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  1. BunnyBot hit 150 groups today. Yes, 150 different Groups are using BunnyBot to promote Events, Parties and awesome rooms! Thanks everyone who uses BunnyBot, the #1 Event-promotion tool!
  2. We're happy to release our newest BunnyBot Promotion Video! Check it out!
  3. Dear BunnyBot-People. 2021 is now the year of the Bunny! We are so happy to announce that BunnyBot is now present in 100 different groups. Yes, correct. One-hundred! This is a wonderful achievement for Chloe and me and we want to thank everybody who made this possible!
  4. I can't share that, Derai as that would be a breach of privacy.
  5. We are very happy to announce that BunnyBot now now present in over 90 - Yes, ninety different groups!! That makes BunnyBot the #1 Source to promote Events, share parties and fun! BunnyBot is free and always will be! Add BunnyBot to your server, add your event and enjoy the awesome community, new features with each update and much much more!
  6. Some resolutions showed up multiple times, for example 1920x1080 was in the list 4 times. I think that's what Gizmo meant with the fix.
  7. Ready to rock in a few hours \m/ We'll be there!
  8. There's only one true Bunker and that's the one from Felia and Chloe and they have it for a few years now
  9. Dear BunnyBot-People! We're happy to announce that BunnyBot is now active in 80, yes eighty different Groups! What an awesome way to start the new year! Happy new year to everyone! Also, BunnyBot is now a verified DiscordBot!
  10. We're happy to announce that BunnyBot is now active in over 75+ different groups, making BunnyBot the #1 Event-Source for Events, Parties and much more!
  11. Hello BunnyBot-People! Today we reached a new milestone! BunnyBot is now active in 69 different groups!!
  12. Seems like Men can finally do some pole-dancing? It's buggy right now tho :x
  13. They're.... interresting but yes, way too fast
  14. Join our BunnyBot-Support Server here! https://discord.gg/QbJb5dm
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