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  1. i wanna quote you on those above you said: not being online doesnt mean u wont get banned if u have done something before u log out or 2 days earlier and someone report you and took support 2 days to check it whatever .. on the second one ..lets not speculatesuch stuff since there is no idication or any info on the subject
  2. i will remind you that more than 1 month now they charge half the money ^^ i will also remind you that xgold was here when ppl joined the game its not a invention so when u join game u join with a sub and the knowlage you can buy xgold
  3. its a way to make few extra money hehe what to rethink 3dxchat is a buisness and needs money thus the 300 xgold
  4. Dont get me wrong but i too think 300xgold topping ur room is the only legit way to advertize ur room and a way that works personaly if i want to visit another rooms ..i click open shared user tab and i pick a room that simple no advertizment will make me visit a room for the simple reason that i can see all rooms in shared user tab
  5. personaly i know divas dont do many advertizments i would say they do like 2 ads and its perfectly normal not like some other ppl that do ads every 60 seconds anyways i hope it gets resolved for you soon and be able to come in ur room requesting 3 days grace iam machine
  6. i said earlier autoban has imidiate effect doesnt take more that 2 seconds so its not the case here
  7. hi evryone ,Autoban has imidiate application it takes like 2 seconds after said post So i dont think its the case here for those that banned for ''spam'
  8. Something else ... So what if you are the best ? what do u get from a sex game ? Nothing So what if ur the worst ? what do u get from a sex game ? Nothing So what If you try enjoy ..what do you get ? You might have fun Being best good pro or worst doesnt matter in a Game cause games meant to have fun I remeber when i played tera with some 3dxchat friends and was that easter egg event its was so cool group with friends etc hunt do something more special ,it gives another taste ..events are cool for games Hopefully in furure we will have similar events with clothes or tattoos or even poses or even other new cool stuff 😉
  9. Its a simple event like all kinds of events that ppl gather and have fun etc whatever ''best'' is just a gimmic for the love of god its a fun event simple if u wanna particiapate for the fun its cool ..dont get so serious about a event just particiapate if u want and try have fun thats all .. 3dxchat didnt have events ..so here a event lol why fight who is best who is pro just build something send it and all is cool end of story lol
  10. even league of legends and other multimillion games have bugs and servers issues that doesnt mean its alpha lol and ill say again game trully started last summer with 64 client ...curently game has server difficulties due to DDOS attack we lived one week ago but as devs already said they prepare a new cool server
  11. hello, 1) game currently has over 9k population from arround the world more than 1k every given time cause as we know ''timezones'' other have gm other have gn 2) you will find 2-3 rooms have over 90 ppl in each room and doezens of rooms with double digits 3)you can create animations and send them to devs and if they like it they will add it in a upcoming update 4) same as above you can create clothes and send them to the dev team (no in game cloth editor or pose editor so far maybe later for tattoos also same as above (devs do not accept copy paste tattoos from other sources or artists only original made by you ) 5) I would say Game just started despite the fact game is 7 year old only last summer got out of beta version with the 64 client last year game has made leaps and bounds update wise with constant and massive updates both in clothes and poses and the best stuff are yet to come 6) No underage/violence/rape etc in public or its a ban ill add 7th for you game has currently stay home offer with 50% so now 1 year is only 45 dollars .....So havent you already jump to the game and live this awesome experience ? hehe if i were you i would lock on that offer ...oh wait i have years now hahaha hope to see you in game have fun ps for clothes if u wanna make you need either : blender marvelous desighner etc for poses :3dsmax tattoos many choices
  12. that would be cool idea if devs keep making clothes out of market place and only users put clothes in the market place you mention ..this way every player will get same stuff from the devs ...user stuff whoever wants and if they want ofc
  13. here's the thing with crawling animation ..i knew ppl would love this at least bdsm ppl that have been left kinda behind update wise ..so i started make this ..while in the process ..i was thinking ...how it will be used 1) like all the sex animations that are loops ? if yes then it wont look cool having a 5 second crawl repeat over and over again ...So next best thing/ Idea i had is to make it non loop but added beside the walk run so players could chose walk -run-crawl would that be a good idea ?
  14. depending the stairs u have chose can be 0.15 or 0.25 having set ur snap step to match the previous ready stair ...play with the values i would suggest tho make custom stairs and not use the default props ..customs best are if each step is 0.1 and distance /hight from each other also 0.1 so 4 meters high is 40 steps without gaps circle stair can save you some room also
  15. i will drop this here...just have fun and enjoy what game has to offer being the best or the worst or whatever doesnt realy offer anything .. what realy offers tho is to have fun
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