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  1. Still not here...nor missing it9.thumb.png.fcd25574f18672039273f00c6d6ef7a1.png

  2. Haven't been on here in the past month, I have returned to Second Life, sorry all ❤️


  3. It is laggy as in frozen/screen doesn't move with everyone walking, dancing or fucking. First time this has happened to me with this game, guess because it's still unstable
  4. Blogging and fucking~


  5. Finding sexy dances in my inventory, um yass! ❤️


  6. Mmm...still gettingDoggy.thumb.png.cd49a205c066aec0d14f8271da8ad03b.png off daily on Second Life ;)

  7. Ohh I'm always fucking in between chatting whether 3DX or SL
  8. With everyone freaking out in forum not being able to fuck, I've returned to Second Life and done it there instead
  9. Pipa and I on Second Life tonight ❤️ 


  10. Let's just say the server has never been the same since the first DDOS attack and take a break from this mess?
  11. I managed to get in contact with 3/7 of my favourites today ❤️ Finally things are looking up when it comes to being properly fucked on here

    1. JeanTyBen


      Well that's how I feel every times I try to get in the game at the moment. Properly fucked...

  12. Of course it's down again, time to entertain myself elsewhere


  13. Changed my look on here, because why the fuck not? My usual FWB are in reality, time to grab new, vapid ones


    1. JeanTyBen


      Hmmmmmm Gorgeous 😜 We still have to meet in game 😉

  14. *Parks herself in the other virtual worlds until this one finally fixes it shit*
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