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  1. Imo it's not just ridiculously high, it's completely out of place. People already pay for this game. It seems so disrespectful toward users to push this kind of money milking feature. Sure, the clothes customization and all look really nice, but after such a long time without hearing much from the devs, the name customization feels.. weird and it makes me kinda mad.
  2. So about this upcoming "big update"... Was it that lovense thing all along? No hate here, just trying to understand as I was away for a while.
  3. Hey @OLESYA, thank you for your music video it's really cool to see our room from your perspective. The comment Khallum is strictly personal and doesn't engage the rest of the precinct staff, as he stated. But, if you were to shoot another video, you have to know that we're going to release our biggest update ever in a few days, and it will add three times more original content than there is in the room right now. So, if you want, I can send you a message when the nex room is released.

    1. OLESYA


      Thank you СlaraLust! Very beautiful and unusual location! I wanted to show how the police work in our game! Thanks a lot to the police officers who were in my video) And special thanks Lieutenant Phasse:)
  5. Lmao. All I see here is people talking for the devs, saying it won't happen, and males trying to prevent a woman body option. If the fact that there is a baby involved is a problem, why not avoiding it by calling the feature a "cumflation" slider, letting the ones who want to use it as a pregnancy thing in private roleplays do it? Sure, it would mess with some animations, just like balloons sized tits, but nobody complained about it. Condoms would be super hot to allow some of us to recreate the whole "taking the condom off during sex" kink. But that's for another topic.
  6. I don't think so. You can't make a company 100% online. There will always be a country involved. Where your bank is, where your server is, where your company address is. If a company is using crypto currency and online bank to be 100% independent from the country they are in, it makes it an illegal business, because to my knowledge, a company earning money on a state soil has to pay income taxes, in any country of the world.
  7. I get in that loop every now and then, but it happens only when I try to go back to my desktop while I'm saving or loading a file. I simply close 3DX in my task manager and the problem is gone.
  8. I know plenty of prostitutes roleplaying without actually asking anything. Because they think that they don't need to actually milk the player behind the screen from his money. Just playing a prostitute in the game, and not asking something that influence on RL, making them some sort of RL cyber prostitutes. A lot of hard rplayers as myself would argue that it's up to the player to make it realistic, not tools or currency.
  9. Well, from what I heard and saw, a lot of persons were talked trash on them here. But it's not a valid reason to do the same. You sould know how bad it is if you lived it. No crime here. You're free to ask for a refund as the game isn't functioning the way you want. Just you not wanting to do it for some reason, or maybe not actually wanting to quit the game.
  10. Pure allegations right there. One could even say defamation or misinformation, which is illegal in a lot of countries.
  11. Although I acknowledge the patience and work it took to make the surveys, I'm sure Guizmo is aware the community is facing problems everyday and wants him to focus on server stability. All the bashing and hatred on the forums and social medias surely were a clue
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