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  1. It has become a very nice video and a great idea from you Xanar We wish you a merry, peaceful and blessed Christmas season and a happy, healthy and successful New YearHugs Tarya & Robi
  2. Sure I'm happy about new things for the game...but that again and again old cherished things then are no longer usable...is very sad.....see the corset and now also the dress
  3. when something like this comes as clothing
  4. thanks again for your work and effort...it was a great space and so much fun...although the 10 was really hard to find ;)looking forward to your new project!
  5. Have a great evening...too bad I can't be there....rock the bunker
  6. Vielen Dank an @John Wick für das tolle Video
  7. I'm also sad to read this ... hope you are doing something new too .... will miss the parties
  8. Yes, and that's exactly what I think is a shame that you don't get any information and nothing comes ... not even at discord
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