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  1. Never said I only now figured it out. But we have some newer players that might read this, so it makes sense to repeat it. Also what does the ‘Old people in Sin Club’ have to do with anything? You keep bringing that up everywhere.
  2. The thing is that with their level of ‘communication’ they could be gone, and we’d only know about it when the data center doesn’t get paid anymore. Same with the week long outage a few years back. Gizmo was on vacation and nobody else was available to reboot the game server. Not a very good way of running a company. But calling it a company might be overstating it. Feels more like a Indie Dev running things from his garage aside from his 9 to 5 job.
  3. <SNIP> Right… And how gullible would people have to be to take the word of a self-proclaimed ‘hacker/modder’ to ditch the game and go join the malware infested pirate copy whose ‘development’ is just them duct taping other stolen shit onto the outdated 32bits 3DX client. Get real mate. Cool story though.
  4. I’m frankly amazed that the cooperation with Lovense didn’t improve anything. Makes me wonder if that company is regretting the deal by now. I support this call for a Development Roadmap and more communication between the Developers and the Consumers. We pay, so we do have a right to some measure of feedback. If only to decide if we’re still getting our money’s worth.
  5. It’s now been two months since my house flooded. Repairs have finally started so lights dawns on the horizon. My return to the wild world of 3DX isn’t to far of any longer. I have tried keeping my ear to the ground and keep up. I am the one that watches after all. Anxiously I await the moment I can watch ‘in person’ once again. And ‘reconnect’ with my friends once more. I have heard that some people are gone, yet others remain. It’s going to be fun catching up with the upsets and jubilations of the circles that I call my own. Not long now. Can’t wait. Just a thought. Be safe out there!
  6. Figured I’d give a sign of life. Greetings from the Coast. Stay safe out there!
  7. Was it ever explained why registration was disabled in the first place?
  8. Okay. Point conceded. You make a good point. My ‘zero say’ statement was a bit much.
  9. I agree that 3DX is bound by laws and regulations. The point I’m trying to make is that ultimately it’s Gizmo’s choice to follow the laws and regulations. If he breaks them, he will of course face consequences. But that’s on him. The Rape rooms have been tolerated and ignored for years. But now he says he’s implementing the Word Filter. Before this, the advertising in World Chat was tolerated and ignored. Now it’s enforced. We as players and consumers can discuss, plead and complain about it. But nothing we say or do, will change anything. Not saying we can’t have these talks. I’m just being realistic and saying that dragging in articles about laws and what not. Is pointless. Edit to add: I wholeheartedly agree with the Word Filter. And I feel anyone that goes to lengths to circumvent it. With R*a*p*e* or whatever else. Should be banned for life.
  10. You are right. But again, that’s his choice. What I mean is that we as consumers have zero say in that. We can discuss and complain till the cows come home, but it’s his call.
  11. I find it interesting that often laws get brought up here. Or freedom in a government sense. All those points are moot. 3DX is privately owned. We all play in Gizmo’s playground. We have a right to complain. Sure. But at the end of the day, it’s his call to make. If Gizmo now finally implements the Word Filter (That had been requested several times, by me included.) It is his choice. End of story. His company, his service. His choice. Period.
  12. Same reason you keep Safe Haven open. To have more options. And people need a place to share their lewd images and Gifs. Not to mention having discussions in a fashion that Discord can’t provide. Besides, you need a place to ‘advertise’ / brag about your own Discord don’t ya?
  13. Figured I’d show a sign of life in this diary for once. Can’t have people thinking I’m gone, now can we? Got a chance to poke my head into 3DX via laptop last weekend. My connection sucked so couldn’t stay long, but even in the short amount of time the number of ‘Happy to see you Dee!’ PM’s was slightly overwhelming. But lifted my spirits greatly. I’m still stuck at a place where privacy to log onto 3DX is nonexistent. But I am keeping in touch. I ain’t gone, no matter what. Y’all take care and stay safe out there ya hear?
  14. Don’t be sad about the fact something ends. Be happy that it happened. And being sad is natural, it’s all a balance. The sadness deepens the sweet memories of happiness. Heh, sorry. Bit lyrical today. See ya around.
  15. I get a very real ‘flame-bait’ vibe from that one’s ‘Old People’ comments. I’m waiting for the ‘Ok Boomer’ reply actually, but it seems they’re not at that level yet. Anyhow, it’s beating a dead horse at this point. The Devs for 3DX are slow, have always been slow in the 4 years I’ve been around. And I heard they’ve always been slow before that. I might be naive, but I rather stay positive and be glad about what we Have. Instead of being mad about what we Should or Could have. With Devs like these, the worst case scenario is that we try to log in tomorrow and the game ain’t there. That’s just as likely as finding the game remade in the latest Unreal engine. Just be cool and enjoy the game and the people.
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