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  1. xizi reason i say what i say cause no one will ever listen(meaning devs) and its 1+ when more money get involved in favor for the devs so personaly i find it waste of time to even bother ,i mean ur here u see whats happening ....devs wont change ...lol So best approach is dont spend xgold to top ur room open it and if ppl come so be it if dont come so be it again go out go in another room u like music etc . just dont bother with that stuff and keep having fun ur way is bottom line what i try say ... for me whatever system for room topping they come up its all the same ,if im in mood to open i will no matter who tops who doesnt (im not in mood to open tho ) haha its pure cancer if u start bother with all the things here so i would suggest Do not bother keep ur sanity intact hehe
  2. what u say is Devs put a limitter in the money they earn your idea is ok dont get me wrong but who would want to put a limitter in their pocket ? current topping system favors xgold . So what if a room is 1st or second or 10th or bottom ? personaly i check the whole room list and i go wherever my mood gets me I dont see why ppl have to care which place is their room if they only seek fun from this game So if you are here to have fun chat do some sex fantasies no need top ur room just open it and whoever comes let the others spend money topping their room and focus on ur own fun you dnt need to have dancers or djs or anything lol ...you open ur room with the theme u like and u just have fun if u get bored u close it and you go somewhere else simple
  3. Milennia Luxury Villa 3 you have persmission to earn Donations with this villa From Hosting you can find it here along with many other rooms both free and non free rooms https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/ my discord server also for many other cool stuff https://discord.gg/pz3EcPf
  4. just started posing characters for a new animation i wanna make meet honoka from Doa in A yummy 3 some 😋 wanna follow my work and live my journey from noob to pro ? https://twitter.com/AliviaDream3D https://www.patreon.com/AliviaDream3D https://discord.gg/pz3EcPf would be cool if 3dxchat could make a similar 3 some cause 3some poses are very lacking on 3dxchat So post has a dual purpose advertize my outside work and same time suggest to this game
  5. listen i call it fictional cause its not here haha so far its on our imagination ,when something doesnt exist yet its in the spere of fictional to me just a thought nhothing more and yes exact lisa words was ''we havent worked on the pose editor '' fictional word is mine and explained it above when something Do not exist isnt fictional ? isnt a fantasy or just a thought ? The devs havent shown any teaser from the pose editor ^^ those were inside 3dsmax ^^ the oly teasers we have got were hair sliders and cloth sliders (we havent got )
  6. yes ofc but does this mean that the animator should stop making poses ? the 3d modeler design stuff ? Ofc not its another job and another job to keep server stable ^^ i said many times 1 works on server another works on programming another works on animations another on modeling another is baking bread haha all those are different proffesions that can be worked same time and progress same time No ? i mean while tecknicians are fixig the server and keep it stable shouldnt we get updates ? shouldnt we get new content ? bug fixes ? i mean why not its different jobs lol have u seen animators fixing a server or baking breads or build railroads lol no they do animations modelers Do 3d designs and teck team fix and maintain server All at the same time Jen C here ill use you as example say ur a animator in a game and that game server has issues and ur not a server expert ur a animator ..So will you stop producing animations ? ofc not So why the hold up ? it doesnt make any sense.... lol also lisa said on wc they havent worked on that fictional pose editor and that story goes back 2+ years ..lol its not that they stopped the project due to server issues lol they never had started it Also here another disturbing thing they say bug fixes and chanelog why never mention witch bugs they fixed ? cause i keep having the same bugs lol what bugs have u been fixing ??? why not mention ? There isnt a single person when doing bug fixes to never mention in chanelog the bugs they fix sexgamedevil is the only one that never says and yet bugs are there .. So personaly as i said above i have stopped waiting anything i dont think a pose editor will find the light of day haha so better lets foget it ... Now they want to fill us with tattoed piercings ,self phones socks ....who knows maybe pose editor will also be a tattoed haha ..ohh wait that door u might want get ready its comming on a tattoo u wanted a specific hemoshere prop ? tattoo is the answer
  7. anyways i think we need to forget this whole pose editor ,i mean devs asked us 2+years ago and 2+ years later nowhere to be found and latest dev news say they havent even worked on that editor ..so as you see there is no point to wait such feature lol ... even if they start now making it from the progress we have witnessed and their weird way of working Some ppl will die from old age before they see that fictinal pose editor into the game .. why i say that ? well last months i visit every room i met ppl that are 65 + hehe dont get me wrong but u get my point right this team just cant... its like the piliticians in movies saying ''i will do this i will do that to earn the votes and when you vote they are like ''get out of here '' haha Sounds familiar ?
  8. Nope. Currently I can open a room log out n room still be open... Log in next day n find it open, unless I decide to close it... So what I said above create a pose in fictional pose editor.. Upload n save upon completion, means everyone can see the pose not use it tho cause they don't have the file... Kinda same when u open ur room ppl don't have ur room but can see it... Cause server send data of the room u have load there to every player along with many other data like coordinates etc. But anyways I don't think we will ever get such a editor... We were shown tattooed piercings 3 months ago.... Not that we liked them but no where to be seen... I mean lol they were ready.. Even tho they said wip... When u make a tattoo n show it its there finished lol. Its not like they showed us the half tattoo piercing n other half is wip lol
  9. But... Now rooms are open even if host isn't online ^^ you know what this means
  10. What I say is.. When I would make something on that fictional pose editor before it would be ready for use I would have to save it.. So what can be done is this.. Upload n save meaning you save the file on ur pc n same time upload to the server... Then if I use that pose ppl would be able to see it casu server would send back as it already sends various data each second. Similar is for rooms server keeps a copy when you load it... At this point I wanna say that I don't believe anymore that this dev team can make it lol as we have seen they struggle to make a simple 3d object piercing lol.... What pose editor we talking about haha
  11. guys its very simple lol dont complicate things ,the said pose editor would work like build editor ,you go you create something u save the file like you do with world files .no one else will have it unless you share it so no big menu no scrolling etc you say
  12. Well it seems hard for this dev team I mean so far as we have witnessed they can't make a 3d piercing.. 3 months have passed since they showed us the texture paint piercing n players boohoo them under voting cause we needed a real 3d object not a tattoo piercing lol. Dont know what to say only what I witness here.
  13. recently on world chat lisa said they havent worked on a pose editor ....yes i know this convo of pose editor being 2+ years lol 3 months ago they showed us some nipple piercings fake ones meaning texture paint not a 3d object ..3 months later no where to be seen creates a distrust if you ask me
  14. sure If devs pay us 😁i can make from 3d piercings for nose mouth nipples to whatever you can imagine on blender 😁 i have ready sitting from gloves male socks bikinis trikinis dresses top bottoms u name it
  15. i have 1 question @jawok are those gonna be mesh objects or texture paint socks AKA paited socks on the skin dont get me wrong i ask cause i know you do tattoos
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