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  1. Before someone, especially some random guy, hugs or kisses me, please let me choose: [_] Accept Hug/Kiss [_] Slap Face [_] Kick Nuts [_] Shaking head and negating with index finger
  2. Oh, I forgot. The icing on the cake would be an animation of toasting with glasses.
  3. Besides the beer bottle animations a few other drinks would be nice. Coffee and such might be sufficient, if only done in sitting poses, no need to carry a cup of coffee to the dancefloor. I want to drink water and tea for free in my apartement coffee (from cup) wine (from wine glass) energy drink (can) longdrink/martini (from cocktail glass) vodka/shots (shot glass) Champagne (from appropriate glass) bonus: Champagne bottle opening squirt
  4. Even teleportation is not a solution for a "default room". (I gather default rooms are Sin Club, 3DX Night Club, Beach, Yacht and so on.) These rooms are there to facilitate socializing, not to admire some landscape or architecture. If you have a location spanning a vast area, you must provide many focal areas or crystallisation points for gatherings in this "Mega Room"; otherwise avatars are just wandering around alone. When you are able to populate the focal areas, due to the sheer mass of visitors, the local chat there becomes WC no.2 and probably worse. Just imagine some focal area with kink positive folks and another area with plain vanillas in the local chat of a Mega Room. Misunderstandings aplenty. WC will look like kindergarten. What is also neglected often is the importance of the soundscape, especially in addition to landscape/architecture. Just look at the two default rooms with the most people at every single hour - Sin Club and Beach. The Beach has a very neutral soundscape, which is not annoying. Sin Club has a very mainstream but broader music selection and at least every half an hour or so, everyone should hear a track which evocates at least some positive feeling. Whereas Fresco, if you do not like that type of music, you will simply not stay there. So which music are you going to play in Mega Room? Lets say you have an opera house and a Black Metal bar in your city. Even if you like Black Metal and Opera, combined with the wrong environment the location would feel a little cheesy. And if you would play the "neutral" SinClub Radio, the architecture/soundcape-dissonance is even greater! How are you going to populate an area which feels so wrong? My bet is, it would be as deserted as the saloon. So most probably you would just end up with another beach or jungle island. But why the effort? I mean Havasu exists already in the user hosted area. I guess what many people are striving for is a system like in a competitor of 3DX, where you can jump from one room to another through a teleporter/door. But why would you need that in "default rooms", because you can easily jump from area to area just using the left panel of the menu. If you want to jump/teleport into a user hosted room, all these rooms, would have to be running 24/7. I guess this game is not designed for that, but I could be wrong.
  5. Big rooms or landscapes face a - literally - huge problem, huge distances. This issue alone results in a somewhat lesser usability. Also local chat is ill suited for such large rooms. A few large landscapes, especially if intended for RP, may work. Big rooms for the general population, however, might not turn out to be the holy grail.
  6. The phrases " face-to-face", "back-to-back", and "ass-to-ass" refer to the spatial placement or positioning of two bodies in relation to each other, not which bodily orifices are penetrated. In the movie it is explicitly called for the position ass-to-ass. Most viewers seem to notice that the penetration is vaginal to vaginal. The position ass-to-ass as shown allows for either anal or vaginal penetration. There is no contraindication.
  7. PM from strangers I handle exactly like you, without any regrets. (They are at least in the same location and should be able to discern what I am doing.)
  8. I have a photo telling "AFK or busy", but it does not get noticed too often in my experience. Got a few "Why aren't you replying" complaints, even though I had it up.
  9. These incoming calls from other locations are a major detraction to me. That is because, I want to at least answer in short to messages I receive from people on my friends list. This puts me often in lose-lose situations. Colds from strangers, which upset so many people, for instance do not bother me at all, because I just let them run out and if I am in the mood I hit ignore very generously . Just an example: Imagine you are in a scene with someone, you have a good thing going and want to concentrate on your partner/s. PM incoming from Friend1: "Hi, I just logged in. Wanna hang out?" Me: "Sorry, I am busy. Maybe later!" In an ideal world the conversation stops here, but often it continues. F1: "What are you doing?" "I want to show you..." "How Long will it take?" I try to answer shortly and put a stop to the conversation as nicely as possible. But I am already getting a little angry at myself for diverting my focus from my current partners. And then Friend2 calls in, and then simultaneously Friend3 and I may get a little irritated and decide to stop to talk to Friend 2 and 3 not finishing the conversation. Which I regret of course, because I do not want to be rude to them, but also not to my current partner. Now if Friend4 calls, I may already be quite charged, even so he has not done anything wrong. But I decide not to answer, and hate myself for it later. If I could just switch off my "3DX cell phone" sometimes, my life would be so much easier
  10. Some people seem to just watch their friends list and hit PM the very moment a friend goes online, or just go through their friend list messaging "Come to my home!" not even considering to leave their own location. To avoid spamming by personal messages and maybe even as a benefit of making social rooms more viable, just two or four little changes/additions to the current communication system in 3DX could help. Divide the talking/whispering to a person in a room from messaging across different locations. 1 PM via clicking on avatar just like it is now is "talk" or "whisper". 2 Contacting someone via private message by friends list in profile is handled like using a cell phone. If you switch off your 3DX cell phone, you can only receive PM of avatars in the same location via "talk". I.e. the message button in the profile becomes the "3DX cell phone". 3 (optional) Set up an 3DX-(snail)Mail function as a separate button in the the profile: You can only send 3DX-mail to friends via the profile. You can read and write 3DX-(snail)mail only, if your avatar is in the dressing room or your own location. (This should minimize in-game spam.) 4 (optional) Add a "3DXLocation" field in the profile, which automatically informs about your current location. Include the option to share your location with "Private/Secret", "Friends only" or "Public". 2* If the developers want to do the icing on the cake, you have to be in a smartphone pose, "Idle 6" e.g., or in the dressing room to use the 3DX-cell phone .
  11. I second that. On a side note: Many great looking rooms, which are brilliant and intricate in style or quite realistic, are not "easy to use", however. I don't know how to describe it properly. Some rooms have too much, are too narrow in some places, or have distances too far in other places. The "usability" of some great looking rooms is often lacking. edit: What is really missing in my opinion, is the possibility to put rooms in some kind of favourites or bookmarks.
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