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  1. I think your hypothesis is g-spot on!
  2. This. Thanks Jack, and welcome future Jills and Jacks.
  3. Interesting. I’ve yet to ‘Ignore’ anyone. Wonder if I’ve been added to anyone’s ‘Ignore’ list. I hope no, and like you hope to only use it if really necessary.
  4. There is no substitute for fresh air in your lungs, and the natural beauty around you.
  5. You and I had very similar reactions/feelings to the experience it seems.
  6. Grief. I stumbled into a wake/memorial thing last night. Someone passed who I did not know but who was obviously known by many in this community. It was a startling and humbling experience. A year into this madness that is 3DXChat and I’m still discovering the depth of this community. Maybe a better tagline for this post, better than “grief”, would have been “community”?
  7. T’was great fun at Spicy’s last night. Thanks for hosting.
  8. Damn you distractions, compulsions, and insatiable need to scratch those itches. Damn you.
  9. Really really like. Sometimes when I’m trolling the “misc” forum and enjoying the photos and gifs that some wonderful people have farmed off the internet I’m frustrated that I can’t “really really like” some of the posts. Sometimes “like” just isn’t enough 😏
  10. Appreciate the share! Thank you! For those of us who aren’t builders it gives some fun options.
  11. Running out of likes on the forum. How common is this for you? I know I have seen @JackPine comment about running out. Well I just did again as well, damn it. Are y’all having this happen? Are you far more judicious with your “likes” and “thanks” and other reactions than I? What is your philosophy on the reactions? I for one am really trying to say ‘thanks for posting’. Suppose I should use the “thank” more than the “heart” now that I think about it 😐 Anyway, what say you 3dx’ers?
  12. You have our attention 😏
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