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  1. That's a very old, and seemingly persistent bug, where your game client sees them like that. But for those people themselves, their avatar looks normal. Female avatars will appear naked and bald with this bug. So far the only way to fix this bug, is to restart your game completely.
  2. My advice would be very simple. Treat everyone like you yourself would want to be treated. In general the community in 3DX is more honest then Real Life, because people can be who they Want to be in anonymity. And yes, some want to be douchebags, but not all of them. Just don’t be a dick, and you’re gonna find some people you click with. But also don’t treat this as Tinder with Graphics, don’t go looking for worthwhile real life relationships on this game. You might find one anyway, but it’s about as rare as getting hit by lightning. My 2cents. -Derai
  3. Another Grand Opening? You literally open another room every week huh? Those rooms ever returning back into normal service? Or just using the Grand Opening as a buzzword?
  4. Before people started getting banned for mentioning the other games, I wasn't even aware they existed. For me personally, I think a simple statement by Gizmo about the banned terms, and a simple explanation as to why they are banned, would have been best. Because now, I have actually heard people talk positive about the banned mentions, with the logic that they -have- to be better then 3DX, because otherwise Gizmo would not freak out this much about them. In essence, the draconian measures of banning the mere -mention- of the games, is doing the Opposite of what they intend to do.
  5. Here’s a question for you Jade. Is Libussa a great builder ‘because’ of Safe Haven. Or is she a great builder that happens to be on the Safe Haven Discord? The question is kinda rhetorical but I am asking it because you might want to look at How you are saying things. Libussa or any other Builder would be great regardless of what Discord she’s on. We can agree on that yes?
  6. Full blown Casual Player there then. I play to relax and have fun~ And I do love to goof around on my Discords with funny Gifs and pictures. It's just funny and adorable at times. Tell me, you still linking those daily Peanuts Comics? Or was it Calvin and Hobbes?
  7. Okay Fair enough. Thanks for the swift, if not very informative reply. One last question if I may. What in your terms, would be a 'Major' player then? Are you one? Trying to get a feel for the benchmark here.
  8. Okay fair enough. Can ya give an example of some notable members?
  9. Saw this topic get the 'Hot' tag so decided to check it out. Not gonna step into that fight here, but I do have a question @jadekhali This Safe Haven Prime you're advertising. What is it really? What constitutes a 'Contributing Member' and what exactly do you Interview for? I'm interested to hear about that. (No I'm not looking to join it, just wondering about what it all means.)
  10. One of the last added M/F foreplay poses actually has the guy's dick lay down along his thigh instead of poking up like a flagpole. So it IS possible. Not sure how easy it is to include that as a toggle though.
  11. Derai

    By Anaganda

    That makes sense. Thanks!
  12. Derai

    By Anaganda

    Alway a treat to see Anaganda’s awesome works. She truly is gifted. Kinda surprised you haven’t shown the Ork WarKamp you made for us Divas ^^ That room never fails to drop jaws to the floor.
  13. It's a matter of courtesy both ways. If for instance a Club room has a clearly defined DJ booth and the current DJ is using it, they might not want you twerking naked on the DJ Deck (Or having sex there lol) There are also rooms with spots set aside for Dance Teams, and if those are performing. You might get asked to please not dance between them. But, it also depends on HOW you get asked. If they politely ask you to consider moving. It's a simple courtesy to not be a Dick and just move a bit. If they start at insulting you and tell you to go fuck yourself, fuck 'm and twerk in their face. If the room has bottlenecks where a single stationary Avatar can block all traffic, that's just bad design imo. Have seen that problem at some rooms.
  14. I have a honest question if you don't mind. The 'fearful' expression of the 'choking' pose and the face slap one, is that then part of said kink? I'm trying to word this so it can't be seen as kink shaming. As that is not my intention. I'm genuinely asking if those expressions are part of the 'appeal' of said poses. Because I admit they make me uncomfortable, but if that is part of said kink, well... I'm never gonna use them, but if they appeal to others, that's their choice.
  15. Just gonna toss my 2 cents in here. 1) I'd rather have a few months without new poses or content if that means the Devs can focus on Fixing the persistent Bugs, like the list that Anaganda posted. 2) The new pose with the choking, it's made me realize something that is kinda disturbing me a little. Namely that in general in 3DX, the girl avatars during sex lack fitting facial expressions, often looking bored during the animations. But whenever it's a degrading pose, like the tied up face-slapping one, or now this choking one, they NAIL the expression of FEAR on the girls face. I'm sorry but that honestly disturbs me a little. I am not against the choking pose, or the face slapping. If that is someones kink, so be it. The FEAR on the girls face makes me uncomfortable.
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