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  1. This thing is going to become ridiculous.. Update 420 did NOTHING. Seems server is up, but when you click Login it become grey and nothing happens.
  2. We are still here because we paid for this shit
  3. Yes, again. I was starting to miss these troubles.
  4. But this works if you install the game the first time and does not work. We are playing since MONTHS and all went good until last week. And, last thing, free VPN sucks. We need to pay another service (after paying to play the game) just to TRY reconnect and it still doesn't work? Nice..
  5. VPN is basically an excuse cuz they are NOT able to fix the game in 8 days..
  6. And the solution is: close the topic SERVER DOWN with those unacceptable FAQs..
  7. Because ONE topic is less visible than MORE topics. 8 days reading the same message and still having the same troubles, no longer acceptable for a PAID game with GOOD money
  8. It's no longer acceptable, every day the same story. Fix the game or give us back our good money.
  9. If nobody tells it's down again who cares then? Almost every day the same shit for a paid game not working good since more than 1 week, is this ok for you?
  10. Every night the same thing.. going to be boring, don't want to be bad but.. we paid for this.
  11. But we are NOT able to play at the moment..
  12. I agree. with 5 months subscription left I will ask my money back if things won't change, and I'm pretty sure I won't be alone. Btw, the other games from competitors sucks, that's why everything is fixed slowly and there are more bugs than users..
  13. No Sir, it's not. It's just like yesterday, 200 people in queue to log in. Same shit. 5 seconds and disconnect.
  14. 3dxchat is like Cinderella: every day around midnight the server is fucked up. Bad thing. We paid for this.
  15. Ok for the Ddos attack, btw in the last days game server is fucked up EVERY DAY around midnight. It's frustrating. Acceptable for a free game, not for a well paid one, I'm sorry. Disconnected like yesterday night and can't connect to server. Also today we'll play tomorrow..
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