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  1. Merry christmass everyone :) 



  2. Who knows lol they don't say clear stuff
  3. Merry Christmas everyone may the light of the xmass spirit shine bright n light your way in whatever you do 🌞😉
  4. i have said it many times its called kill 2 birds with 1 stone is it right to do it ? No ofc not cause u cant always kill those 2 birds and look ok ish
  5. turning offf abient occlusion and go detailazation low its same as unistall the game lol it will look like tetris
  6. i wouldnt have said it any better heheh thanks for bringing that up most developers when fixing bugs etc they always release changelog ...not the case here trancparecy is the most crucial element between developers and players ..not the case here ... wonder some why players here get edgy? after like 8 years of non trancparecy ? they told us we dont get clothes cause they need a programmer to intergrade them AKA make a script when we know that poses need also script props need a script dances need a script everything needs a script .....thats not trancparent ...thats fool
  7. awesome event love the idea ❤️ 1 pointer ill have to say that sounds to me a lil sexiest ...why only women have to prove ? lol why not men prove also ? im not in any femminist group lol but i think its not fair lol anyways the event and idea sounds very erotic congratz
  8. no worries they are cool ppl there and they will short you out the only delay might be the refund to ur account few buisness days depending countries
  9. sex spin bottle idea imagine a bottle u spin and when spin ends it shows a pose like oral vaginal etc no need have every pose we have just categories like cuddle oral vaginal anal etc it will make game more fun the result of the spin will be visible to all players with a small pop up icon over the bottle (oral vaginal anal cuddle )
  10. Hello @Gizmo recently I canceled my sub to check how much free game time I have.. I was sure that I had around 330-340 remaining game time from my activities when cheerleading n other various stuff 😉 but I found I have 470 something meaning ur system shows way more around 140 more days n that's not cool for me or you so I'm here to point you out to check every player remaining time.. And reduce mine from 470 free to like 330 or 300 I don't mind... But I'm sure there is something wrong in ur system that needs ur imidiate attention.. Ps don't worry I'll resub both my yearly accounts when aw
  11. I meant add a question in ur poll on how the players feel about developers trsncparecy Example question do you believe dev team is transparent etc and ofc add another question to your poll asking players if they would like to have a development roadmap
  12. BTW add to the poll transparency as it's a very crucial element between business n players 😉 Also you could add a roadmap development
  13. Your are right... The wsy devs behave communication wise n transparency slowly but steady create unsatisfactory climate to many players n I'll include my self.. When u slowly create fed up players they might stay cause nothing on the horizon but when something appears its bye bye forever cause of that fed up....lack of transparency communication n many more.. I mean if you leave for something else after years of fed up why come bk when there is something else.. No matter what new features u bring.. It will be too very late... Personally I scream n scream n point out various s
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