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  1. i realy liked the poses and would be cool if we had them in game
  2. doesnt matter if newer Unity ^^ animation is animation
  3. Where are all those poses lol
  4. I agree let's not make rocket science where it's not. A general rule is 1 min animation is 1 hour work 3dxchat animations is way less than 1 min.. After my exams that I'll have more time I'll show case you.. I will rig on my own the current avatar (dev kit) and animate so you can see using blender
  5. about the earrings ..with most hairstyes u wont be able to see them but rings is nice idea
  6. Listen There are no far more important poses lol hahahha what i mean is important to everyone is different stuff example if u make a poll for your own important thing how would u feel if rest ppl say what u said ''not important so i not vote cause more far important poses '' Listen ...voting yes or no Do not guarantee you will get anything this is just another poll even if you think other stuff is more important why not vote yes since ur not against lol A GOD only knows if the holding hands will ever be implemented anyways what bothers me is that its a simple poll yet ppl so hesitant lol ofcourse ppl are free to vote No or dont vote but expect then when you make a poll those ppl might say same to yours .... Personaly i think we need to support every idea that will make game better and not be egoist ....'' no my ideas are more important not urs ''etc lines
  7. if someone isnt against doesnt mean they can vote no cause something else is more important why ? cause there is No specific order of stuff and when to come so voting no cause u want something else first is silly . The right way is ....U are not against but u have another priority ? vote yes and also say what you want before that and you are good to go simple Many ppl vote No in stuff cause many times they just dont like the person suggested it hahaha true silly storry lol
  8. Definetlyyyy yessssssssssssssssssss πŸ˜€
  9. Alternative is nothing lol why the need for any bot? You have a party you post ur party... Done easy 😁
  10. If you don't stand in the loading area u can stand wherever you want πŸ˜€
  11. i would like to ask more sauna and spa related props so we can chill and perhaps 1 more massage pose in different area
  12. Great News 3dxchat is in the right direction ofc many things have to be made but i will say after 64 client 3dxchat is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee hopefully you will give us the all waited pose editor also 😁
  13. nice pose coughs @Loruna and @PD
  14. make more catch and fuck make more hide outs so we dont get cought easilly lol
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