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  1. For now there isn't any confirmation about another attack (or I missed it), so let's try to remain calm and not spread rumors about what's happening. 🙂
  2. One other solution is to make a thread on the forum about your room, and post regular updates. That's what I did with mine. And if you have any suggestion to make a less invasive promotion systems for rooms, feel free to make a thread about it in Development&Suggestions. 😊
  3. Might be an auto response. Then again, let's wait. You got this thread up, now they will probably see but remember they are facing other issues too these last days.
  4. We can't call it anything til we don't know why you people got banned. We have to wait.
  5. Let's wait for the dev to communicate then, I'm sure Giz and Lisa are aware of this.
  6. Dictatorship? Please, let's not use this kind of words for an adult MMO.
  7. Well your room being empty or not, it doesn't matter. Spam is spam. If the admins decided to take action against spam, it doesn't matter your room was empty or not. You can use the 300 gold function to push your room up. But we don't know, maybe it is an auto ban error. We should just wait for the dev to communicate. If it's an error, I'm sure they will find a way to make it up to you.
  8. I don't understand what is happening. Did some of you got banned for talking in WC or were you advertising your rooms?
  9. Confused me too on my first day. Welcome on 3DX! ❤️
  10. @THX We definitely need all of this in 3DX 😄 But I can already see some people crying about how it would be "unfair", a "power-trip" etc. 😆
  11. Yeah come to our precinct, it happens A LOT 😅
  12. Yeah, no please let's keep clothes and personalization options out of golds... I don't want 3DX to become like these very well known adult MMO where you have to pay to get a nice looking character. Although a place where users could upload their own content for free and donations would be cool. But as we don't have a simple clothing editor and you need to have skills in professionals 3D softwares to make clothing, I don't see that happening.
  13. Well actually you know what? I think that extra aspace is cool, it make a kind of separation between the "Location" and the location 😅
  14. Hey Raichu, thank you for the tip! It could be great if the space was there automaticaly 😄
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