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  1. This topic is now closed to further replies.
  2. This topic is now closed to further replies.
  3. Aliviater stop looking at ppls business here mind your own crap here hating dont look right on you... haha change your o/f
  4. Was just about to be a spotter and ahhh server goes down... losing my clients at THE GYM because of this server disconnection problem...lol joking but really why is this happening again? HELLO GIZMO LET US KNOW WHATS GOING ON plz
  5. In and out … In and out … In and out … its like someone is fucking the server … Hope that they cum already
  6. Yes thanks for understanding me …. kisses
  7. Ok... Ok... I will stop it back to topic... When will this Attack stop? hahaha just saying! no need for answers
  8. That ability has always been there for you for me for everyone (including guest in your room)... its called ignore (block) we all have it... you should try it... no one should have the control of picking out the people that they don't want in open rooms... now, we also have group rooms that will allow only people you want in the room. So yes no big deal... get over it!
  9. Yes, i get it... its kind of hard to kick your own 100 alts and reload them in the room sing~ Move along, move along like I know you doAnd even when your hope is goneMove along, move along just to make it throughMove along(Go on, go on, go on, go on)
  10. OH FREAKING WELL... block and reopen the room... no big deal there... now ---> it!
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