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  1. sweet Fuermond dev team realy works in many stuff same time and soon you will see some awesome cool stuff
  2. This thread will be very very long 😛 3dxchat the best social/Adult multiplayer 3D online Game will be here for many more years to come
  3. The Alivia factory never stops building this time a a beach bar-sex club request for the futa ppl here ill put my new glory hole design n many other new designs
  4. hey everyone , it takes time for devs to create new content and same time fixing old stuff and bugs Be patient awesome stuff on the way that will make you very hyped
  5. Next project this time a free room that ill share soon when its ready Its a bar area and bridges that lead to houses some will have beds n sofas n some massage stuff
  6. as louisa said 1 put the whole game in exception on ur antivirus 2 set it to run on admin always also when you clean registry you have to hard restart ur pc
  7. i would suggest desktop tho for 2 main reasons 1 desktop are cheaper than laptops in same specs 2 more powerful this game has awesome graphics so if you want to enjoy the game at maximum you need a system that will allow you to play the Game on extreme graphic settings on 60 fps 1920x1080 resolution . Also depends how many hours will you play the Game ? most laptops will kneel if you play many hours when you are in rooms that have 50 + people inside . If you dont care about graphics and you are ok seeing ppl as tetris 🤣 go for a laptop . i personaly use both desktop n laptop but laptop mostly when im tired n chilling in bed tho . Now about laptops to be able to play on extreme n survive some time you looking at 800 + euro meanwhile you can get twice the power on desktop with much less My prefference suggestion would be i7 6700 or 6700k and higher for cpu and gtx 1070 and higher for gpu fast SSD for game n windows 16 ram minimum on 2200 + If you want to play on best graphics that is For laptop i use this model that is close to my destop specs : https://www.amazon.com/Alienware-AW17R3-8342SLV-17-3-Inch-Generation-GeForce/dp/B015PYYCEK but you looking at 3k eu and not near the power of desktop think about how you wanna play extreme graphics or low graphics and you will find what you look
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