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  1. Thank you very much LissySBA! Very beautiful and unusual location! Your location is an art! You have been doing this location for 3 months !!!
  2. sorry, I threw the video in the wrong place)
  3. No my dear ))) I just liked this video)
  4. Very beautiful and unusual location) Thanks Mamy
  5. Very beautiful location thank you very much Fenrizz and Marpha.
  6. Thank you for the kind words Jade Kali)) I really respect and love you and I will always support you and Safe Haven! You are trying to unite people in 3DX CHAT) I really like it, I kiss and hug you))
  7. Hi Alivia, I totally support you! I can't understand why they ban people who advertise their game! After all, many people come to this game because it is advertised by people like Alivia! She did a lot to promote the game!Hugs and kisss!
  8. Very beautiful location) thanks to NewOne and DomMac
  9. Thanky my dear Ex)))) Hugs and kisssssss)
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