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  1. hello i have problem with all 2 your games , 1°) don't charge update and server is full , 2°) test server don't work really
  2. i don't find nothing , i'm sorry , and no one of staff send to me a answer:((
  3. hello Lisa where i can find the free game tell me url for download please , in the official 3dxchat game i can't enter because server is down also.i wait for your notice , good job


    1. mondays_suck


      +1 on this... looking to purchase a membership but the links just lead to the forum website. Is there any way to purchase the game? Thanks!

  4. hello staff of 3dxchat , i am DJKHAL in 3dxchat i can't enter on game , i want know where i can find the 3dxchat free please ? DJKHAL
  5. today not good the server of game , please i hope resolve all issue ................. good work
  6. hello Yvonny , some days ago haven't disinstall and reinstall all game in my computer , and today can't enter grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr , i pay for 12 month and my wife for 6 month , i hope some one create a good protection for this game.
  7. hello world , some issue with server of the game ? , this words appear when i try to enter on game grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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