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  1. i know how it works and i was talking about that tool have u bothered See the amount of props its creates for a 100x100 pic simple math for a picture in a wall that 90 % of 3dxchat player base wont even be able to see and in best case it will be seagmented or the file size of that pic will like 1-2 clubs lol please ... But anyways it was my personal opinion i dont want a picture in a wall that could potentialy be 500kb to 1 mb lol depending the pic and depending how good this pic wanna seem .... and as i mentioned bellow high graphic settings ppl wont even be able to see that pic from 3 meters distance in low settings wayyy more .... never said the tool isnt working also i said u have to deal with 10k to 40k + props in ur room for a silly picture that no one gives a damn cause they enter the room and lag like hell
  2. your idea is nice and cool but not in this earth only on a utopia that buisness will run for free Dont get me wrong 3dxchat is a buisness their Aim is to make money Since they made subscriptions 50% cheaper there is no more room for losing ... Current system not only its fair to everyone but Devs earn a lil more from the competition room owners Do So what you suggest is ''Devs can u get a smaller salary ...yet again With current system even if your room is the most populated if other ppl top their room then that top room will fall down on the list and eventually will lose ppl cause it wont be seen so much So if that X owner wants to keep be seen he/she must spend some xgold and spend means money for the devs vs players just simply do 2 more scrolls with the mouse wheel hehe... Splitting rooms into categories erase the need to spend xgold cause all rooms will be in front page more or less ... 1 alternative is subscription goes back to where it was 7 years meaning +50 % from the current one and then maybe they can do what u propose Currently Devs halved their salary 50 % and add to all that the damage from the DDOS attacks /servers u name it ...
  3. you dont have to be ''Good designer'' you have to be .....you the good you say is very very very very subjective depending random crowds So ..there are no Good ..there are people that love and like to build stuff just keep Doing the things that make you happy
  4. its definetly ur music clip u should find music clips that are copyright free as far for game devs have said clearly that plkayer can sell the videos they record inside game ..so again ur issue is the music clip even if video isnt monetized
  5. Is called world pic something but I'll say it doesn't worth cause it creates huge amounts of props n files not to mention players bellow high settings won't even see those pictures.. Lol
  6. i have evo 212 cooler also blender uses the gpu to render not the cpu also my mention was for the creek location u had
  7. Some of my latest animations 


  8. i told you room is cool and beautiful but too heavy and i dont like see my cpu reach 70 i preffer stay on 45 c i was able to be on extreme settings but reaching 70-75c and thats the limit intel gives for my i76700k temps wise lol people might not know but reaching the top temps ur cpu allows means shorter life span for ur cpu . So its personal prefference for people ..and personaly there is no point for me go in a room and be on low settings so my pc dont reach the limit temps factory tells others dont mind and its cool but when u have a nice location u need to be on extreme high settings to enjoy the view cause staying on low settings game looks crap lol . With all that being said i will say again Cool awesome room but i dont feel ok watching my cpu reach 70- 75 c 3dxchat beach do the same but there i get 60c 70 -75 c is to much lol meanwhile in yacht im on 40 c thus i love yacht So if i were to chose 40 c and 70-75 c i will always chose the 40 c
  9. It's just 2 different rooms with 2 accounts similar name as asbash said Simple prolly bot accounts that's why the log in faster etc n bots aren't illegal in this game.... Do I like bots? No I prefer live interaction but u can't call this a hack.. Chloé had a greeder bot many months ago so nothing wrong
  10. Current room list is by far the most fair cause it doesn't matter if ur old player or known everyone is equal now.. Old system favored known ppl now its not the case... Nalley hunch issue is the radio not working lol
  11. actually ur the one spread hatred and accusations for groups without solid proofs lmao u have said same thing in this thread like 10 times baseless acccuasations of a group and im sure u say same in other threads So its time u point that finger on ur self ...or so they say go play game its up now lol
  12. i dont realy care but u seem to care
  13. staying here cost u..... Aalisa already open and +50 peeps hahaha
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