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  1. Get out of here lol we know what we read hahahaa it was Gizmo tols us they want to release the first update in a month lol Ofc there are drawbacks in every development i can understand that since i develope but having constant drawbacks and delays lol not to mention when u have a delay u let ppl know about it its the part that every business do to build a trust between buisness and clients ... ring any bell ? bwahaha
  2. hey everyone , Here a Sex club i had build few weeks ago im sorry for sharing it so very late but i didnt had any time to upload it and make pics and a post on my blog .. it was my intention from the start to share it but as i said not much time to do the above anyways here it is .. -Low file size club -Awesome performance -Lots of areas -Lots of tease areas -Gloryholes tables u name it wanna have tons of ppl n not worry for ur pc performance ? or ur pc tempratures? wanna have it open weeks without close ur pc ? Then This is For YOU yes you .that u reading this now hehe you can Download it from here ... https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/ first post or .. here https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/new-s-free-club.html and here my discord server for many other cool stuff ... https://discord.gg/pz3EcPf say hi when u join haha im a lil weird with ppl never say hi mind that my server automaticaly kick u out if u havent post anything for 1 week or havent log in to discord ..So ...not my fault hahaha alsmost forgot here few pics ..
  3. Here A lil Gift for your desktop Alivia and jessie model in the beach Important the pic here is heavily compressed so i save attachment space (its also 4k but as i said heavilly compressed) original 4k is on my discord in general chat hop in and grap its 3840x2160 uncopressed discord invite https://discord.gg/pz3EcPf or get it from google drive in case u hate my discord haha https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VsFXJtAmFimQ5XaP5ziA-gJG9xPfWyEX/view?usp=sharing
  4. Some Of my Latest rooms hopefully soon ill find some spare time to build something lol cause been long time but hey i too hope day would have 72 hours instead 24 haha but saddly it hasnt also as you know exclusive requests also closed since 0 time to build you for all those that discord pmed i say here So i dont pm each and everyone individualy Villa EDM club College Room slight older haha ps Many more rooms on my blog where you can find them https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/ <<<<<<< Also my discord server https://discord.gg/pz3EcPf
  5. Here some Fap meterial for the fans haha ..joking 

    So i was working on some drivers for my Alivia model and wanted to test some extreme poses ..well i could go for yoga like poses but wouldnt be fun for you so i made those and same time did my tests :) 

    enjoy :) 

    new tests 5.jpg

    new tests 7.jpg

  6. The New hair for my Alivia model ..almost ready actually i Do 3 versions 1 with particle system(that alsmost finished ) and 2 other with different methods
  7. Merry christmass everyone :) 



  8. Who knows lol they don't say clear stuff
  9. Merry Christmas everyone may the light of the xmass spirit shine bright n light your way in whatever you do
  10. i have said it many times its called kill 2 birds with 1 stone is it right to do it ? No ofc not cause u cant always kill those 2 birds and look ok ish
  11. turning offf abient occlusion and go detailazation low its same as unistall the game lol it will look like tetris
  12. i wouldnt have said it any better heheh thanks for bringing that up most developers when fixing bugs etc they always release changelog ...not the case here trancparecy is the most crucial element between developers and players ..not the case here ... wonder some why players here get edgy? after like 8 years of non trancparecy ? they told us we dont get clothes cause they need a programmer to intergrade them AKA make a script when we know that poses need also script props need a script dances need a script everything needs a script .....thats not trancparent ...thats fooling us instead tell us ...we dont have clothes please be patient or something lol Now If they were honest and transparent in their words things would be much better ...and climate between players and devs also much better .. How u expect players to react when they get bs in the face instead get honest answers ...i guess not well and this is what happening here in general also Diana that project u mentioned make wayyyy less money than 3dxchat and they have way more developers in their team lol
  13. awesome event love the idea 1 pointer ill have to say that sounds to me a lil sexiest ...why only women have to prove ? lol why not men prove also ? im not in any femminist group lol but i think its not fair lol anyways the event and idea sounds very erotic congratz
  14. no worries they are cool ppl there and they will short you out the only delay might be the refund to ur account few buisness days depending countries
  15. sex spin bottle idea imagine a bottle u spin and when spin ends it shows a pose like oral vaginal etc no need have every pose we have just categories like cuddle oral vaginal anal etc it will make game more fun the result of the spin will be visible to all players with a small pop up icon over the bottle (oral vaginal anal cuddle )
  16. Hello @Gizmo recently I canceled my sub to check how much free game time I have.. I was sure that I had around 330-340 remaining game time from my activities when cheerleading n other various stuff but I found I have 470 something meaning ur system shows way more around 140 more days n that's not cool for me or you so I'm here to point you out to check every player remaining time.. And reduce mine from 470 free to like 330 or 300 I don't mind... But I'm sure there is something wrong in ur system that needs ur imidiate attention.. Ps don't worry I'll resub both my yearly accounts when awesome updates come and I know u will bring awesome stuff or at least I hope
  17. I meant add a question in ur poll on how the players feel about developers trsncparecy Example question do you believe dev team is transparent etc and ofc add another question to your poll asking players if they would like to have a development roadmap
  18. BTW add to the poll transparency as it's a very crucial element between business n players Also you could add a roadmap development
  19. Your are right... The wsy devs behave communication wise n transparency slowly but steady create unsatisfactory climate to many players n I'll include my self.. When u slowly create fed up players they might stay cause nothing on the horizon but when something appears its bye bye forever cause of that fed up....lack of transparency communication n many more.. I mean if you leave for something else after years of fed up why come bk when there is something else.. No matter what new features u bring.. It will be too very late... Personally I scream n scream n point out various stuff... Silly devs never listen lol... Sometimes I might went to extremes lol but in my mind it was a kinda last resort hey listen hey now is the time hey wake up hey etc BTW there is already competitors Snip version that growing by the day And my informations tell me about a second snip n ofc other 2 new competitors from what I'm seeing And let's not forget some projects are with very newer teck visual wise VS 3dxchat 8 years models n features wise... So 3dxchat needs to do big n bold steps if you ask me.. I hope they will... Do not ask me to tell you about other stuff cause I wont
  20. 1) you love to paranoid here quote of ur so called target lmao i mention clearly 4 case 2 with poses and 2 with the new lights clear ? see now that u love to paranoid after that i checked more stuff and noticed yacht pool water needs also fix ..so what not mention it cause u might paranoid or get offended ..... 2 sure the movement tho u see pussy wont go walk in the park and leave the host please lol 3 check it on twitter ? i dont have you there lol so i have 0 clue what u post clear ? yup 4) the fact is the pose (only the vaginal version needs to be fixed to look nice how ? it needs reposition ..... i know devs line is to kill 2 birds with 1 stone but cant be done nice some times some poses to work both anal and vaginal need a small change in the position for the love of god 4) the devs u say well since i stopped being their cheerleader im of no use and since i Do understand the workflow and how things done im kinda not their favorite cause it confilct with the snail progress u want a example ? here one they told us that clothes need a programmer to inergrade clothes in game and i know that everything in game needs a script aka a programmer so if u the programer add poses meaning u do scripts if u add icons in log in aka new scripts if u add new lights aka scripts and u dont add clothes and hokus pocus us that only clothes need a programmer excuse me but that is a lie cause everything need a script to be added in game meaning they do not have clothes and they dont tell us they arent trasparent and people that dont know how things done that esxcuse can slip by not to those that know tho ^^ so im not their favorite haha cause i snitch the truth and they dont like it its simple hahah ...i mean they ban me one time from forum without even a reason and without even say a reason lol ..and they didnt answer support tickets or discord ... anyway to give you a clue everything alsmost in game need a script not only clothes i know it many know it i also know how they add stuff i know hmm like 90 % of the process i dont script tho ..yet but from what i saw scripts are like 4 lines with like 2-4 words hehe cause its a simple game no damage no health bars etc hhehe So those hokus pocus ...no no no ...3 years ago maybe they would slip by not the case now .....dont believe me ? want a a vdeo on scripting animations in 16 mis ...2 animations that arent static ....in unity hehe maybe u want me to find scripting clothes so we see how long it takes to be inergrated in the game ? or simple devs can be trasparent and say ..''hey currently we dont have artists for clothes etc something '' its better say the truth than hocus pocus excuses if they had clothes they would already be in game its worriesome that even if they dont have artists for clothes there are lot of sites out there that give free stuff with comercial also use like for example the editor room we have called industrial something room and take those free clothes resize them to our avatars size and bring them in game and we all be happy ...but no they have to give us excuses like a programmer need to inetrgrate them in game script wise gues what the poses need the same dude haha but we get them light same dances same everything ..we dont get clothes tho .. im not a pro im a second year student to be clear try again in like 4 years i might be a pro till then i will also do mistakes BUT ill go back and fix them when pointed out not come here play it all is perfect for the love of god hahaha its just minor fixes no need to get offended lol just contact lisa and tell her to fix the vaginal version cant be exact same so pussy dont stick out seriously the pussy looks very bad sticking so much out i dont understand why u dont see it lol . listen when i had 0 clue in animation everything could slip by i mean u dont have eye for that cause not trained to see it but as time goes by my eyes catch more and more details animation wise ..trust me those poses i mention isnt the only ones that need a lil fixing there are other also lemme name one (not sure if i remeber correct ) but the 3 some pose the old one thatalso be used as MF oral both share same animation the animation make sense for the 3some but for the 2some doesnt (again i might be wrong in which pose i remeber ill have to check out to be sure ) anyways the point is as time goes by and learn and learn ur eye catches more details ...horny ppl that wanna stick their willy somewhere be it pussy or a brick hole ofc wont notice doesnt mean others wont notice and since we all here talk about realism and quality etc then its a issue ...are we gonna make it another second life quality sex poses wise ? today a blinking like crazy eyes tomorrow pussy going walk in the park far from the female host what will happen the next month if we let thos slip ... just fix those stuff and all is good and perfect Dont forget the yach water also needs fixing yacht is my favorite place i go tan and water now kinda suck now go do a staff meeting and start fixing please thank you in advance sorry for my wall text but im a player i want to get awesome cool updates and tons of new clothes
  21. after loruna answered ofc the comments were for her since untill then i didnt knew who made what not that it matters cause for a paying customer doesnt matter who makes what as long as it cool who did what not my problem thats internal stuff now about the editing u say were words like cya minor stuff and some gramatical corrections at least the few i noticed lol anyways the suggestions for the fixes are all there ...but let me say this ...and what ill say we all have witnessed it years now .... Bugs that dont get fixed in years ..So my opinion is never leave a fix behind cause then u wont fix it and it will add up to the list of fixes ..and guess what ...that u never fix and who is the one that gets impacted ? The PLAYER what am i ? a player ... anyways Lets hope Devs will fix stuff
  22. 1) THX i think u read whatever u want ..so lemme sum up thread started by pointing some stuff that needed fixing it didnt criticised anyone the thread asked devs to do some fixes like we ask with bugs 2) a professional ? this is the forum we bring bugs problem suggestions fixes and other stuff here so devs see them and take action .... btw devs Do not even reply in support tickets or in discord ...soooo wanna add anything to this ? so forum is the only place to ask and hopefully get things done see? its says awesome blah blah stuff and showcasing the fixes ...no criticism lol when we say it needs fixing its not criticism if i didnt like i would said delete to be clear so lets not get crazy cause we said some stuff need fixing ... If i say hey those bugs need fixing ppl will come here tell us we criticize ? please 3) Thats why made this thread pointing out some ''minor ''fixes so those who have the power fix them i mean its 5 mins work each fix 4) listen i already posted a example (3 pics altering the pose a lil so vaginal version can work ) <<<Did u saw the pics ? i guess not cause then u wouldnt telling me here lead by example hehe So THX here quote of fix ^^ See the fix ? that i leaded a example ? i opened my 3dsmax recreated the pose in 2 mins but made it so that pussy Dont stick out and look weird and i said many times some poses you cant get away with same animation and kill 2 birds in 1 stone ...saddly due to the anatomic position of pussy and anus some poses to work in both versions might not work if exactly same some would need reposition also in other posts i said hey everyone do mistakes due to work load fatigue etc we are all humans its normal to make mistakes ..as long as they get fixed .... BUT we have 0 reply if they get fixed and another come here tell us there is nothing to fix ....realyyy like realyyyyyyyyyy realy now ? this thread didnt talk only about certain poses talked about dances the yacht water that broke and 3 minor pose fixing and the dances .....realy now nothing of those needs fixing ? how professional is that now ? its ok to pat friends in the back i do it also but to realy help ur friend u dont go all licky sticky u tell hey this is this and this is that so they improved the reach another level ...If whatever i do my friends tell me hey awesome i stop call them friends ....they are of no help to me to improve real friends do not licky sticky they tell you stuff to improve
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