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  1. The words you missed are: "Thank you for sharing your observations in other virtual worlds with in-game currency transfer and markets."
  2. I will fuck you for 24 gifts* (about USD 10,-), a very moderate rate on other worlds. Once your wish is granted you will pay higher rates for worthwile escorts. I could have written 50 or 125 gifts also, these rates are not unusual on other worlds. If you like to get financially milked you can already experience this in other worlds. Why change the fine virtual ecosystem of 3DXchat into a cess pool? Now imagine they introduce xgold transfer and make it also possible just to buy stuff like poses, dresses, properties and furnishings and such. (By the way, the circles of xgold-transfer advocates and "more uses for xgold" advocates are almost congruent.) We are not even speaking of converting to subscription or a conversion of game money to real world money! While not all women, or even female avatars, will turn out to be "real" sex workers, it will be enough to make it difficult for many men to get and stay in touch with women, who are not sex workers. This applies not only to men of the "colds are OK", "hru bb" and "animation click only" variety, but it will get even more expensive for these. Be careful what you wish for! I prefer the virtual world of 3DXchat, where you can act out sex worker fantasies without milking your (role-play) partners and enjoy the absence of "peer pressure" of "real" virtual sex workers, who are in it for the money, not fun and lust. *No, I will not do that. It was just a rhetorical figure.
  3. Give me a reason To get out of bed I could just watch The ceiling instead Nothing can touch me And no one is there The songs are my prison You say you care You say you love me Nothing can move me And no one feels close People are bitter You're not one of those
  4. Erythrea

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  5. In an in-game-market being a hooker will not be "fun" anymore. People who are prostitutes "for fun" will be harassed by the prostitutes "for real" and their associates, club-owners who act as pimps and so on.
  6. The difference is that if you are just into RP-ing a prostitute or even a promiscuic/nymphomaniac, you will get harassed by the virtual-hookers for real, e.g. It produces drama you cannot anticipate, if not experienced. And I did not even mention all the designers of clothes & rooms and club-owners and so on with their self-inflated egos and the drama they generate. Yes, such people even generate drama here, but in in-game-market worlds this drama is in a total different league. There are plenty of virtual worlds where it is possible to experience these toxic environments, if you are interested.
  7. One of the reasons I prefer this virtual world.
  8. Gift a "Bundle of Bank Notes" Problem solved and less drama than earning even in game gold.
  9. Character available : Erythrea (Female) Availability : not fixed RP duration : Long term (The character will be the same along all the various scene.) RP theme : Futuristic, Cyberpunk, Hard Science Fiction, Transhumanism & Posthumanism, Film Noir-esque scenarios Partners : [X] Male Accept : torture, corruption, blackmail, forced prostitution * Refuse : Ageplay * caveat: If you play with me, you may dominate me, but you may also end up with cuts, scars, a missing member or even a ripped out throat. So stay away if you are just a boring guy who has watched too many a rough BXC gangbang on your favourite adult tube-service.
  10. Some people can say "No! Stop!" and proceed, because they use a safeword 8 is about me - a bottom - giving my topping significant other scratchmark on his back, while he screams to stop and later thanks me for being a tigress 8 is about a myriad of other things than what you insinuate ...
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