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    Lots and lots of sex, roleplaying in particularly EROTIC roleplay, writing stories beyond 3DX, Lord of the Rings, Lucifer, Stranger Things, Star Wars and Star Trek (both are amazing ok), magic girl anime or manga, travelling around the world, shopping a lot whether bondage gear, dildos or lacy lingerie!

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  1. Dear Diary, The Universe listened to me and made sure I was given plenty of moments to have great sex today, it is why I am posting this entry so late for everyone to read! The Fuck club and Glory holes that I normally found bad luck in gave me a burst of fresh meat and I also got to interact with a couple of my FWB's again. The Aussie hottie, I had him for an hour before he had to leave again, I don't know what is going on with him so I've decided to distance a bit. Speaking of distancing, I divorced Bango today, I was going to wait three more days until it was an actual month since I've seen him but decided to no longer wait and just do it, I will say this though, 5000 gold to divorce someone?! Yikes rip off ❤️ Andi
  2. How's this for a reunion and make-up ❤️ 

    2020-05-29 19-00-57_27493.png

  3. Ohh yes...I'm such a good lil kitten!


  4. Dear diary, What happen to Wednesday being the infamous "Hump day" known to us humans? It seemed that my late Tuesday night was the most blissful success of surpassing seven fucks to today when I only got five and five mind you over the course of the afternoon and evening! I am very disappointed to say the least and didn't even get to enjoy anything surpass a single hour. Also Vonn was amazing as ever being the first to sate my thirst when no one else did! Y'know what your slut has been up to instead? Fucking dancing! Yeah, this bitch has been carving it up in the different venues with her girl Pipa and once even my favourite Aussie hottie who is currently in trouble again. Thank God I have that busty demoness with me, I'd be so bored! ❤️ a frustrated Andi PS: I cut my braid off, the one that men loved to hold during sex in retaliation at not getting repetitive, satisfying cock! I tried to dye my hair at home too and totally fucked it up with this ugly orange colour, quickly fixed it after dick no.4
  5. It ain't my fault you keep turning me on It ain't my fault you got, got me so gone It ain't my fault I'm not leavin' alone It ain't my fault you keep turning me on I can't talk right now I'm looking and I like what I'm seeing Got me feeling kinda shocked right now Couldn't stop right now, even if I wanted Gotta get it, get it, get it, while it's hot right now Oh my God, what is this? Want you all in my business Baby, I insist Please don't blame me for what ever happens next
  6. Got myself a bob just to see how it looks on me, the hair dye made my dark go the typical "Fobby Asian orange" luckily a quick re-dye solved the problem after fucking *phew*

    2020-05-28 22-57-41_28969.png

    2020-05-28 23-13-50_43534.png

  7. I'm so very confused and a bit annoyed


  8. Dear Diary, I finally broke in the master bed in my new house on the island~ Can tick that off list with my home *giggles* I even got my quota today! What a delicious evening it's been, I think it's safe to confirm that my day time is just to relax and chill and when the night arrives, it's skank up and paint the town in my cum! I will say this though, every Futa venue I have been in, including the gorgeous spa I was in tonight, have THE best music where I don't have to mute it ❤️ Andi
  9. Safe to say the Futa rooms have the best music ❤️ 

    2020-05-27 23-05-02_120539.png

    1. Rodin
    2. Andaislu


      Yes they do! I been to all the other popular rooms and had to mute the music lol

    3. Judeleon


      EXCUSE ME!?!??! haha jk

  10. Tune of the evening, going back to my Aussie pride~ Never thought the day would come when I'd see My reflection smiling right back at me It's been a while since I've been happy Not sure, that I'm ready I never planned on letting love in Didn't wanna go back there again But maybe I could (maybe I should) Take a, take a chance on you
  11. Mood: Oh really now? *doesn't look impressed*


  12. Also to add to my list just recalling; Hickeys/love bites on neck, inner thighs even ass! And also hand imprints on the ass from when you get a good spanking ❤️ And nail marks down a man's back because when he goes deep, definitely drawing!
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