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  1. Today The ultimate event experience. Original replica of one of the best club in Cologne ♫♪♫Bootshaus Cologne♫♪♫ Dont miss it !!!
  2. DJ LINE UP 20 pm - 21 pm Keno 21 pm - 22 pm surprise 22 pm - 23 pm Torax 23 pm - 24 pm DJ Stef 24 pm - 01 am TonnyDrake
  3. Hello guys😎 we are back with the next great event 😀You are all invited on 26.11.20 from 20 PM - 01 AM in Tarya's Bootshaus +1 surprise DJ
  4. I have a similar problem from time to time. can enter my room but when I enter a public or private room I get a disconect. Yesterday I switched from EU to US and it worked
  5. Same think the problem arose when the US was inflicted again
  6. I have a similar problem, after log in, the locations load but I don't see any people, music works and I get a disconect. after i log in several times it works and i dont get a dsconect ... tried it with eu and us i dont use vpn. Before the update 426 i had no problems
  7. Dream on and write to the support if that calms you down..good luck 😎
  8. This is a standard response from a bot nothing more😎
  9. We haven't had any information from you for 1 1/2 months. It's time to take care of his paying customers. For example, how long should we play on a non-fixed (test) server with several bugs? This is just one question of many that you will not answer. I know it's pointless to write that here, but hope dies last.
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