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  1. i have qestion ? whether the update will automatcally turn on, if in ends ?
  2. a simple intuitive interface for everyone, has been changed into something for the few ,currently setting the radio for the layman is a challenge , main is hanging in the air :)have fun for you .,
  3. I removes subscriptons , this xchat is misunderstanding . IM not architect :(I wanted have fun here do not build houses on the sand . If de owner thinks that it will atract customers , according to me he is wrong .
  4. I have the impression that the developers do not listen to us,instead of additional items, clothes, hairstyles, sex pose . We get something unnecessary.I give up
  5. all mega sexy, but implementation in 20 years
  6. new stockings dressing up with briefs ?panties on guard decency:)
  7. this games is already well-behaved sims and not sex game with chat,dance more items than sex,This may please some but I'm not what I expected, I will not wait a few more years to implement basic items, let alone 3some
  8. This hat is what needs the most in this game
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