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  1. I foresee another ban and delete in the nearby future. Some cunts never learn.
  2. Happiness is the little things~ After a long time, my nation is reopening some services again. Finally a long wait is over and I have my freaking NAILS back. Yes I know, the rims i think the English word is? Those need some work, but still. Nails!
  3. One can hope that one of the updates they hinted at involves some form of server infrastructure
  4. If I'm reading this correctly, one quick and easy way to give additional options, would simply be by adding another 'page' to the Profile. So you get the profile we have now on click, but there's a 'Additional Info' tab besides the 'About me' That could be used by people to put their Relationship Lists and or Links(I don't think we'll ever get clickable links in Profiles though, to easy to abuse methinks) But one thing to consider is that doubling the text fields in our profiles, by default also doubles the file size of said Profiles. While each might be small, it would add up after a
  5. Haven't you gotten this backwards Buddy? It's usually the dude that puts on the rubber... Oh wait... Boots... My bad! But also... Hey! I do get wet, but not to THAT degree! 🤣❤️
  6. I'm with Ex on this one, keep it up Jack~ Preferably Nude, on many more beaches. Always a good time catching you on a beach, although I often drift off afterwards~
  7. From the Official 3DX Server. 1727 people -online- yet we can all agree, the server isn't active. Same logic applies to yours. Numbers do not mean activity. But enough derailing of this thread. BunnyBot is doing well, it's a household name by now. And Xanar and Chloe can rightly be proud of their hard work.
  8. Funny, as I think half of off-gang was or is in your Discord. I mean, 750 silent ghosts. Who knows who’s in there?
  9. Huh, okay. You're right, I hadn't considered that. My apologies for asking! Still, it's an impressive number.
  10. Woah. Didn’t even know that there were so many groups! Haha, any chance of a list? Or would it be to long? I’d be interested to see what groups there actually are around the community.
  11. Another Wednesday reached. And the pendulum of life is squarely on the darker side of its swing. My days describable with a single word. ‘Meh’ All is not bland though. Made some new friends. Although, friends might be hasty. I met some new people, they’re nice, friendly and fun. But time will tell if they can become friends. Specially with my current mood. Always hard to find the balance. If people meet me in my Hyper, Happy and Horny state, they get disappointed when the Darker Depressed Derai rears her head. But those that meet me in m
  12. 3DX might feel stagnant at times, I can understand that view. But as someone that’s been wandering the game for more than 3 years now, I’ve seen a lot change. Some good changes, some bad, but on the whole the game is growing. I might not always agree or like where it’s growing, and could give a laundry list of things I would love to see. But yeah. There’s still life in this.
  13. I actually think 2 people is being generous. As far as I can tell, Gizmo is doing it alone. Lisa helps but not on the coding side. Then again, I might be wrong. If you have any information about the actual ‘team size’ please share?
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