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    Patch Notes & Updates

    Build 399 New Content: ✅ New sex poses ✅ New clothes
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    Upcoming content

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    Upcoming Updates Discussion

    the issue is simply about respect. first of all let me say I dont have sex in the game so I really dont care BUT at one time I did and had a good number of people try to fool me so I have experience in the matter I get when people say they should be able to play how they want and they are right... until they infringe on another persons right to not play that way. a lot of issues would never happen if people respected peoples feelings on the subject. If you are talking to someone who is dead set against guys playing as females, just walk away and find someone else. you will save that person and you a lot of trouble in the long run. You cannot expect someone to respect how you want to play the game if you cant respect how they want to play it. thats all im going to say on this subject, not sure why I quoted you 😛
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    Halloween skeleton bath

    🦇🎃💀 happy Halloween ❤️ soup is ready 🤪 skeleton.world
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    DJ [ˈdē ˈˌjā] NOUN a person who introduces and plays recorded popular music on radio. "he was the only DJ to play our last release on the radio" VERB play recorded music on radio or at a club or party. "he DJ'ed for 5 hours nonstop"
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    Gizmo: BDSM Poses (2)

    why make it ondiscord , instead of allowing us to vote here ? some people really dont like to join other apps , but that´s just my two cents on that matter
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    Gizmo: BDSM Poses (2)

    Guys you are welcome to our Discord server: Join and Vote for new sex poses https://discord.gg/DwQg4Nt We will add new content based on the voting results Thanks!
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    Say Hello!

    BOO… did someone say DANCING? Count ME in. Where else can ya get; Stretching, Exercise, Foreplay n FUN all at the same time…. well, other than SEX. Oh, almost forgot HI to all... the new and old And the forgotten
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    My rooms .... again!!

    "EL MALECÓN" La Habana Vieja, la zona más antigua de la capital cubana, es declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la Unesco en 1982. En 2024 declara al Malecón de la Havana con la misma distinción y con los fondos otorgados y colaboración de fundaciones privadas comienza la reconstrucción este paseo costero, donde el son cubano se escucha a cada paso. Old Havana, the oldest area of the Cuban capital, is declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1982. In 2024, he declared the Malecón de la Habana with the same distinction and with the funds granted and collaboration of private foundations, this coastal walk begins the reconstruction, where he is Cuban is heard at every step.
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    Upcoming Updates Discussion

    You're welcome, I hope it's just the beginning
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    New pose suggestion :)

    Are you sure you need them? )
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    Upcoming Updates Discussion

    i totally understand u, to this day i encounter this (for me a problem) but on the other hand i understand the other side. unfortunately, there are factors that prompt many in the game to ask for proof of gender. Both here and in real life, trust between people is lost in all kinds. but we are talking about the game, many men are known to make female avatars and present themselves as such. I personally dont like anyone asking for my photos or any proof because I have to judge it myself, and so insolent is someone who thinks they have the right to ask for that (sorry, who was u? a factor in my life? because I I dont remember that ..) Im on the principle, that who need here knows how i looks like and that Im a girl, thats enough for me. and by the way, dont feel obligated to do what others want 🤗
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    I love them too
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    Quote of the Day

    Please dont use this topic to score points. If you want to squabble, take it to PM, or if you really must do it in public.. set up your own topic. I want mine to stay drama free and fun. Thanks. Back to topic.
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    Quote of the Day

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    Pinup Girls

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    Upcoming Updates Discussion

    Alivax I belong to Discord. I go daily. But I chose to not be a part of 3dx channel because of their rude rules. My son is on Discord and he does not play 3dx. I truly do not understand your point. Discord's usage numbers means nothing. Some have 5 3dx accounts yet only one account on forum and discord. You assume much and twist the numbers to make a point that is unclear.
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    Lesbian Erotica.

    Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)
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    Men's new pants

    Yes, my son's when crawling and in diapers wore something similar. I can see how they would be great if skateboarding or hiking or even working out at the gym. My man makes them look good.
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    the poles can be used for dancing just female ava. This should ne possible for male strippers also.....just saying...
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    Because there are already people got lost in the streets around the Wunder-Bar, we have made this little map for you:
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    hi boys how are you? Do you lave big fake lips? I think dicks very love this lips)
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    I had posted this because of what was written. They don't have any control over what Discord does, they provide a service just like on here. If someone reports the server for things, Discord looks into the matter not the server creator which Discord can and have removed a server before and will do it again. Whoever wrote up the rules shouldn't have done so, it's very unprofessional and makes 3DX Chat Discord Server look like a mess before it even gets further on than it has. As I stated rules should be put into place for how they'd like things to go on the server but the rules in general are offensive to the users themselves. As a business whoever it was that put Scarlett in place should reconsider.
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    Gizmo: BDSM Poses (2)

    The Discord thing is irrelevant when you have a forum already you have better control over imo. Not sure why Discord was chosen in the first place if it is so vulnerable to manipulation as some have stated,, but the idea of getting feedback is a very good one. Just use the Forum. And let's hope the garbage bag dress and men's pants arn't indicators of what is too come.
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    This is a go-over so to speak of an earlier room I put up here, a small cottage beside a lake. I built that prior to having the landscape tools so I made the hills around using the build blocks which I was never happy with but its all I had then. So I redone all the surroundings and they look great now, but then I looked at the cottage I made back then and it didnt fit in my eyes as it was semi modern, so I got rid of the lot and built a new log cabin and built the firplace into the wall instead of having it within the building and it looks very nice. With the new spotlight I was able to put the warm soft glow of the fire exactly where it needed to be within the room and it looks beautiful and cosy. I have it set as night by default but looks great under all the presets available, and I kept it to a good size of 129KB. After finishing this the other day, it has become my fav room, such a cosy and warm feeling to be in with that someone special. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Lagoon Cabin.world
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    CumShot MM

    Yes, like not having had a threeway same sex pose for years (until last patch), not having the ability to have a partner cum on you when you're in a MM couple makes you feel like a second class player. We just want the same as other people have to feel included and enjoy the game same as everyone else so yes, we need this too.
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    Hey everyone! Yes another year passed, and it is time for me to celebrate this I will do 4 years in this crazy 3dx world Nov the 16th, and a bit more RL Nov. the 25th Everyone will be welcome to have some fun and party with me, and for once I will share my rum! Doors will open at 8:00 PM CET, Thursday Nov. 21st. It will be a new Pool Party location DJ line up and pics from the room coming soon!
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    Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken.
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    GTA has been banned in Australia for violence and violence against women. No one really gets killed or hurt or raped. GTA has been banned in 50 countries for gambling. https://www.bmmagazine.co.uk/business/grand-theft-auto-update-banned-in-over-50-countries/
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    Your Mood

    Releasing my thoughts from a long day at work..
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    Quote of the Day

    You forget what you want to remember, and you remember what you want to forget. ― Cormac McCarthy
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    erotic gifs

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    I wish for a picture of...

    I wish for a picture of Sweetness
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    Dark Reflections

    We all have a DARK side lurking somewhere within
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    Handshake Failure most certainly means you're dealing with the servers Security Certificate being denied by your Windows User Account Now I can't really go poking around this problems since I haven't been able to replicate it but I suppose one of the easiest things to play around with could be something like this https://www.digicert.com/util/
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    Your Mood

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    You want people to be addicted to gambling in a sex game? Unacceptable.
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    I messaged Gizmo and Lisa with this thread so they could see exactly what people were talking about with the Discord Server.
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    Consumer`s critics to discord changes.

    Don't get me wrong..... I completely agree. Politics and religion are the most divisive things people can discuss, it generally gets toxic . I choose not to talk about politics and religion; because, it usually gets toxic. Unless your speaking with someone with similar views, the conversation can easily become divisive and cause more problems than the solutions we seek. Most people agree with this, and we choose to keep those topics outside our conversations, or at least on these forums. My only point is for freedom of speech. I don't like to be told what I can and cannot talk about. Although these subjects are divisive, they are far from inappropriate conversations, like other subject, that I will not name nor speak of. There is an unspoken rule in civilization that we don't openly speak of these subjects and that's enough for me. I don't need someone telling me not to talk about it, cause I already know that. More importantly, what follows is a punishment for breaking this rule. Normally, if I break this unspoken rule, the worst punishment I get is...… ignored by the community. In case of Rule #11, what is the punishment? Banned from discord. Boo-Hoo.
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    Gizmo: BDSM Poses (2)

    Tbh I lost the thread of discussion myself. I thought you were answering to Ex and thought she was talking about discord's accounts, but honestly now I am not even sure myself about what exactly we all talk
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    Maybe the futas think hetero have enough poses.
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    New room time. Ideal for a couple or small group. This is small 2 bedroom house I modelled from one I used to live in, it was a what they call a Unit in Australia, which are specifically a group of small houses built for the purpose of renting. It has no exterior(it doesnt look like a house on the outside, just a box, so this will be no good to add to an existing map or anything like that), though Ive placed some greenery and props outside the windows for effect. I'm happy with all the lighting presets. The pics were taken with default night a 1 It runs nicely on laptops and is 168KB Enjoy! Unit-House.zip
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