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  1. Same problem here, I haven't even seen the color of my lips for a year...need this fixed ASAP!!!-JZ
  2. NICE Thanks for letting us know!-JZ
  3. mmm hmmm my fingers are crossed it gets taken care of fast. This happened the other day as well.-JZ
  4. I just got that same message...glad to see it isn't only me. Hope it comes back up again soon.
  5. I have my fingers crossed that this does not go on for days this time.-JZ
  6. Saturday June 27, 2020 as we started the third song in our set...the world ended. The 3DX servers crashed and most of the inhabitants of the world ceased to exist. So we had to jump in a time machine and go back to the past into an alternate universe in order to have our grand opening event..........again. On Friday July 10, 2020 at 2pm pdt go back. Go back to the 80's. Go back to the 80's NIGHT at THE PiER. You are invited to join us for our second attempt to open THE PiER in style. Time travel back to the totally radical 1980's where hair spray and shoulder pads reigned. Dance the night
  7. AWESOME! Thanks I am patched.-JZ
  8. Hey Humanity I just saw you in WC. You got thrown off too huh...
  9. I was on chatting with an old friend in PM just now and got disconnected from the server again so it is not stable at all.-JZ
  10. I am still in too but it is really glitchy and some rooms are just the ocean and spawn point. The main rooms you can enter and see some people but they are naked to you and you have clothes on but everyone else sees you naked.-JZ
  11. I am dancing in a room right now so yeah it is up.
  12. OOOOOOOOOOO Didn't think about HUMP DAY! Thank you so much. Now I feel even more like like a million bucks.
  13. What a a wonderful thing to wake up to, a patch on build 420 so IMA celebrate by smoking a bowl. Oh and yeah page 69 OW!
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