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    Lots and lots of sex, roleplaying in particularly EROTIC roleplay, writing stories beyond 3DX, Lord of the Rings, Lucifer, Stranger Things, Star Wars and Star Trek (both are amazing ok), magic girl anime or manga, travelling around the world, shopping a lot whether bondage gear or lacy lingerie!

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  1. In one of the 3dx discord servers I'm part of, they said the API (backup) is down? So that's why we can connect but nothing loads
  2. Oh thank god its not just me! I was on it fine earlier, until I was going to restart it and I have the same problem
  3. It is perhaps a vanity issue for us ladies because we like to look good in the virtual world but it can also be related to special events occurring and its hard when we are all looking the same blank canvas. Customisation is limited as it is, the make-up makes us appear more original? It might be hard for the men to understand but we do like playing dress up
  4. Do we have an update on this glitch on when it will be fixed?
  5. Moved from the loft to the penthouse ❤️

    2020-12-04 00-22-07_25078.png

  6. So re-download the game if stuck on unzipping?
  7. So new patch 429...stuck on unzipping for the past 15minutes
  8. I highly recommend Erotic bathhouse, the atmosphere and radio are on point 💖


  9. Keeping it kinky but still classy 😏


  10. I did a bit of shopping yesterday 😅


  11. Dear diary, I'm back only to just openly gush about last night. A friend of mine from another virtual world, has joined me here and as always, such a pleasure Andi
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