passions and desires. Around the world in seven days. Wow.
  3. Hello diary. Pondering this interesting time. With the factors of spring time weather and wanting to be outside, a more routine return to the physical space called work, and a revolving door of caring for those elders (as if I am not already one!) in my life, my life here has become more compact, but nonetheless even more intense. Perhaps its my wisdom now being in this space for over two years, or the selection of friends that have surrounded me, or perhaps more accurately, my dumb luck! Whatever it is, I am so enjoying these recent times. To those I converse, debate, and dance with. To those who in the heat of the moment throw caution to the wind and indulge in the fantasy that leaves all involved sweaty, sated, and smiling. To all of you, thank you! This is what this space is all about. To those who seem hellbent on using this space for drama and abusive behavior, you really are missing out. Honestly, you should try this way! Peace.
  4. For every drawback to this place, invariably it the fun and good shines through. There are many here (still can use more!) that just bring a smile to my face whenever we cross paths. It is you I hang hope on. Thank you!
  5. The game inside the game? No. This is not a game. None of it. The level some people will go here, hiding behind their avatar names and assorted alts to sow division, and hate and drama astounds me. The one place I have been learning about, and more importantly accept, the wildly complex and wonderful world we find ourselves in concerning our shared humanity and human sexuality. I can handle those who want to try and play games with me. I have learned to forgive and move on. But to those who wantonly want to shut out others, and finding pleasure in shutting down favorite places, why? Why?
  6. I brought a question up in forum once, then tagged Devs directly. That did get a response, a 14 day suspension. In a separate thread, another is lamenting the forum seeming to have lost the positive and fun energy it used to have. Geez, I wonder why? My subscription is up for renewal and all this does go into decision making. Feels like the bad here is winning.
  7. The surrounding trees are such a nice touch. Jackpine perchance? Beautiful work, EvaMarie.
  8. No offense taken. The rules stated are easy to follow, if one has any amount of respect and commonsense. However, from a look at world chat most days, and even some of the names on open rooms, we have our fair share of adult children and rules that are not being enforced. I tried to challenge this once, and I was the one sent to a forum timeout for 2 weeks. Would I appreciate something being done? Yes! But, I am not good at holding my breath.
  9. Rereading what I wrote I almost threw up! One doesn't have to look far to see terrible examples of how horrible and easy it is for humans to be cruel to each other. Very Quixotic of me I know, but I hang my hope on kindness winning in the end.
  10. Leopardus, not sure we ever met in game, but you will be missed. You are taking a stand and I admire that. It is for similar reasons I do not use other social media platforms. So why am I here? I am lucky I guess? I have managed to find in my circle of fellow 3DX'ers pretty decent and respectful people. Have I come across those that have rubbed me the wrong way (or vice versa!), yes. But bullying or hateful? Luckily, no. I don't condone this bad behavior, I abhor it. However, this place needs more of us, not less. Wherever we go we are forced into dealing with unappealing others. It can be family, coworkers, neighbors. It's not easy to just walk away, we'll just end up walking, and walking, and walking. I like it here and want to make it a better place for all that join me here. I hope us good ones can hang together and perhaps someday, SGD gets their shit together.
  11. My earlier comment on free speech was geared more towards those idiots in World Chat. By all means, if you really want to talk that way, it makes it really easy to identify and shun you. Yes, I would love the rules stated above enforced, but enforcement here is lackluster at best. And directly questioning things regarding this topic has resulted in me being banned in the past. I loved @Derai's idea. Give us the option to just turn off World Chat. Out of sight, out of mind.
  12. World chat is like driving by a gruesome car accident. You know not to look, but you can't just close your eyes. I am a big believer in free speech. You write what you want, but I don't have to read it. Knowing up front that someone is toxic makes it easy to click ignore.
  13. My stomach is growling already. I will be bringing a big appetite!
  14. Why am I here? A couple of simple answers would do. A way to to connect and share experiences during Covid is one. Waking up aroused and able to log in and get off with a like minded soul as another. But wait. There is more to this place than meeting up, and hooking up. There are those that you have connected with that mean way more than a hook up. Someone to offer an ear to talk to, a shoulder to lean on. I got to realize that today, and for that I am truly grateful.
  15. Hope to visit this place. I have my fishing tackle ready. . Beautiful creation, Eva!
  16. It should work, because you taught me the trick.
  17. Thank you, my friend. It helped me just putting thoughts to virtual paper. Yes, I realize it is a place for sexual fantasy, heck, I can get as frisky and randy as anyone. What really irked me is the guy. His profile stated something about a rich RP background, a Dom, and mention about behind every avatar are real people, act accordingly. Well, it was two people having a get to know each other discussion on a beach, not a role play room, and clearly he felt he was the alpha male regarding this woman, and didn't give a shit about the person behind my avatar. All this after I gave him props for his room and music he has hosted. I feel rather good putting them in my iggie list after all.
  18. One option you could try is to view your profile in game, open each image, and use the Windows snipping tool (shortcut is pressing the windows + shift + s keys)to snip and save a copy. You may lose some resolution, but that most likely already happened when the image was uploaded to the 3DX server.
  19. As much as I have fallen in love with this place, at times it is frustrating and disappointing. Most disappointing when I see some of my real life imperfections pop up. The past two of days have been not so good. Earlier this week while sitting at my usual barstool at Lake Keely, which is what I wont to do when mostly afk with work, I noticed a pretty woman had paused in front of me. A quick check of her profile indicated she is brand new, so I gave her warm welcome, and even sent a welcome to this wild world gift. She said thank you with a promise to chat another time so I could get back to work. Yesterday found me with a free moment, and when she said hello, we met at beach to sit in the sand and sun and chat a bit. We found a quiet spot to sit and had just begun to tan and talk, and another person showed up. Someone we both knew (he is even in my friend's list) and we both offered him a spot in the sand next to us, and begun a group chat. It started off fine, and since I knew our new arrival from past meetings, was able to fill in our new friend on how I knew him. This is when he had to bring into the conversation how much he already knew her. Every line was attributed about her, and not directly, the things they have already done together. Not a big deal to me, this is a world that includes sex, but it was really not needed in the context of the current discussion. I was reading it loud and clear that this was his woman, never mind his profile reads his heart belongs to someone else entirely. I made an excuse about work needing me and logged off. This is when things went south, for me. I knew better, but for the first time I used my alt for totally selfish means. I logged in as my alt and entered the room I had just exited and sent up my fly cam. Yep, there they were, already fucking on the beach. Logging off, I felt bad. Not for them, but for me for me being so petty. Today found me again at my barstool and again there she stood and said hello. Not mentioning yesterday, I was bound and determined to have that sit with her and have that real conversation. We picked a deserted room and went way in the back and sat in the sand. And shortly after, once again, here comes the third wheel. Obviously, she had to have told him where he could find her. Since it was a long way for him to get to us, she asked if it would be okay for her to zoom him over. I said sure, since I am leaving again. I exited the room, put both of them on ignore, and now written this entry. Why do I let such things get under my skin?
  20. When it comes to minds, I am out of my league when it comes to Dee! Awesome from the start, and always will be. And please, bug away, I always have enjoyed your company! I do agree that the forum here has largely become a broken record, at least for me. A few bright, refreshing posts at times, but for the most part, same old, same old. Gone are the days it seems of input from devs, threads that started and have dozens of responses within hours, even the trolls that we all could rally together to go against are gone. I am not sure the answer, but still happy. Happy to call the owner of this thread, friend.
  21. So true, Diana. It's players like you that will make my decision to renew my subscription next month an easy one. I feel that money isn't necessarily going to the right people.
  22. It's things like this that warms my heart. 3DXer's helping each other make the experience here a better one. It gives me hope.
  23. Ban is over, but was due to me attempting to get some clarity around how this place and game is monitored and moderated. It's not, so it's best to not attempt to air any grievance or challenge the status quo.
  24. Wow. It has been awhile since my last post. It has been a mix of things, mostly outside this space that has kept me from visiting. However, there was also my temporary ban from the forum that truly soured me. The people I have met and grown close to in this space and in game I am so thankful for. During that ban I strengthened connections through other platforms and in game itself, so this diary, and this forum, have become secondary. I hope to visit this space more often again, soon. We'll see.
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