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  1. Check your antivirus settings and run again the client as admin
  2. you forgot the part i say 3 rooms can be in front page by spending 300xgold so its x3 more for 3dxchat
  3. im realy into more organized shared rooms like categorizing rooms and everyone can choose what they want instead the current chaos that u see all rooms togeather , you want to go to a party u simply click party tab and u browse the party tagged rooms u want sex u click sex tab u want chill u click respected tab nice n clean its even the smallest detail that make a game great fix a lil here fix a lil there n u have something realy cool
  4. Aliviax

    User Reviews

    Hey everyone this thread is a user review means say ur opinion about the Game not fight or argue or w/e lol
  5. yeah lots of peeping toms here cool idea
  6. hey you can clean registry using free software like CC cleaner or advance system care from iobit that has many tool like the unistaller and other tools like clean junk etc both are free personaly i use avast clean up premium not free tho but u can use the above i said . many times when u unisall programs n games some stuff are left behind that u have to clean either manually or with the help of a software Hope its helps
  7. i feel you folds was my favorite now i dont use it anymore lol
  8. See Gizmo read suggested stuff and Dev team do stuff that comunity asks jessica so happy Lets see what other amazing stuff this dev team store for us in the very near future
  9. annoying chat bug and more annoying during special times hahahaaha 😀
  10. Been a lil lazy to build but very soon you will see 6 new requests and some 1 premade Stay tuned
  11. If you have 2 accounts online and on 1 you build you still cant save i tried it today so Gizmo take a look ,log 2 accounts and on one try save ur build u will see u cant . Load and save rooms if no second account online works ok my side
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