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    Camping,Fishing,Football,Tattoos,Keeping fit,Beer,White Wine,Holidays in the Sun,Fast cars, Fast Motorbikes. Not necessarily in that order!!

    Here to have some fun,laughs,chatting and anything else that comes along. I have met some amazing people on here in the time I've been here I'm sure there are many more of you out there:) . If you want some good convo and enjoy a laugh say hi in game.

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  1. Joined the game a few weeks after release have quit 3/4 times and come back. Forum i think from December 2013
  2. Some people are nothing more than beautifully wrapped boxes of shit

  3. Some people are just beautifully wrapped boxes of shite

  4. Play the game as you like,disclose what you like, keep to yourself what you like. I've played the game for fun getting involved with female Avis and knew they were male irl. It's fantasy, role play gender doesn't matter if they play toon well and all your looking for is some online fun. I've also played seriously and met someone irl. When I look back on it I should have kept it to the rp but well we all learn
  5. All wars in history have been started by religion or a religious aspect attached to them, look back as far as you like or as deep into history as you like come back and tell me different. These scumbag cowardly terrorists arent fighting a war. There hiding behind ski masks and AK47's. Until youve actually experienced war dont bang on about it and what it does to people unless youve actually experienced it you will never know. Your dreamers you mention above thats all they will ever be, they took their dreams to early graves because they spoke openly of them, then guess what another cowardly fanatic pops up with a sniper rifle. Unfortunately this is our world. Terrorists will always find a reason to kill innocent people, politicians will always find a reason to send their troops to war. JE SUIS CHARLIE
  6. Some peoples crap is other people's honey. Just saying what's been playing in club recently is crap to me. Skyfm reaches more people as its the music we hear on a daily basis whether it's in the car, at home, the pub jukebox or wherever else. Personally ilove happy hardcore,hardstyle,Motown, reggae and ska. Still I wouldn't listen to it each and everyday. Skyfm after all is pop music (popular) covers a wide range and reaches more people. We all enjoy certain genres of music but can still listen to popular hit music and enjoy some songs on there
  7. skyfm is far better than the crap thats been playing recently
  8. It's skyfm tophits that's played in club. You can listen to them all online
  9. Lucius. The game peaks and troughs on a regular basis. There is a quick turnaround of players coming and going apart from the regular diehards. It can go from dire to a decent game in the space of a month depending on who is signing up. For most the game doesn't have enough content on social interaction to hold people's attention for to long. Same goes for all this genre of game the more content the longer people stick around. Don't worry about chat being dead. Be yourself play your game and you'll make friends
  10. Lol another pic stolen from the net. Wishful thinking I suspect
  11. I had four earrings down to one now (it's an age thing) got them done when I was 15 it was all the rage back then. Tattoos I have 12 all on upper body after the first one I got hooked on body art and kept going back
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