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  1. It’s actually impossible for users to delete messages from others in here. So your statement doesn’t make much sense..
  2. Reckon if you’re reading this, you’ve seen me post around the forums. As I said before, I’m rather vocal. I have strong beliefs about a wide range of topics but my main thing is Free Will. Everyone is free to do, say, and believe what they want. As long as those actions, statements or beliefs don’t infringe on the Free Will, or Right to Exist, of those around them. The ‘right to exist’ to me means that everyone has the absolute Right to Be. I don’t care what they Are, or Think they are. I myself am openly Bisexual IRL, and have (and had) a number of friends that go across the whole spectrum of Gender Identities, Sexual Preference and more. They range from a Scottish Draconic Otherkin, to a ‘plain’ homosexual couple that is also Catholic as hell (pun intended) and everything in between. My personal creed is that “You get what you Give” Treat me (and mine) with Respect and you will gain respect in return. I will debate, discuss and argue with anyone about anything. And I will strongly fight for my ideas. But I am also capable of swallowing my pride to admit that I’m Wrong about some things. I will change my mind if someone presents me with another viewpoint. And managed to make me understand it. So yeah. I ramble a lot. More later ^^
  3. Oh and my ‘look’ in case y’all are wondering.
  4. Figured it’s about time I made myself a spot on these forums. Y’all can ask me about anything. First off a little about me I reckon. Name’s Derai. Often called ‘Dee’, ‘D’ or ‘Hey you’ In the game I’m a part time ‘DJ’ in the Radio DJ style. Don’t mix or pretend to mix my tunes. I pick the songs and let my software do the heavy lifting. Socially I’m... Hard to get close to in some ways. Been called Intimidating and a Blunt Narcissistic Bitch a lot. And they ain’t wrong. I love being in the middle of things, and tend to poke my nosy ass into situations I shouldn’t be in. On the sexual side I’m a Nudist Exhibitionist with a Primal Hunter Side. Been a Dom for some, tend to end up Topping a lot. But I’m a Switch in general. I tend to be very vocal in my dislikes and preferences. And my massive red flag is Non-Consent. I often get irrationally angry about mentions of Rape or anything that removes Free Will. Rationally I understand that it’s a kink for some to give up their consent. And that some have the kink to just Take whoever they want. But my irrational lizard brain just wants to rip the head of any Rapist and stuff their own entrails down their throats. They really, REALLY enrage me. Anyhow. As far as a preface goes, this’ll do for now. Again, want to know anything? Just ask.
  5. True I don’t have your problem exactly. Haven’t heard about anything quite that bad as you described either. Did sound familiar though. Hope you get a solution soon.
  6. That sounds like a connection issue. The game has had a persistent problem with the server not sending all data to your client. Meaning avatars will load in a default state, and not update with the correct look or location. So far the only ‘fix’ is to restart the client and hope. I wish there was a better fix, but yeah... It is what it is.
  7. In essence you’re saying you want a way to turn your avatar. Into a Pose Marker. Assume a Pose somewhere, toggle a switch and you become a free to use pose marker like furniture. (Sounds weird maybe, but it is technically what you’re saying)
  8. Your experience here isn’t that rare. In my experience, and thinking back to my own start a few years back. 3DX is like moving to a new town, you’re gonna stand out as ‘new’. Some will greet ya friendly enough and give ya pointers to get ya started, but they’ll probably have their own stuff going on and then a thing rears it head. The cliques. It’s hard to find a place in 3DX, but it’s worth it in the end. But then again, that’s subjective too. No one can tell you how to have fun, or how to satisfy your desires. There ain’t a ‘right’ way to do any of this. Just go with what feels right for you. You backing out because you didn’t feel it? Nothing to be ashamed about. You did good. As for your ‘kinky’ side? In my experience, the more you mentally ‘prepare’ to get kinky, the less pleasant it’ll be. Don’t go looking for it, just go have fun. And see what happens. My point being that if you go in with I “I’m horny, I Need to get off in X manner” You’re bound to be disappointed when you can’t find anything to scratch that itch. Just go out there and go with the flow and what feels right. This turned into a speech. Oops. Anyhow, keep at it! You’re going the right way! See ya around at some point I hope. -Derai.
  9. Ask around if someone still has an older installation file downloaded. If you get that mailed to you it’ll probably patch up to the current one after installation. I did that with a friend. They had uninstalled and could not re-download. So I sent them an old Installation file for build 417. It worked.
  10. Exactly THIS. This is why I tend to always hammer home my points, and get wordy at times. I don't type my responses solely for the one I'm debating. The fact that I always debate in Public (And I know some people are sick and tired of me doing that at times) Is that I try to educate, and reveal things during the debate or discussion. Not for the one I'm debating, but for those on the sidelines. Let them reach their own conclusions. I actually don't mind if they don't agree with me, as long as they -think- about it. Get people to think, to reason, to wonder. That is how change is made. Aaaand I got caught up in a ramble again... Sorry.
  11. To right, but we should also not stoop to the level some of them go to. Fight the ideas, not the person. I respect their views, as long as they respect mine. Free Speech is not a free ticket to hatred. Never is, never will be. The problem is that most of them, are afraid. Afraid of losing something they can't lose. Or raised with a learned bias for certain things. One poster here said it, to keep it in mind that some cultures and nations simply do not -have- the concepts that are common for others. It makes it hard though.
  12. You're right... These kinds of threads really do bring out the worst in people huh?
  13. Max Headroom, now there's a nostalgia hit right there.
  14. To be honest, If i'm with a dude, and by the time his pants go down he's not already halfway erect. I'd be scratching my head... Because I'd wonder if he's actually into it by that point. Might be just me though. That said, what IS fun is to tease 'm back to 'life' for a round two. Breathing life into that spent cum-stained flaccid cock gently and sensually, now that. That's fun~
  15. Make it a montage of the Fed Ex dude trying to be discrete in hiding the huge cock, then deciding to say fuck it and own it. Delivering it with flair. Set to this song.
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