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  1. Wow, 3 years?! The whirlwind of experiences (at least 98.23 percent positive) I have had here in just 6 months makes 3 years seem forever ago! Congrats to you two. If Cicely is anything like you, Dee, Cicely is pretty damn special!
  2. Yes, @Nektar, none of this is an indictment against those who want this, and thrive here being married. I have attended a couple of events where friends have celebrated their unions, and couldn't be more happy for them! I think this is more a reflection on me. What do I really want from my experience here, and does that square with being married? This is on me to figure out. All I know is there are so many here that I have grown to know, respect, and enjoy sharing time with. It feels like in that moment, that time spent with them, it needs to be all about them. Us. To do otherwi
  3. The past 24 hours have been eye opening to me, regarding this topic. Last night found me room hopping to check out all these awesome rooms being created. Along the way, a woman I haven't met initiated a hello in Local. She poofed before I could respond. Nice feature to click a name in the chat window to get to their profile. Her profile was well written and could tell she could be a fun person to hang out with, so I messaged her back. We agreed to meet at Sin, and we did. A lovely person, and I thanked her for saying hello. She said she did because she found my profile interesting
  4. Great idea! I remember as a new player struggling to know where to find 'Sin Club'. In fact I don't know the official names of any of the default rooms. A refresh of some of those are desperately needed too. Some are largely empty most of time, and for good reason.
  5. Happy Hunting, Travels. May you find that person again!
  6. Lake Keely (TheLake) As much as I love my travels in 3DX to places far beyond my backyard, I have fallen in love with this place. Gentle breezes course through pine and birch, the rocky shorelines where reeds grow from the shallow water, gentle waves on the water broken by little islands dotting the lake, the sun seemingly becoming one with its reflection on the water. Reminds me of summer sunsets just down the road from me. And the music! Another place where the selections fit the place so perfectly it gives me goosebumps at times. I find myself putting myself on a rock or
  7. I have wondered about music from time to time, with all the streaming services, copyrights, etc. Not to mention that rooms and DJs are from all around the world. I had to reach out to Anaganda and the music stream in the Erotic Bathhouse. Talk about making a totally immersive sensual encounter completely mind blowing. The music is spot on. I purchased some of that music and it is playing in my ears while I work, motivating me finish up get back in game. STAT!
  8. Love this pose in game too~
  9. The people around me must be rubbing off. Thank you!
  10. Oh shit. I REALLY need an updated Definitions and Meanings of Abbreviations (DaMA). Damna! Opens mouth inserts foot I am going to have to use the power of edit, although leaving it shows what an ignoramus I am. Totally NOT what I meant!
  11. This page now intentionally left blank πŸ™ƒ
  12. Roads less traveled can result in the most spectacular views. If we are never lost have we truly found ourselves? With that said sending hugs and positive energy to you, Derai. May joy find you. You so richly deserve it. You are one of the finest people I have met, and not just here.
  13. Dave, I respect your opinion, however, my experience has been a bit different. Depends on the group, perhaps? My enjoyment in game has been augmented by the groups I have been introduced to. They have been nothing but a joy to get to know and mingle with. But, I do see this group mentioned at the top of this thread, and a couple others that have muddied this forum, can be more trouble than they are worth.
  14. Been reading the threads regarding hacks and those trying to foment discord for whatever their reasons. May the day I find one inkling of satisfaction or pleasure in dragging this place or or an individual down, may it be my last day here. I have stepped in to defend a friend or someone being mistreated, but that in itself should never have to be done here. I posted in another the thread on why I come here. The 3 F's: Fun, Freedom, Fantasy. There is a 4th: Friendship. Perhaps loosely defined in a place like 3DX, but I choose to be with you here for our shared experience, a respect
  15. JackPine

    Beautiful Women Images

    Let's return to Goldilocks for a moment~
  16. Devs make me sad. lol Hoping for a new issue to hit the newsstands soon!
  17. True, but there is rumor out there that I am a gentleman. I am just trying to keep with the ruse. πŸ™ƒ
  18. I agree. When I visit the game I want it to be about the 3 F's. Fun, Freedom, Fantasy. Could be 4 F's, but I am keeping my language nice.πŸ˜‡ For those actively trying to disrupt our ability to indulge in the 3 F's, and are in violation of TOC, identify and ban them. For the rest? There is room in here for all of us to enjoy each other in our own ways. As each day passes, I learn that life is too short to expend on negative energy. Peace.
  19. When the shoe (shirt) fits?

    I so need a shirt like hers.Β  Or her shirt.Β  Or just her~


  20. A shower usually cools me off... but this? Not so much~
  21. JackPine

    Beautiful Women Images

    And Papa Bear said, "Forget Goldilocks, I want this sleeping in my bed!"
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