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  1. I'm slowly finding it unbelievable ... at the beginning ok ...... but didn't you learn anything from it ????? ... to better protect the new server? ... I just don't understand it😔
  2. I'm also sad to read this ... hope you are doing something new too😃 .... will miss the parties🥺
  3. Yes, and that's exactly what I think is a shame that you don't get any information and nothing comes ... not even at discord
  4. sorry ... you are completely past the topic .... nobody complains and nobody wants to go ... we like to be here .... we just want a little more information
  5. that is certainly correct and no one is angry .... we just wish for more communication that is all ... we are left as dark as the status is ... 🙂
  6. @intro ... you are absolutely right ... I would like us to get more information about the status ... how long it will take for the new server to run
  7. I give up ... has no use ... if you are in it you will fly again
  8. i dream the dream 😉
  9. a very nice home ....😍
  10. 😂Du rockst den Club...Chloe 🤩👍💃🕺
  11. become so great:)))) ... thank you Redji and Manyasha😘🤗
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