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  1. I'm able to buy xGold using Klarna, why not a subscription?
  2. There are some positions with slapping but yeah, some variations for the positions would be nice.
  3. I was about to say the same. This weekend so far was pretty laggy, especially in the evening (Around 7pm CET). Switching positions is not possible. Loading the room list takes ages. PLEASE 3DX - Fix this!
  4. Your client tries to get the avatar information off the server. Sometimes the connection isn't stable, therefore you'll see some people bald and naked. Usually a relog fixes it. You can also try another server (EU or US)
  5. Whenever I enter Fresco, 3DX will place my avatar on the bar. Sometimes It'll place me at the entrence. When I enter the Sin-Club, I sometimes spawn in the back room. I reinstalled 3DX, however this didn't fix my issue. Xanar
  6. Hello everyone. When I want to add my special one as partner, she'll get the request but it won't add me as her partner. When she adds me however it seems to work (sometimes). When it doesn't work, we have to restart the game completly. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this issue. I already reinstalled 3DX but the problem remains. Xanar
  7. I hope you all like the screenshots. I will open the room for public soon.
  8. This room is inspired by "Minecraft", as you can see. Enjoy the small clip I made.
  9. Dear 3DX-Community, 2021 was and still is a weird year for everyone. But together we are strong. Together we can help everyone! Close your eyes and make a wish for 2022. A year that'll hopefully be bright and wonderful. Christmas is around the corner. Grab a candy cane or a cupcake and watch the following video I made with others. Special Thanks to BunnyBot Vaper JPfromindy TiaDelight NicoBlue Till Lisa gizmo Nettis Lauritapeque Felia FrontDE Seherezade Robi Tarya RippleNogardCutter Kalli Chilli Chloe Veda SummerRShadowsyn AngelicaBlackwater OOlisa DJane DJLisaX Aurras LauraTWK Lovie LauraCasey SallyGER JetteGER VenomousVixen Elianna LucyXoXo ILizI Kimmies xCandy AWahba RebelGirl Chouun MayaMewMew AllForYou
  10. BunnyBot hit 150 groups today. Yes, 150 different Groups are using BunnyBot to promote Events, Parties and awesome rooms! Thanks everyone who uses BunnyBot, the #1 Event-promotion tool!
  11. We're happy to release our newest BunnyBot Promotion Video! Check it out!
  12. Dear BunnyBot-People. 2021 is now the year of the Bunny! We are so happy to announce that BunnyBot is now present in 100 different groups. Yes, correct. One-hundred! This is a wonderful achievement for Chloe and me and we want to thank everybody who made this possible!
  13. I can't share that, Derai as that would be a breach of privacy.
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