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  1. Queen


    Suggestion directed to 3DXChat Developers. I know what I will suggest now is not easy at all, But that's how I would like to see our 3DXChat as perfect as it. NEW POSES SYSTEM. The poses in the new poses system will be in section depend on pose type, BED POSES, For the bed/Floor poses will be like this. 1- Dance 2- Foreplay 3- Oral 4- Standing 5- Missionary 6-Behind 7- Ride 8- Fetish As the pictures shows. ★ Dance poses section :- The partners dance together and do soft dance poses and movements together like as kiss, hugs,hold hands, etc.. use same dance set but in partnership, The dance and movements changing automatically for all partners if any of partners change dance or movement, ★ Add new poses sections (Standing, Missionary, Behind and Ride). As the pictures show up. ★ Add continuity pose (pose or movement that to change from pose to any other pose so change poses will be smooth and with continue movement) For example, continuity pose will be getting female head down slowly when change from pose 1 to 2. continuity pose will be getting female up when change from pose 2 to 3. continuity pose must be between poses so it will give poses system high level reality, ★ Move Bisexual poses section to be inside others poses section. And it will be shown just if both partners sex setting bisexual poses option is ON, ★ Merge Vaginal and anal of same pose to be one pose shape and add outside penis optional. Control where the penis will be (outside, Vaginal , anal) in sex control panel, with smooth continuity pose change between them without need to ask partner's permission to change between them. because it already decided in sex settings if accept anal. As the picture shows ★ Move Sport section to Foreplay, And move some foreplay poses to be as entrance to others poses sections, ★ Add button to give male avatar ability to cumshot while any pose, (Penis get to be outside and cumshot) it will be in sex control panel beside the cum button as the picture show. ★ Add ability to female avatars belly to growing up if the male cum inside, it will be on/off in sex setting, ★ Add ability to be pregnant if female get cumshot inside , pregnant will be as long as female put the pregnancy time in sex setting,, ★ Add ability to female/male avatars to get wetness on the private parts and creampie as i suggested in SOME OF MY SUGGESTION before. as the picture show, ★ Add many different moaning sounds in sex setting to choose from it, ★ Add new setting section (Sex setting) to control what i suggested up. In sex setting can control if accept anal sex, bisexual, pregnant, belly grow up, Moans sounds, etc. ★ Move bed/sofa bisexual oral poses to be in oral poses and it will be shown just if all partner sex setting bisexual is ON, ★ Move this pose to be in Foreplay section, Sofa poses ★ For sofa poses it will be like the picture shows, Others features poses, for example for stool sex poses can be all poses in same section, the same for table. and others. ★ About Lovense toy owner in profile, make it be shown on selected avatar, Not be shown on the others two offline avatars profiles in same account,
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  2. So... if the game already has quite a lot of drama... then it will not hurt to add even more of it? Tbh I don't see how the advantages of this feature can outweigh the additional toxicity and drama it will definitely bring. I personally strongly against it.
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  3. worst idea I heard in a long time! Nothing positive would come out of this. You can't rate people like movies, books or vacuum cleaners...
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  5. VivianWard

    Game sounds

    Hello I am a new gamer and have make a good use of 3DX enjoying it quite a lot , I must confess... but I would like to suggest the possibility of changing the sound when the avatars are cumming.... I definitely find it everything but exciting... I thought the avatar was farting instead of cumming . What made the situation really funny but well it's ok to have some laughs but I am sure there's some other softer noise that could be found for that moment. Tyvm for reading my suggestion.
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  6. We really could need that! Would reduce the building time a lot. And please let us invite people into the editor when we build. Then we could teach friends how to build much easier or build together.
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  7. If this feature did come out,you know itll be abused alot by everyone giving false 1 stars ratings simply cause they were denied sex or a friend add.
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  12. JenC

    Sex positions

    A free standing pose for my pets and other bitches to please me, please.
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  13. So I just designed my new OUTΞR SPACΞ font, but now I think I need a venue to try it out in. The font can be also be used as a Door or Window for a room.... or jus slap some coloured blocks behind it to create a rainbow font...
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  14. @Gizmo, I really think you should consider allowing users to preview poses from World Editor while they're building custom furniture. It's a hassle to have to save your room, leave World Editor, test out the poses, take screenshots to remind yourself how to move them to make the poses line up just right, go back to World Editor, fix them accordingly, and repeat the process. Even if the preview is just the outlines of avatars, something very basic, that would be so helpful. It just gets time-consuming to have to keep going back and forth. Just something to think about thank you in advance and hope you are doing well.
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  15. This is just more drama and toxicity and immaturity waiting to happen, honestly. Immediately people will abuse the system and write horrible reviews just because someone didn't want to meet up with them, or have sex with them, etc. They will talk shit about people they are jealous of, they will lie and spread rumors that way. The majority of people in 3DX cannot and should not be trusted with something like that, lol. Best way to judge a person's character is to either talk to them, ask their friends, or look at their gifts.
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  18. Do you have a knack for designing epic world builds? It’s time to push your creative boundaries with our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party Builder Contest! From now till May 13, submit your world design ideas for our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party happening in Jul 2022 and you just might be the talented builder walking away with attractive prizes brought to you by the team of Lovense & 3DXChat! Theme: Summer Rave Party Guidelines: The idea of the submitted design must be original, but you can include in other objects from users with their permission. Design must include elements of a Summer Rave, e.g. large dance party floor for ravers, DJ section, area for dancers, laser lights, strobes, area for F&B (we all need booze!). Design must include elements of Lovense Toys, Lovense & 3DXChat branding, e.g. a large Lush 3 DJ stand and a photo wall with Lovense & 3DXChat logos. You may download the 3DXChat logos, Lovense logos and Lovense toy renders here to aid you in your design process: https://www.lovense.com/p/2paRbn Submission Requirements: Writeup of the description of your World, and short summary of what each section of the World has been designed for Sketch mockup of the world (Can be hand-drawn or digitally created) List of credits (if you have used objects designed by other creators in your submitted entry) Sample attachment of any Worlds you have built previously (to gauge your World Editor skills and level) 1 x Winner Prizes: 350 USD 2 x Lovense Toy of the Winner’s Choice (excluding Lovense Sex Machine) 100K XGold 1 Year 3DXChat Membership Note: The winner will be given 1 month to create the winning world for the Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party happening in July 2022 Judging Panel: Lovense Team | 3DXChat Team | Redji Elements that Entries will be judged on: Creativity of the World design Presentation of the idea, and how it fits into the Summer Rave Party theme Building technique & methods Quality and thought put in the World design Atmosphere and effects of the World Use of animation triggers (bonus points) Submission Deadline: May 13, Sat, 23:59 UTC+0 Update: Submissions are now closed. Submit Your Entry: https://www.lovense.com/p/3dxchat-bc-submission Finalists Announcement & Public Voting: Latest update on May 24: After reviewing the submissions and taking into consideration the feedback given by the builders' community on the contest, the judging panel will be making changes to the contest terms, prizes and contest timeline. New details will be shared later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. GLHF! With Love, Lovense & 3DXChat Team
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  21. Will the "parents" have to change the used diapers of the offspring, too?
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  26. So true! But on the other hand: let these toxic people smash their heads in WC. If it would be gone, they would invade the LCs
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  27. 1. Bugfixing 2. Multilayer clothing for males (Shirt, tie and jacket independent for instance) 3. Partnerdance poses and animations including Ballroom and Swing-Dancestyles 4. More interactivity (movable assets, possibility to switch lights on and off etc. 5. World Editor - Bugfixing, especially regarding the save/loadfile-explorerbug - Nested grouping of objects, better selectability of objects, lettering, scalable textures, userdefinable textures
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  31. Kicia

    an impossible request...

    1. unsafe sex option to get pregnant 2. one week to get a baby 3. 20000 gold from father for mother and baby 4. 500 gold each week in addition for baby from administration but no longer then 4 weeks, impossible to get pregnant during this time I have no idea how to mark how many kids were born It is only my opinion not my wish
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  33. WOW did I miss the WOBBLY-versary ???
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  34. I want to have a custom room (world) built but I suck using the World Editor. Not very good at it. Need someone I will provide images to and will build the world for me. I will pay for it. DM / PM me if you are a pro builder and interested.
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  36. Sorry but it's a fact. Sometimes it gets so bad it's embarrassing. I'm not really here online so much now post-covid - just when the fancy takes me - but Every. Single. Time that I'm here WC is an abomination of attitude and resentment. I like being here - and sometimes I think about getting a person I'm interested in into this place - but honestly? I wouldn't invite anyone else here. I wouldn't want to be a streamer trying to promote the game (which I love). So much bigotry and - i dunno maybe RAGE is the best word for it. Someone says something spiteful and triggers 2 others - who then trigger 2 more and suddenly its just walls of hate and misery spoiling the whole frikking experience. Is there any way to call a mod to give it some attention? I don't want to be that person that screenshots and reports. Most of it is just cringeworthy but it goes on for HOURS and frikkin HOURs and - I KNOW people will say "heyjust block them!" but the trouble is noone else can start a conversation about anything else. World Chat is destroyed as a means of communication. Most sensible people are avoiding it which means there's no point me trying to use it, even if I block all the screamers. I understand people have personal issues and I understand people come to 3DX to offload but seriously seriously World Chat is appaling and people need to be slapped out of there. Is there any way to get some chat mods?
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  37. Cody

    Dildos and other toys

    Has anyone ever suggested solo poses where females could have the option to use toys? I would be great for some rp senarios and of course for other things as well.
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  41. here are a couple poses I'd like to see. I think we can do MM, MF, FF. I do believe the first pose can be done with the female with both vagina and dildo.
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  42. Cool & cozy chilling on an enchanted isle with the sweet sound of @Animay, @MuffinPie & @Dota.
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  43. This is a good idea, it is included in the list for discussion. But it is not worth counting on in this competition. Also, we do not recommend using 2 toys (Dolce and Hyphy) until the next patch is released. The release time of the patch is to be specified. I will let you know when it is available.
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