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  1. The thing in the video is not a tank, it's a so called BMP, Cold War Era Armored Personnel Carrier from the Soviet Union. And those and other Soviet Military Hardware surplus have been sold and continue to be sold to this day. There are sites online where you can buy these. Case in point: https://mortarinvestments.eu/catalog/item/bmp-type-vehicles
  2. I agree with you. That's why I said to implore those persons to seek help. It all comes down to Free Will in the end.
  3. I was gonna to mention something like this too. And ask what 3DX is gaining from the deal. Almost certainly some monetary compensation included, and it’s going to be interesting if we see any improvements because of it. I can imagine that game stability is now more important, has to be a good advertisement for Lovense now. So that might be a benefit. We shall see.
  4. So much Yes to this. I miss One thing from the old .DLL days. Being able to make the plaid skirts Vibrant in color. Not the yucky faded washed out look they have now. It would be such a quality of life thing. And I reckon it would be trivial to implement. Which is why I’ve given up hope about it... Sigh..
  5. Thanks Nektar. To clarify though, I’m not currently suicidal, life’s not that bad yet or anymore. The topic did come up here and there so it was on my mind because of that.
  6. All the legal issues are interesting. But there’s more important questions I believe. Do the 3DX Devs: -A: Know How to use these assets? -B: Have the time and resources to incorporate them? -C: Even have the manpower to do the above? -D: Care enough to do the work involved, or hire someone to do it?
  7. Been a while since I rambled here. This time I will ramble about a serious issue, namely suicide. As I’ve mentioned once or twice, I myself have been suicidal in the past. And the reasons why I felt that way, or why I didn’t go through with it are rather trivial truth be told. The thing is though that I hear a lot of people say that they blame the person that committed suicide. Often using terms like ‘How could they?’ ‘What a coward.’ ‘They’re causing their loved ones so much grief.’ Most of the time though, people will not wonder about Why someone decided to commi
  8. Are these things for the current version of Unity? Because as far as I have been told, 3DX runs on a version of the Unity Engine that is Years out of date...
  9. I agree with Amaira and Becky. This reads like a casting call for a Porn shoot. Nobody that wants to play their Own character will apply to this. Feels like you’re looking for Actors to play predefined Scripted Parts. Good luck with this though.
  10. This part right here, is possible. If you enter the room that is open to group, then Leave the group, you remain in the room. And thus you Can divide into smaller groups then. It is a hassle if you DC though, because you need to join the original Group again to see the room again.
  11. Or probably both. Manic bouts of maximum horny, in between depression bouts of ‘why even bother?’ Ain’t gonna tell you everything is going to be ok. Don’t know, or have to know, what’s wrong in your life. I know this though, you’re still here. And if you’re reading this, that proves my point. The most basic human instinct is to ask for help, or at the very least ask for attention and validation. It’s what we do from the first cry we have as a baby. It’s human nature. You got this Nek, things will look bleak. Things might get worse. But you got this.
  12. The beauty of poetry is that most people have different meanings to the words. To me the poem speaks of not forgetting those you lost. You know they are gone. But you remember them. Accept that they died, but not resigning yourself to it. Death isn’t the end as long as you remember the people.
  13. Hey Tena, welcome to the Diary section. Very beautiful poem you shared. Thank you.
  14. I noticed that on a previous post/thread too when I tried @mentioning you a while ago. The symbols in your forum name can't be replicated or copied it seems, so mentioning you is practically impossible.
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