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  1. Things like the linked Poster of White Breeze having a party with Offgang is dangerous though. If the logic displayed here by some is taken to it's extreme, everyone showing a White Breeze tag would need to be banned too. And then you can be certain that people will make faked posters or screenshots, showing whatever group they hate, in league with Offgang, just to get their 'rival' banned. Exaggerated? Maybe. But possible nonetheless. It's dangerous to paint whole groups with these accusations.
  2. That name though... Wasn't that the name of one of the 'pirated' versions of 3DX?
  3. I get what you’re trying to say, but your self contradiction was funny here. There are plenty of ‘social groups’ though that are in essence just close friends picking a name for themselves. It’s basic human nature to form groups and cliques. Some take it to far though. I grant you that.
  4. You have a point on the Room Selling and Patreon links in game. But those things don’t directly involve the game engine. Offgang might just be a visible symptom of a deeper problem. But I can understand Gizmo’s frustration if his game keeps getting ‘attacked’ (I use that term lightly here, as it could be other things) My point is that it’s understandable of the Devs to drop the Banhammer on the one part they can SEE, to get rid of a distraction while they work on a permanent fix.
  5. Difference between the examples you give, (Chloe, Rochii) is that those afaik, never profited of said Mods. Offgang, is. Their Mod is behind a paywall, so they are earning Money with it. That is a key difference.
  6. I'm not a programmer, but I can imagine their Mod makes the game do things the code isn't really designed for. Which might make the Server hiccup when it tries to work around the 'strange commands', if enough of that happens at the same time, the Server might fail?
  7. Maybe not, but they are basically openly taunting the 3DX Devs by this point, and making money of of their work. So I think Gizmo is justified when he's pissed off about it. Is he right about his claims? Maybe not. But still.
  8. @Pandorra The ‘attacks’ might not even be deliberate. Perhaps the ‘mod’ they are selling puts strain on parts of the server which then fails. Not like they’re running the best of the best to begin with. For all we know the Mod users are without knowing throwing sand in the gears.
  9. Ah Nalley quit it already with the vague references to ‘mysterious’ persons behind everything. Say it straight, or shut up. Even IF Offgang ain’t behind the Server Crashes they’re Still being illegal by making money of 3DX with their ‘Mod’ being behind a paywall. Their program by default has to use bits of the 3DX code so them Selling it is against Copyright probably. Bannable offense anyway right there. Gizmo, for all his faults, is justified in this case.
  10. Yay! Glad to read that! Hope ya feel better soon anyhow. Flu sucks too.
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