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  1. It’s official. Have fun y’all, be safe, be kind. Travels signing off.
  2. I have been thinking about dropping out of the 3DXChat for some time now. Certainly not as active as I once was. But then something fun or interesting happens, and I linger. Damn you fun and interesting.
  3. Lost in translation. When chatting in game with someone(s) it is SO easy for your humour or nuanced comment to get completely lost in translation. I struggle finding the balance of adding all the extra purple text and emojis to make my point come across as intended. Admittedly I’m no master of the English language but I’m reasonably fluent. After all it’s the only language I know. Not that guarantees fluency Anyway, it’s tricky. For example I wanted to share an abbreviation I came across which I thought was funny text/chat lingo. Decided not to in case it was misinterpreted even if I set it up. As a set up I had the “ntmu” abbreviation - nice too meet you. I wanted to mention this as a fun one - see you next tuesday - but bailed on it out of concern of being misunderstood to be dickish. Anyway, the hazards of chat.
  4. Oasis. I have been in a bit of “dry spell” lately. Meaning less “encounters” than usual, or really less than maybe I’d like. Maybe my attention/interest has waned and I’m not putting the right energy into it. Well, I stumbled on an “oasis” the other day. The encounter was sizzling, charged, and just damn erotic. Afterwards we were both thanking each other for the session repeatedly. Those moments in 3dx make up for a whole lot of dry time. Nobody likes dry time . Also helped re-align my perspective. In a desert? Fear not, there are oasis out there 🏝
  5. Small world, so what are the chances? The 3DXChat world is not that big. Technically it could be massive, but it really isn’t. Some few dozens of rooms, with some few dozens of occupants in the more frequented rooms, dramatically less in the others. That being the case why, in my case anyway, do you so infrequently bump into someone on your friends list, or someone you know. Last night I bumped into @JackPine for the FIRST time. Seems crazy that it doesn’t happen more often. Equally odd Is that with many tags on my friends list, I just don’t run into many. In fact it’s the slim minority that I re-encounter. Is this a Travels problem, or is this experience common?
  6. What a great way to start the day!
  7. I forgot to mention, and opinions sought. I keep this log as part of my profile. It’s at the bottom of my blurb, and obviously would be meaningless to people. I’m considering putting the ‘legend/codes’ in there as well, so that anyone looking at my profile - if they were interested/motivated enough - can get a sense of what kind of a player I am. I know I really appreciate profiles that give some guidance on how a person likes to interact so I figure this might be insight for others who may look at my profile. On the other hand it’s a bit obscure and ppl may not give a shit or have time LOL. Anyway, it’s a thought.
  8. LOL, you noticed that I see. Appreciate the replies all, interesting perspectives.
  9. In game behavior. Statistically. I've been debating posting this or not. Figured WTF. Only about 3 or 4 of you are going to read it anyway, and you 3 or 4 strike me as reasonable humans. I have, since I started playing 3dx, kept a sort of "log" of my activities in each session. It's coded, generalized, anonymized (meaning it does not reveal the names of the guilty, apart from myself), non-specific, but does capture some categories of my actions in any particular session. I am curious how you think this compares with your own. I am curious in general what the reaction will be, if any. The categories / codes are: | | = a session {blank} = Relaxing - e.g. wandering around rooms checking out builds, camping in a room likely to enjoy the music, or sitting at the beach, etc. Can also include profile surfing. ' = Chatting - just chit-chatting through DM with someone . = Sexual, low/no dialogue - basic pixel smashing, without any of the involved chat / descriptiveness. : = Sexual, involved dialogue - pixel smashing (or not), but characterized by in depth chat / descriptiveness ^ = Messing with the World Editor The "raw log" as of today is: - | : | .:| : |.:.|..:| ':| ''..:| '' :|..| | :| |'.| .| | |.| ''::.| :| '.| '':| '.:| | '.| '| '| ':':| :| :..:| | '| ' :|:|''| '':| | ''| ':|':| | |'.|'|:| :|'| ':| ..|'.'::|^|^ '| .'|''..|.:''| '| ''|':|:.::| ''| :|:| .'|:|''| ''|:'|:|:':| '|'| '| .|:'|:| :| | |:| | | ''| - So the way you would interpret that is that in my first session on 3dx, I spent time [1] wandering about, [2] engaged in a description-heavy sexual encounter, [3] wandered around some more: | : | ...and unless I've miscounted it looks like I've played 80 times in ~13 months since I started, ~1.5x / wk. There you go. TMI.
  10. This is where you tell me the search feature is hidden I’m I was spending a little time wandering around the other day and ended up in the suicide strip club. It was a pleasant enough place to ponder the universe for awhile, and there certainly was a warm welcome. As I was surfing the profiles in the room - <random footnote> It is one of my favourite elements of 3DXChat, reading profiles and looking at what art peeps have included. Sometimes the creativity is great, sometimes the no BS directives are refreshing, sometimes the artwork is just up to 11 on the 10 point erotic scale. Anyway, profile surfing amuses me. <\random footnote> - I stumbled upon a profile that just sung to me. I foolishly clicked off the profile for a moment and when I went back the person had exited the room. Before I managed to message them. Kicking myself for being slow and daft, or daftly slow, I started the futile journey of room hopping looking for this person, just to say “Hi”. I was not successful of course. Lesson learned? Here’s hoping.
  11. I’ve not travelled to The Lake much. I will give it a whirl. Hard not too after your description!
  12. To all of you who post such excellent images in the Misc forum, I salute you. I thank you. I appreciate you. That’s all for the moment.
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