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  1. Lisa We will wait for the launch) Обнимаю)
  2. I understand that many are very upset that the game doesn’t work now! Many blame the developers of Gizmo and Lisa 3DX CHAT! But it’s not their fault! They are doing everything to make the game work again! Did you notice that there was more update? Remember how long we waited them! Now there is more update! But developers are people like us, sometimes they are wrong! And now the developers will install a new server! and I think the game will be stable soon and there will be more updates! Everything will be fine and we will soon return to the game again!From OLESYA with love)
  3. The Russians are not afraid of the coronovirus because the Russians are not afraid of the flu and are not afraid of the cold! I live in Siberia! We have a temperature of -45 in winter! Russians swim in the rivers in winter)
  4. I think you need to read more books and study the history of other countries! If you were an educated person you would not say stupid things! Ancient Russia and more than 1000 years!
  5. We receive three educations, one from our parents, one from our schoolmasters, and one from the world. The third contradicts all that the first two teach us- Charles de Montesquieu
  6. Hello dear residents of 3DX CHAT! I think everything will be fixed soon! We just have to wait!From Russia with love) Hugs and kiss all!
  7. MY LIFE


  9. MaryStGeorge If anyone is to blame for this story, then it's me! LissySBA is not to blame, and I ask you not to blame her! She is an honest and kind soul! Therefore, here I am to blame! We are all humans! People tend to make mistakes! Dear I’ve been in this game for more than 6 years, I think you know about it! I always appreciate people who create beautiful locations beautiful worlds! I always show their work! I make these videos and I give the names so the responsibility is all on me! If I offended you then I apologize! But I know LissySBA for a very long time! she is a very kind and honest soul! I know that! Therefore, you can tell me all the claims! Hug and kiss you!
  10. Hello dear Lisa! I want to report a big problem in 3DX CAHT! The game began to ban people for the fact that they advertised their locations in the world chat! And the game banned me because I advertised this game and the beautiful locations that their creators made! I have more than 2000 friends, they are all very upset about this and are starting to get nervous! When I tried to reassure them in world chat and said that the developers will fix it soon, the system banned me again! It is very sad....

    1. PAWAW


      me too OLESYA again


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