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    Still Need Dice Command

    Gizmo, In case you missed this in other threads, a dice or roll (/roll and /roll2) command in a color that can't be replicated by the person rolling (to cheat) is needed - or a physical dice that can be placed and rolled or a spinner.
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    3 words for developers please :

    😋 So can we make eet that all those peeps that get booted from rooms get zapped to tha Saloon in a holding cage then we can poke them with sticks 🤣
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    3 words for developers please :

    Actually, we are talking about the possibility of removing a guest from the room for poor behavior.
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    ROOMS Ranking system

    So people just have to stay open 24/7 to be on top. If someone opens just for one hour a room, he will never reach even the first half ot the list. I dont see it as a solution but even worse. People go where are people. It is right to say there is a snowball effects and large rooms get more and more peeps thanks to actual ranking. I still wish to have tabs for diferent type of rooms. At least one tab for sex rooms and one for non sex rooms. This would already allow 2 rankings and better view of rooms open.
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    BDSMetal Gang monthly plan

    PUSSY RIOT this Monday is gonna ROCK with sets from @LillianLangte and our very live and dangerous, @danididit. And we'll be taking a moment or two to celebrate @JojoJoana's birthday! So come on over and parteee! 😻
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    Ban the person above you

    I have already been warned about being warned so... I ban both of you so you can wave at me in the naughty corner or maybe its the sin bin
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    AVAST YE SCOUNDRELS!!! SEPTEMBER 19th!!! 5 PM EST!!!! TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!! at THE PIRATES HIDEOUT!!! SHiVER ME TIMBERS! guest staring the DREAM GIRLS!!!! and those amazing DJ's......RickeySkeeter! Carrie! Binka! CardinalCopia! SpiritWalker! LillianLangtre! AYE! So be there or walk the plank mateys!!! Join our Discord for more info ---------> https://discord.gg/AG4WUTs
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    Change one Word.

    Bursting Bubble
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    In 3DXChat, we have amazing builders who make amazing worlds, their creativity blows your mind. But spare a thought for the world we live in. We need to look after it. We need to reverse the damage and we need to make a difference, one step at a time. During the football world cup, Japan fans cleaned up their rubbish in their part of the stadium where they had sat and watched their teams. They cleaned up after themselves. It was such a simple idea and showed the respect they had for the Russian hosts and the organisers of the tournament. The Japanese were a credit to their country and a fine example to all football fans. It hit a cord and other fans began to follow suit. TV reported on the unusual behaviour and so it spread. This example shows that one person at a time can make a difference, one can turn into many and many can make a difference. Lets look after our planet, lets not damage it any more. You can make a difference. Lets not only make it just a choice. lets make it a lifestyle.
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    I hope Gizmo focuses on Clothing and Skins now. The avatar is now the weakest link in 3DX. Not that it is bad, but that it is simply under developed.
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    Community Update

    Then you should not have allowed games in the first place. Or stopped them long ago. Or not encouraged competition. Or called it a community. Or claimed to be open to suggestion. Or claimed to care about what we want. Have a great day Gizmo. I'd have sent this in a pm but apparently that is no longer allowed either.
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    Heaven's Clinic - RP room

    Heaven's Clinic is my best build in this game! This room open for everyone, but only for the role playing action! I want show to the dear public, i hope you will like it! 🤩 🥰
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    Don't you listen to her, my little love has the SOUL of a red
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    Been far too long between tossing Ginger treat to my Lady 🤪 We all have our cravings… and they are not always our love.
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    Reuse your plastic straws.
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    Exclusive builds by ReM

    This is no experiment lol, this is masterpiece!
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    3 words for developers please :

    It would be nice if kick and ignore were separate , but i also appreciate that it may be much more simple to use the existing ignore as part of any new kick function. Either way, room owners who want to start using it aggressively would in the long run be hurting themselves.
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    Yes! Please make this happen Giz the wiz! 🥰
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    What is ghost partner from mods?

    The ghost partner is already functional. The idea would have been to implement it till pose editor is released. If it is released in one week then yeah people can wait. Since there is no release date, it might be months before it is out, therefore implementing a mod that already works would make sense and the users would be more patient.
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    Favorite Quotes

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    3 words for developers please :

    Oh now there is that word privacy that so many seem to use as a weapon in discussions in here as they know it is a big thing with Gizmo. But as I can't see any where that anyones privacy can be effected by this I think you better explain where that can happen.
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    My rooms .... again!!

    "EVENT HORIZON" Año 2046, la flota "Event Horizon" al fin llega por nosotros, ahora nos queda un largo viaje en busca de un nuevo planeta y el desafío de recomponer la civilización, de hacer un mundo mejor... Bon voyage Year 2046, the "Event Horizon" fleet finally arrives for us, now we have a long journey in search of a new planet and the challenge of recomposing civilization, of making a better world ... Bon voyage
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    Next one posting ......

    No, sorry Not Ex, but me popping in to wish you all a very HOT Friday! I think ExHaran will be next to share her greetings!
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    Ban the person above you

    Bans Kait to be in contradiction of herself by replying us this kind of stuff and participate to that
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    User Reviews

    Yes, how dare this forum-newbie have their OPINION! How dare they LOVE the game and call this forums "nice"! Outrageous! @DMitch76You should hate the game you play (but still paying for it and playing it for years and keep doing it) and rant about how bad it is and how you hate the course of development/another update/some unfixed bug, even better if you will do it on a daily basis! Don't you dare saying that you love the game, no no no, it's unacceptable! Bonus point if you also hate the forum, while having 3.000+ posts on it and spent hundreds of hours here over a course of several years That's how the things should be done here, ask someone from this tangle of the old snakes. And don't you dare to talk back to them, they opinion can't be argued or critizied because they talking directly with Gizmo (making a public threads/messages) while they can critizise any opinion they want, right @SusanLouisa ? Can't wait when these beautiful people finally will have their moderation rights... I am sure they will use it SOO good and fair ❤️
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    Change one Word.

    Salt Lamp
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    World editor requests

    If you have a mouse with variable sensitivities it can help. I use lower sensitivity while building and it helps for tiny adjustments.
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    Change one Word.

    Bubble Blowing
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    Favorite Quotes

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    Quote of the Day

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    thanks Kaitlyn, and yes i'm a pretty quiet forum member, but not so quiet with private message i agree for the time off for mods or admin, but the week end, not in middle of the week 😛 Anyway i can now post in the forum or PM without any restriction and that's great, thanks for the approved Mods
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    Tattoed Girls

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    Hello dear Gizmo and Liza, In the first years of game i remember u tested a height variation for avatars, i know it caused problems and that u gave up but would be great to have this height variation again, maybe slightly less to make it possible. Kind regards, and thank you for the last updates,, great ones ツ
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    Tattoed Girls

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    Messenger Reply Limit

    yes but users that exist for more than three years now , are now like new user in this new version. a friend of mine is struggling to be able to send more than one messages. she asked the support , that answer , you need three messages approved by moderator ... so it means three days ... and it's already three days past , and nothing happen ... so it's a little bit annoying .
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    Pause chat

    It was left alt and was hugely helpful if you scrolled up to catch up on the conversation. Now you're forever scrolling up and immediately being pinged back down to the bottom again..... Would be lovely to have that function included.
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    BDSMetal Gang monthly plan

    APOCALYPSE MEOW returns to its heart of darkness, this Sunday, this time in @BlackVelvet's beautiful Fallout 4 room modified magnificently by @Icebox. Embrace your demons in a night of heavy prog, psych and metal summoned by DJs Shirya (Storm Kitten) and the queen of the night herself, @darkangel.
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