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  1. I can't pretend to speak to the game development side, just an avid user immersed in this world whenever the mood is right and time allows. I have tried several other games over the years, and 3DX just has that right mix of a game, and the whole social aspect to reach out and meet people from all over the world and walks of life. I tried the game out of Covid boredom and isolation, an alternative to just masturbating to porn. I admit it. What I didn't forsee was meeting all sorts of fun, sexy people. Some that have become dear to my heart, true friends. I think the place is pretty cool place to be, but honestly think with real investment and a targeted roadmap, an awesome place!
  2. Are we related? The platform drew my in, but it's the people I know and play with that keeps me around. I hope to still here 5 years from now! As long as there is investment in keeping game running and stable, I am happy. But it really could be so much more!
  3. Thank you @_Sophie_ for your thoughts on this. In this day and age, and especially the times we are in at the moment, 3DX should be on the cusp of greatness. I for one have fallen love with the game, but even more so with my fellow 3DXers that have made my time here so fun and rich. You are what has hooked me, and I am not going anywhere. But with a bit more marketing, regular updates, an engaged and unified presence in the various communications platforms? Boom, homerun! I see tons of personal investment to make this place the place to be. All the builders, DJs, dance team and bands, etc. May ownership recognize and advance the game, for all of us. I seriously want to see this community and this company to not only survive, but thrive.
  4. Either my complaint was heard or I have impeccable timing. 3dxchat subscribers can now set up an account for this forum. Yay!
  5. How about a common decency test before allowing to log in? It's amazing what people have to put up with around here. Should be an option to vaporize a player that continues after being told no. Manners becoming a lost art!
  6. Hi Torax. If there is a category created for village idiots or chronic flatterers, I can be a founding member. Seriously though, nice idea and thanks to you and so many that bring and share their talents with all of us.
  7. I started this diary to think out loud about this place called 3DX, myself, and my place in it as I have gone from newbie to not so new. Maybe to give a supportive voice to others around me learning the ropes, the good and even not so good. The fact the forum is no longer open to new members saddens me a tad. A great group has assembled here over time, but shouldn't new blood, new voices be welcomed? I for one do.
  8. Hey Lisa. As much as this place is supposed to be an escape, a nirvana of our own making, we are all human and fallible as much as we may try. May you find much happiness with those you surround yourself with , and ignore those pests. Don't know you but am rooting for you!
  9. Since the beginning of my time here in 3DX, I have managed to stumble into and forge relationships with some really smart, intelligent, and downright cool people. It got me thinking about how this place is marketed. From the website 3DX is described as a "Multi-player Online 3D Sex Game, Community & Virtual World". Game? I get the sex part, and yes, I may be enjoying quite a bit of it. So I guess if you take a simplistic view, if the objective is sex, and you engage in it, you "win" the game? But, there is so much more. The actual connections made with others, not just virtual sex, but the conversations, and the sharing of ideas. Making a deeper bond with someone who can be literally a half a world away. I have cheered on those that have become not just friends, but become ybuilders, DJs, promoters, even writers. I have even supported those who have bid farewell to this place for their own reasons. Not one of these moments do I not feel blessed for having shared with them. Game my butt
  10. Thanks to @Leeloo's technical savvy, I am now better equipped. It even comes with a calculator so I can ditch my abacus. Thanks for the feedback and advice, all of you. I did some research based on your comments, made a few concessions to mind my budget and upgraded by computer. I have only been able to be in game for about an hour so far, but... O M G !!!!! What a difference this has made! I was having fun in game previously, but mainly through who I know and how we chat. This world has come alive now! And now fire, smoke, water, dancing lights don't slow me down to a crawl. Now I can truly enjoy my cabin in the island wood that Torax was kind enough to build. I love the place but the amount of motion effects made my experience not very good due to the lag. No more! I love this place and will have to have it open from time to time. Hope to see you there!!
  11. Musing here on my page mainly to form a valid argument behind my opinion. I have seen this game evolve in the past year that I have been involved. Not as many game updates as some would like, but the way the game is getting intertwined with other products and services. The number Discord servers, including an official 3DX server. The partnership with Lovense, and now Chaturbate if I read correctly. All I suspect are open to the ideas that what happens between consenting adults is their own business. However, when those themes are now public facing, at least within the confines of the game, what may be their reaction? Same goes for possible subscribers to 3DX that happen upon the forum. Prior to joining, I was reading the forum. If there had been an open debate on rape rooms and pedophile rooms at that time? I surely would have kept walking. This is a business, which I don't think survives if it caters openly to some of these themes.
  12. Some recent threads got me thinking again. Those threads revolving on what is allowed or shouldn't be allowed in the game of 3DXCHAT. The term game still confounds me. A game usually contains the following: 1. Objective - How you win the game. 2. Rules - A set of instructions on what is allowed/not allowed to obtain the objective. 3. Game Play- Instructions on playing the game to reach the objective. Well, each of these things are not defined in 3DX. It is left to us to determine what we are playing for (our objective) and how we play it (rules and game play). My game began well over a year ago now, and am I winning? I sure as hell hope not, because then the game may end. I am having too much fun. As for rules and game play? Rules are easy. Respect and treat others as I want to be treated. As for play? Game... On. Hope to see you in game. Peace.
  13. Agreed. I have a new computer arriving soon, but not convinced it will be a solution.
  14. I find this discussion quite interesting, and how real life experiences do affect how we approach and interact with the game and each other. In my college years I dated and fell in love with a beautiful young woman. She was scarred mentally, and struggled mightly, due to being sexually assaulted. Not by some date, or stranger, but her father. A dad is supposed to be rock for their children, an example how a male treats a female. Alas, we were not to be a couple, but I carry great respect for her to this day. So, yes, I got a real problem with the term rape, and any implied pedophilia here. Fantasy or not it does not belong here. I get this place is a place to explore ourselves outside possible societal norms being forced on us, or escape the real life bodies we were born with. To be free to explore and experience. My hope for each of us though, at our core, is that we both deserve dignity and respect, and that we offer the same to all we meet here. Peace.
  15. Sweet music to my ears. And yes, I at the heart of it all, am happy. Happy for her, for me, for you, all of us. Still amazes me that this fantasy place does arouse real feelings, real connections if you allow them. Some bittersweet is to be expected when that occurs. And yes, will definitely be seeing you around.
  16. Hey Diary, old friend. Funny this 3DX life. Supposed to be an escape from the cares of the day for awhile. Well today found me getting a chance to see a special friend that has been absent for some time. Absent for good reasons, and taking care of herself. Our visit cut short due to time difference and me having to get back to work. I left feeling a bit selfish. On one hand so happy for her and her being on the right path for her. The other hand suspecting this could be the last time, and what we had is no more. This is supposed to be a fun place, but I left feeling, well, sad. However, if I could do it over a thousand times I would do it the exact same way every time.
  17. Agrees with MeiLing wholeheartedly. Be assured there are good people here to share time with, and ignore the rest. I wish you a better experience moving forward, JKA!
  18. Agreed. At the heart of the game and in the name, 'Chat'. All for enhancements to the game to make it more immersive, avatars more unique, better tools for the amazing builders around us making some kick ass places. But in the end it's the connection being made between us through communicating via chat that makes it all come alive! But, flaccid cock, please!
  19. There are so many other enhancements to the game needed than my 'male enhancement' Although being able to control when I am erect or not would be nice. I enjoy being nude, but it doesn't mean I am already aroused.
  20. I do agree with you wholeheartedly Twiggy and number of you that have commented. The irony I see in all this I witnessed in a club I visited in game yesterday. A player was being called out by many women in the room for unwanted advances, kissing and/or hugging. About the only actions one doesn't require acceptance, otherwise known as consent. I side on the debate here that consent should be required for those actions, at least for players not in your friends list. Consent is key to this game, which is mutually exclusive to the term rape. It cannot happen in game so why the word can be used in game let alone for room names baffles me. I choose to ignore because otherwise I should quit this place and take my business elsewhere. But, I am among some pretty special people here that I am not wanting to give up. I hope whoever really is in charge of SexGamDevil finally recognizes this and makes it against their TOS.
  21. Hello, friends! I am in the market for a new computer for my home office. Could someone offer their expertise on what I should purchase to make the game as enjoyable as possible (without breaking the bank!)? Graphics card, memory, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  22. This is such a tired horse to ride. I choose to ignore these rooms because I find them harmful or objectionable. I guess others must not think likewise, since they continue to show up. From Terms of Service: Your Conduct You agree to use the 3DXChat Website only for lawful purposes. You are prohibited from posting on or transmitting through the Website any Content that violates or infringes anyone's intellectual property rights (including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, publicity rights or, to the extent protectable, confidential ideas) or that is obscene, obscene as to minors, child pornography, defamatory, racist, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise deemed by SexGameDevil to be harmful or objectionable, or that intentionally or unintentionally violates any applicable local, state, national or international law, or any regulations having the force of law.
  23. Got word from one of the first friends I met in game that I truly enjoyed being around that she has made the difficult decision to not renew her subscription. Bittersweet, yes. As I told her we all found ourselves here, and leaving due to our own unique reasons. I made it clear (at least I hope so) that my life is richer having our paths cross in this place. The same can be said for a growing number of you. Thank you, for well, you.
  24. Oh. was that you, Nektar? I think I was temporarily blind.
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