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  1. I want to shine this music video on all people who struggle with coronoviruses and those who are quarantined at home or play online games! We will surely defeat this virus !!
  2. I support Patap! He is a very good and kind man!
  3. Very beautiful and unusual location) Thanks Fenrizz
  4. Dancing Russian Witches in the Master and Margarita)

    1. ☙𝔼𝕩❧


      Real Dance of Russian Witches.

  5. Thanks to everyone who participated in the filming)
  6. My condolences! Woody was a very kind and good person! From Russia with love!
  7. Very nice location thanks DJLynn
  8. Very beautiful and unusual location) Thanks TKiila and Fenrizz
  9. Very beautiful and unusual location thanks DJWildHoney
  10. Very beautiful location thanks NathanDrake and ElenaDrake)
  11. Thank you Anaganda! I want to tell you that your locations are very beautiful and unusual and made with love! Hug and kiss))
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