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    God, Family, Friends and Living Life to the FULLEST! I believe in LOYALTY, which is RARE. I DO NOT do DRAMA! PERIOD!! WHATEVER your opinion is of me, UNLESS IT IS KIND, keep that shit to YOURSELF! I will read you like a book in public if you dare be mean to people, so be prepared if you hurt innocent people while around me.

    I love creating rooms, pictures and many other things and have done things like this for years on the side. Art and photography are passions of mine.

    Please don't just like me because I have a PHAT a**..... Like me because I have a killer personality, crazy heart and loyal soul.... <3 I'm a DIRTY filthy vixen who LOVES having fun. I DO NOT WANT TO SETTLE down and get married; I want to leave my book OPEN..... and do as I please... <3 One day, someone will realize they don't want to live without me. Wherever you are, I've been patiently waiting <3

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  1. Missing a few of my loyal and true friends ❤️ Can't wait to be back and have FUN :D

  2. Jane, she was just being rude... Look over that bullshit. I like the way you explained YOUR IDEAS :)))) You weren't forcing shit on anyone Every one is into different things... Thanks for bringing your ideas to the forum
  3. I think YOU need to start a NEW thread about WHO Is tired of every thing being based on this BBC & BWC ... this helps the creators and owner know what WE WANT
  4. WELL SAID ALIVIA. I couldnt agree more!
  5. I DIED laughing at the VIDEO in the thread. I wanted to LIKE it but I have NO LIKES YET... hahahaha :P Thanks for the LAUGH

  6. I have gotten MORE entertainment out of this thread than I have on the game recently..... JUST LAUGH! Be glad you aren't dying!


    1. PrimmPriss


      You are the SWEETEST thing PAN............ I love roses and you always give the prettiest ones..... ❤️

  8. do people with real feelings still exist huh? feelings about what exactly is first question. my next is do you believe that decent values + real compassion and tolerance has been replaced with a self-serving manipulative society that only cares if it benefits them? If so can they see themselves for what they are?

    1. PrimmPriss


      Hi Brad, from Wyoming?? Just taking a guess from the name. Okay, so .. lets answer these questions, :D

      Do people with real feelings still exist huh? Feelings about what exactly is the 1st question.

      Honestly? Feelings about putting someone else first, being selfless, loyal, loving, soulful, passionate. Feelings, someone who has compassion for the sick and poor and homeless. Someone who loves animals and respects what God has placed before them. Believes in paying it forward. THOSE TYPE of feelings.

      Do I believe that decent values PLUS real compassion and tolerance HAS BEEN replaced with a self-serving, manipulative society that only cares if it benefits them?

      Of course it has Brad, look around you. That is exactly why I ASKED if "people with real feelings still exist?". People have become cruel, heartless, uncaring, full of drama and problems. If it doesn't please them, then usually THEY become very unhappy, which is PATHETIC.

      If so, can they see themselves for what they are?

      IN my eyes, some can be redeemed if they are lucky enough to have someone turn a mirror on their sorry a**es, which COULD wake them up, BUT HONESTLY, this generation is full of SELF LOATHING and WHINERS who are too lazy to even begin to care about HOW they should treat others, including themselves.

    2. BradleyWy


      I guess we are on same page and yes real feelings do still exist, in this man at least. I am hard working, strong in character, I am straight forward, forgiving almost to a fault, I always try to see put myself in others shoes after disagreements to check myself, protect fiercely anyone in need. I am Leo i fit that description given fairly close. My issues are my temper, low tolerance of ignorant people, not very sociable at times. If you want to know more just ask. This world we live in now I dont recognize, I cant fathom how so many are manipulated by, and believe in whats being pushed on society, cant wrap my head around that. Need to quit worrying about hurting feelings and slap the shit out of people I believe at minimum. I just dont know if it would do any good brainwashing runs deep in the young, and it was done right under our nose. Enough of all that, so to escape to a better place why did you join this alternate reality instead of some other ? This is first I've ever tried and cant even figure out how to move or look around yet. Got to go. Included picture of me and my boy, he's been with me 11 years now.


  9. You know its getting bad when you start doing that
  10. No doubt this is so true Kimmie... when using height differences it would mess with the positions. Another game, IMVU, also has height choices but it also messes with the poses which look silly and ignorant.
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