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  1. this is one of those songs, I listened one thousand times while my beats try to goal many hours living alone.
  2. Well, today I'm unhappy as always my chronical sadness yeah, yeah, - think positive, you can do it friendly people usually says my favorite illness known shadows all these days. ... darkness seems approaching my best one feelings are going away
  3. Well, nothing special today but I found this tube.... with full Rammstein hehehe, what Can I say all day up to end
  4. Disculpa interrumpir @IXDRE Aprovecho solo para decirte, que puedes combinar todos tus post en uno solo , para poder concentrar todos tus aportes en una misma página, y poder acompañar la lectura de tu"diario" No necesitas hacer una nueva cada vez que colocas algo nuevo, usas la opción "Reply to this topic" Por ejemplo, abres esta que dices, Diario de una Rubia Jugosa, y vas colocando en la misma sección tus cosas. Bueno, es apenas una opinión Gracias por permitirme visitarte! Saludos
  5. that means no more people can sing this forum ?
  6. ups... All is right only my ignorance seems exuberant reduced in its little insight with an uncopiable signature just NFTied by my loved friend. ohhh my! the world changes faster than I can got a tiny piece of it https://en.99designs.pt/blog/web-digital/nft-art/
  7. ohh this one was the last I shared with her time helps to emend my soul repairing my heart
  8. I don't know what meaning NFT has, but I feel it sad my ignorance blind me, while an urban dict says - not further text... What can I do? what follows next ? some mystic words said a flying Angel telling us -don't be afraid
  9. By chance I was watching this video, while a RadioHead songs was playing in background... I found great the combination, hope you like too Best regards
  10. Wishes of nice weekend dear friends and unknowns.
  11. Life goes on Life goes on --they say--. but it's not always true. Sometimes life doesn't go on. Sometimes it's just the days that go by --Karmelo C. Iribarren
  12. Hi there my friends . Just listening this song my love for you all it seems it is free today
  13. difficult to overpass this, realizing little by little what I miss
  14. Hi my friends and unknowns, today I was kick out away from an beautiful relationship it was my fault I deserved it. I could to try again and ... but she was really clearer than me in her thoughts I wish her the best, someone better than me Thanks for sharing with me my dear love, you made me feel alive
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