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  1. Not gonna kinkshame ya for that. Guess everyone deserves a right to do one disgusting thing in their lives huh? Hope ya get tested afterwards, and aren't afraid of cobwebs. Think the last thing ever to even see that pussy was an industrial strength hedge trimmer. It don't see much action beyond that.
  2. Gotta love that movie. The reboot retooled this moment into a summary execution I believe. This scene is more powerful but also stretched my Suspension of Disbelief. Them having that long a conversation without being caught.
  3. Bring it on. Hehe. Seriously though. Just wait. Before long she’s going to claim that me replying to you, is me stalking Her. I mean I’m a narcissist myself but she’s on a WHOLE new level.
  4. Thanks and agreed. Don’t know why she thinks I’m afraid of you btw. Hell we’ve argued in the past. Still think you’re wrong on a lot of things but fear ya? Hell no.
  5. I’d tell you to go fuck yourself, but with your low self esteem even that fails as you are below your own rock bottom standards. And ofc, you’re predictable as fuck, you’re gonna quote this as proof of you getting under my skin. While actually I didn’t reply or even look at the forums because I was having way to much fun in the 3DX you have given up on. Enjoying the company of people with active imaginations and the ability to string together a paragraph or two without typos or stupidity. And getting off on said descriptions. Ps: Get a life~
  6. Yawn. Make up your mind you silly cow. When I reply to you, I’m stalking. If I don’t reply you miss me. Pathetic.
  7. I say. Have it both ways. Laptop in nature. Game and fresh air!
  8. Nah, sadly not. Got my hopes up even, but she's like a bad rash. Never stays away for long.
  9. Very much alive and kicking, community wise, in the circles I wander around in. Just lots of complaining by a very vocal minority.
  10. Been seeing events and mentions of players passing away as of late again. I'm always... Skeptical of those. And I have a rather unpopular and maybe even upsetting view on these. I feel that any such 'memorial' events should be Private, because holding them Public makes the Hosts of such events feel disingenuous, you want to Honor the memory of the passed one. Sure. Then honor them among their friends, their loved ones, but DON'T make it a public spectacle with Posters and Advertisements. Send out invites to people personally if needed. Anything else is just farming an alleged tragedy for personal fame and reputation. Plus it invites disruptions on the event itself. How often hasn't a Public 3DX wedding or memorial been disrupted by random people coming in and fucking in plain view to disrupt and troll? The second thing concerns my view on said 'tragedies' themselves. I always wonder... How do they find out? How do they find out that their friend died? I can't imagine the loved ones of these people IRL, sending a message to random folks on a game, that they passed away. So how do those Online here, find out about the passing?
  11. Reports me for replying in her Public thread, then complains about HER freedom of speech. Hypocrisy thy name is Jade.
  12. Agreed, back to topic it goes. In my view, as with most threats of that nature. It's just a cry for attention, they hardly ever go through with it. It's a morbid comparison, but you see the same things with Self-Harm, or even Suicides. I never went about telling folks I was gonna cut myself, I just did. The ones that warn you they are going to 'check out' as it where, do so to cry for help. Those that really want to go, do so. Quietly. Know what I mean?
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