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  1. When looking for I fine animated emoji for a friend (oooh yeah I am becoming too old for this, but perhaps I am feeling happy), I have the impression this funny cat was dancing at the correct tempo...... ooh I am too fool (but try to hear the song from near min 1.... 😆 🖤
  2. @Derai @Nektar @☙𝔼𝕩❧ are we in the list? No exceptions, we deserve our gifts too
  3. She disappeared from my list friend, but at the same time appeared someone in my chat I didn't see before, as saying - ... I was a mess that time, I misunderstood ... and a warm breeze relief me. 🖤
  4. Today, somebody else said: you make cry .... I have no idea what I did wrong or even why? Shame of me, how this could be done . am I becoming evil? or my heart is becoming a piece of rock.😔 🖤
  5. Returning to work make me sick a little bit too... 😏
  6. Today a friend inspired me this old song .... Have a great day all! 🖤
  7. What you are describing is the “obsessive approach”, that can happened us , even without noting we are being abusive/intrusive. I suspect at least once I did that behavior or similar . One reason for that, could be that person has a “strong lonely problem”. How to handle it? I have not a solution since I even could not solve my own yet . I suspect, that to try solving this through this virtual environment is foolish, because after turning off our computer, the song remains the same... 🖤
  8. This song comes to my mind when I think about recently living experience. Ohhh I met a wonderful woman here, ahhh for two weeks I lived the dream of it could be… But, I was wrong only enlightened by her qualities. Only myself felt in love, what a fool I was. Then the truth comes, and we left our blindless. How this could be happened ? This is what I want to share with you, my friend, or future one. Ohh, perhaps, never you will be my friend either. At least to my mute diary, my only unconditional friend, this kind of writing conscious. Perhaps my big selfish idea is to believe somebody will lo
  9. Ohhh you are in many places... I used only to go sin and beach room, Bichincho parties.
  10. Ohhh how difficult is find you all IN the game... At least I have some clues now. My buggy mind doesn't help too. 🖤
  11. time was, you arriving never thousand thoughts how, when, i am done lone as always, too sought with my old replayed songs nobody will come she is gone for ever my heart her, belongs 🖤 this is one of my favorite songs, i hope you liked it
  12. Today I had a special moment, shared a coffee and a good chat, few minutes, but perfect, as the song said in stereo... little things that cheer us up, until you RL call us back again 🖤
  13. this is a master piece, salsa song is only hearing "the songoro-consongo de mamey", just a full day part of my body move while trumpets and metals their notes strove, one step to front then reverse when the sadness comes, singing my tropical rhytms my bad feeling goes old healthy party hymns 🖤
  14. The issue could be the "focus" or to whom are you paying attention. When we try multidimensional relationships, reduced to a mere mechanical short-time binary interactions, could work but without soul. The physics says that interactions with more than three bodies at the same time are stochastic. Binary relations are more pleasant, and with time could synchronize to see the same horizon. 🖤
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