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  1. I had the Lost Connection popup as soon as I got in the game earlier, I just clicked the reconnect button and it worked
  2. Colin you're a Dude Thanks for that mate, I hope Gizmo is okay with it
  3. Thanks for the follow. 


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    2. JeanTyBen


      Well not a bad choice at all for a model for your avatar 😉

    3. Tania Rex

      Tania Rex

      It doesn't hurt that my character was first created in a wrestling game. Then I moved to a superhero game. And then I got horny lol

    4. JeanTyBen


      Haha it happen to everyone 😜

  4. I still prefer to see them focus on the task in hand, after 48 hours if there is no changes I'll start to worry about it. Patience is a virtue
  5. I think you didn't read Lisa's message from yesterday, so for your info they are working on moving us to the new test server which we can expect to be full of bugs and the memberships are frozen until the new server runs smoothly. Now they don't need to come every 5 minutes to explain what's happening. Do they???
  6. It's nice to know where we stand now. Just have to be a bit more patient
  7. At least you've been able to play, I haven't been able to play since the last update, I keep getting the "Lost Connection" popup as soon as I get in the game. Hopefully they'll fix that shit
  8. I voted not to renew my subscription but I still have till October paid for so I guess if it gets better in the mean time I'll renew it. Time will say
  9. Sorry to hear that, every times I login I get the "Connection Lost" message
  10. I can get into the game but I get the connection lost message strait away
  11. I had that problem once, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it worked
  12. Thanks BadWord
  13. Anyone knows if they are making progress on getting the servers back up?
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