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  1. oh... right..... but do you drink bottled coffee?
  2. There was talk about transferring accounts (most likely without gifts and friends lists, I think so). It does not take a lot of time. Because It will be comparable to the game on the test server as before
  3. I DIED laughing at the VIDEO in the thread. I wanted to LIKE it but I have NO LIKES YET... hahahaha :P Thanks for the LAUGH

  4. I ask you not to compare the server of the banking structure with the available security resources
  5. You can protect yourself from such attacks, similarly protection from vandals is to move to a new place..... but it is impossible to constantly move.... they will find out a new address and continue to ruin everything in its path
  6. Wow.... IT experts gathered here =)))) Now we ask them to choose a terminal to access the server and everything will start working better than before =)))))
  7. oh..... really.... I dont want to pay $ 1000 a year so that they lick my heels =)))))
  8. I think Twitter is more lively for this
  9. interesting...... did anyone try to contact the developers before throwing excrement here? =)))) PS: I apologize for my own joke XD
  10. I play in the 64-bit version of the client .... I do not have gold and the profile and friend lists don't work. XD Regarding the 32-bit version .... everything works but other players are long displayed. =)
  11. Everything worked fine .... I restarted the client, but I can't enter the game. The log server works, but does not allow it to continue. =)
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