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  1. Decidedly most awesome!
  2. Hi there. A couple thoughts. First put some energy in to building your profile so that it is clear what you are interested in. This will help get you connected with players of similar interests. Second, there are rooms with a theme that may align with your interest. Spend time in those rooms and make yourself known by happily piping up in the room chat. Good luck, enjoy.
  3. Travels

    Say Hello!

    Hello and welcome 😎
  4. Let me know how it goes. I will test drive this as well. Curious.
  5. Voyeurs. What do we think of voyeurs? In a recent encounter of mutually beneficial joy with {shall go un-named} I noticed that our virtual adventure attracted an audience. An audience of 1. We were practicing our purple prose in a side room so it was not like it was a totally private location. But this dude stood at the door for the longest time and then finally came in a sat in a chair. I presume watching us as we did our thing. Our thing being each other of course. Well, for the full voyeur experience, he really needed to be pulled into a group chat. Otherwise our voyeur misses out on all the detail and mutterings. I find this a curious dynamic. Is the polite thing to do for the voyeur to declare their voyeurism and ask to be group chatted, or should the active participants reach out and make the invite. What do you do as a voyeur, and with / for voyuers?
  6. Stunning, fantastic. Great find @Lady_Andrea
  7. “Knowing and understanding your epidemic is the first step to defeating it.” - WHO, 2-Mar-2020 media briefing So yeah, know your epidemics people!
  8. ‘Tis a good day That’s all.
  9. “...as perverse as it may seem the tip to my lips sometimes reminds me to breath...”
  10. “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” - Marcus Aurelius ...easy to say I suppose when you’re an emperor. But yeah it pays to be positive.
  11. I can certainly see how the delay would be a problem. I’m always surprised however to find that people actually use WC on pretty much any platform, they have always seemed to be so damn noisy to me that they are barely useable. Useful for system wide notifications and that sort of stuff but I’ve not once had a convo in any WC. I guess the trade off is useability vs squelching ad spam.
  12. “Respect other people's feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them.“ - R Bennett
  13. Does this lyric snippet count as a quote? Either way, here it goes: Please forgive meIf I act a little strangeFor I know not what I doFeels like lightningRunning through my veinsEvery time I look at youEvery time I look at you - David Gray
  14. “Judge me by my size, do you?!” - Yoda 😏
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