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  1. I think tsela you will be happy to know that im working on this cloth 😁 maybe a lil different texture but same idea see through with this dress you wont need any male clothes hahaha you will be just happy to watch girls
  2. we got 16 updates since late Aufust lol sure not everyone will like specific updates i can understand . tsela soon u will get male clothes 😁 @Manyasha and @Redji working on that they have already shown some teasers Go now play game and have fun forum not do you any good
  3. hey 😁its upcoming update discussion thread hehe with that being said Devs work in multiple projects that might be open long time some projects are for very near updates and some other projects for later cause its not ur usual easy 1 week job @everyone trust me lots of awesome stuff on the way ! its just need people to be patient (yeah i know many will say we do 5 year patience i will say that 3dxchat trully kickstarted this August with 64 client . You cant deny the fact that before we had updates every 3 -4 months and now its not the case ,we get updates as soon as they are ready and a perfect example is ..we get sometime update in 1 week in 2 weeks in one month and that shows that we get updates as soon as they are ready Devs have no need keep updates secret and not upload them lol . So if there is no update means update isnt ready . Please just hang in there
  4. making another collection currently
  5. Aliviax


    No worries im already on the making of some clothes already i mean started today 😁 here a sample of the first dress i make .
  6. My New College Room you can find it here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/college-room.html
  7. Here another New Room called THE HOOD You can find it here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/the-hood.html
  8. Hey everyone since last xmas update not even a month has passed ^^ Its not that Fast you know create content and make updates If it was that easy everyone would create their own Game people That Use maya-blender and other software like that and create 3D knows very well that when you sit and start Do something Days pass like it was minitues hehe There are No shortcuts Devs has to Deal with Ton of stuff like create content -work in multiple projects that might be bigger -read forum suggestions-read the bug tracker -Go loacate test bug and possible fixes -Now that players are able to create Tattoos Devs have to check them out see if their Ok see if the quality is ok (i will mention that So far tattoos that have been submitted arent quality that Devs aprove ) Players need to be careful of the quality . Not to mention that it was christmas Devs also have families to spend some time with them like all Of us please be patience and let The Devs work So they deliver to all of us Good updates Also I think its time For male players get now some stuff they lack updates ..and what im trying to say is not everyone will like a specific update ! example lets say Devs create female clothes ..females will like possibly ..but men wont like cause they didnt get anything and vice versa
  9. Do you happen to have msi motheboard ? If yes Gizmo had replied in another thread meda by misschief check it out
  10. Here a villa i made specifiacaly for people that dont have a very good pc Meet The Villa Type UZR - F Type A Only 247 kb yayyyyyyy you can forget what lag is even with a wooden pc you can open for everyone and make pool parties and have fun You can find it Here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/villa-type-uzr.html Buid with the awesome 3dxchat world editor
  11. Hope You are ready for method 3 😁 here a preview
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