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  1. I agree, its time to take control of this narrative and be the voices for the people who has been asking for this feature for quite sometime now. it won't eliminate all conflict but it would be a great start in getting rid of the troublemakers. but the "DEVS" just needs to listen to the community which plays a huge part in making a game successful. Although I think they should eliminate alt accounts all together or if one of your accounts (alt or main) gets banned then all of your current and new accounts will be banned as well on that same email account that 3dx is registered to or perhaps they could even go far as a hardware ban to the motherboard where your bios is, that would put a stop for sure. Either way you got my vote! 👍
  2. I have had issues to where I go into a room and no avatars would load. a simple restart of the game fixed that, however "response is null" sounds like its having issues connecting to the http server. it could be a hiccup on your internet or 3dx didn't update or didn't update fully. reinstall if you have to.
  3. yes its considered a mid range cpu that is a dual core with hyperthreading which would be enough to run a game like 3dx. https://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Ryzen-3-3250U-Processor-Benchmarks-and-Specs.476706.0.html
  4. they could, but they won't. this game is like the dayZ of sex games. been in beta for 8 or so years, claims its stable but runs like an unoptimized early access. when you tell the developers that the game sucks they want to ban you off forums or say that its your fault lol. rinse and repeat, sadly most of them today are like that. there is one thing they could do, is get rid of the unity engine that it runs on and rebuild it on another engine that is stable and less buggy. they could also hire additional people, 2 devs isn't gonna cut it for the amount of people that has constant issues of crashes, disconnections and lag. but as mentioned its been going on for years, they are almost a decade too late lol.
  5. You can run the game but it will have to be on low settings using 720p resolution with a capped 30 fps. Ultrabook's are normally low powered and are only typically used for browsing purposes only.
  6. Solo Darling


    intel graphics 4000 is normally on 3th gen cpu's, not to mention it has no dedicated vram but only uses system ram as its memory instead. best you can do is low settings and go 720p at a capped 30 fps. if you are still having micro stutters then its from the poorly optimized unity engine in which 3dx chat uses.
  7. Sadly I won't be able to make it due to work, but sending you wishes in spirit. 🥰 Hopefully you got a laugh out of that gif lol.
  8. Good thing its not Friday night 😐 Hopeful it will get fixed, but that hope is lingering.
  9. Impressive work there, thank you for sharing. 🥰
  10. If you already had the #000000 color saved before the update it will remain as that black color, it may or may not work for everyone though, I have no issues with it currently.
  11. I love this, good job!
  12. http://www.listen2myradio.com/it is the best free one out there and the great thing about it people can listen to your stream, there is a very small limitation however, max listeners you can have is about 5,000 I hope that is enough, there is no quality limitation! easy way to set it up is to use winamp with the SHOUTcast plugin have fun!
  13. I think it has something to do with optimization mainly, but I have a Intel Xeon E3-1535M v6 processor with Nvidia Quadro P4000 graphics and certain rooms gives me graphics freezes with some fps drops, but other graphic intensive games I could run everything ultra settings and suffer no issues with fps or freezing. hope the update comes around soon.
  14. What usually fixes my problem is me clearing out cookies, I use ccleaner for that and it worked again every time I used it.
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