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  1. This still isn't fixed yet? smh... Lovense to 3dx is apparently like what the sims 4 and its dlc's are to EA, their cash cow... More waiting.... HwiwgfkyqyQcuiAH_MfxcCPYGcSD_qh8Csl9bKa1VYQ.mp4
  2. An afk timer on a sex stimulation simulation game that saves on resources... Sadly the hamster that keeps the wheels on turning will still not get the rest it deserves for maintaining these servers... Besides it will make it way too easy for the devs not to maintain them properly to begin with, afk poses would be a good thing though. hmm, shall dabs make a comeback afk style?
  3. Considering the delay for a few months, it just don't fit for the little content that we received. I wish 3dx had like a beta version so the community could test for bugs just like other games do. But that would involve the "dev" to actually listen to the community and go through each step to iron out said bugs before an actual release. I just expected more based on the amount of time waiting to be honest.
  4. This is one cool place you created. You really outdid yourself here. Great Job!
  5. If you are having issues with connection make sure 3dx is allowed in the antivirus exclusions list and allowed traffic through your firewall (software or hardware).
  6. I have stable internet, very fast at that and I still get disconnected once a day. I doubt they are fixing anything, according to their road map they are adding new sex poses, dances and other clothing choices. no mention of optimization or stability improvements. Plus they even claim we were to have this "huge update" since 2 or so months ago, but they are late with that as well. Stability is the last thing on their minds it seems.
  7. There is something wrong with the 465.89 driver because other games has had issues with lightning, crashes and so forth. DO NOT turn on V-sync in any game, including this one. All that will do is worsen your frame rate and cause more input lag. Only safe thing to do is uninstall 465.89 and download the 461.92 game ready driver which was released on march 16th of this year. windows reset wasn't needed and studio drivers will not have the same optimizations for games, which you will loose out on much needed performances in games like 3dx.
  8. Sounds like you are getting high ping which would take time for everything to render up correctly. not sure what service you are using for hotspot but if 5g is giving you issues, try just using 4g or 4g lte.
  9. Make sure your file is added into your AV inclusions just in case it is the culprit of blocking the install.
  10. Or I would just put the whole directory of C:\Games\3DXChat in exclusions so that way the whole game would be free from possible features being blocked from antivirus programs.
  11. Yep that is what I do with winamp, shoutcast DSP and it works perfectly on my stream server. also setting the bitrate of your audio should help with latency. not sure what your audio quality in bitrate is for your music but check to see if it isn't too high.
  12. Hey! lol. I actually had this same issue before on both my gaming desktop and laptop. apparently 3dx does not like intel speedstep for some reason. so I had to go into my bios and turn it off, cause all it does is dynamically adjusts processor voltage and core frequency on the fly to reduce heat and power consumption. which in terms will cause throttling and reduced performance, etc. if the pc is properly cooled then you can disable it without issue. Its helped me and 3dx is the only game that I have to turn speedstep off, other games works with no issue.
  13. What program are you using to unzip the compressed folder? I always find 7zip to do the job.
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