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  1. Welcome to 3dx chat All very valid points, but alas, the community have been asking for all that and more for years.. It is getting bigger and more variety, but very slowly..
  2. I kinda wish this place would die a bit.. Was so much better a few years ago.. Less people, less poses, less dances, less locations, less cunts, less everything.. Was a much better place then.. But... I still pay to play.. So, if you think this place is dying you are one of the mentioned cunts..
  3. Be like.. I don't know how to use CE...
  4. OMG... Have I really just read all this shite!! We used to argue about proper stuff!! Not that someone can put a speaker in their wall of a sofa in the sky!! Really!! Who cares!!
  5. Some things never change lol

    1. klaudio


      I agree bro. I'll never change lol

    2. Stewie


      what would that be mate?

  6. I'm no expert on the rules, but I think I'm correct in saying that its against them to portray illegal activities in game such as sexual abuse, paedophilia etc.. I'm sure that in most civilised countries its illegal to portray yourself as a different gender to have sex and not tell you're partner first.. Its called rape or sexual assault depending on who the deceiver is.. Well it is in the UK anyway.. So, in my opinion, and I must stress its just my opinion, if a player was playing as a 14 year old, girl or boy, to satisfy his sexual desires I would suggest he was a paedophile. The scenario you are discussing now is no different.. Portray yourself as different gender, without telling the person or deliberately deceiving them, to satisfy your sexual desirers.. Its just a bit too rapey.. But hey, the site says you can 'do what ever you want'.. So, fill ya boots.. Don't worry about other people playing it and just worry about yourself, hell, you're paying for it, right? As long as you're having fun, f*^% everyone else and their feelings.. Seriously, this is the main reasons I hardly play anymore and when I do come online only chat to my friends from old.. Been sucked off by 1 too many guys for my liking.. Was fun at first, but to tell the truth, guys are just rubbish at it.. too teethy.. I vote Twiggy.. x
  7. I saw you!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. OpalShadow


      Lol, I saw you lerking in the forums...

    3. OpalShadow


      You said you would never ever ever get back with 3dx

    4. Macca


      only when I'm board and fancy some entertainment and drama ;P x

  8. yawwwwwwwwwwn.. stretttttch... what have I missed??.. Not much.. off back to sleep.. night.. x
  9. Thinks I may make an appearance for this one.. If I'm still awake that is.. I'm getting too old for these late nights..
  10. Go to Vegas and put it all on red..
  11. Agreed.. Personally I think it should be against the rules to post about someones 'death' real or not.. This is not the place for it.. And it will personally save me a lot of personal anguish deciding whether or not to troll the post.. I have resisted so far
  12. Totally agree Callista, but im not sure the mistrust can get much worse in game than it already is.. Ive been here well over a year and the amount of rumours I have heard about people is unreal.. And these rumours have led to people leaving the game.. Sure there are better ways to address this but I can personally see where Klaudio is coming from.. (im not saying its a brilliant idea, just saying that it didn't deserve the response it got.)
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