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  1. There was a room in a different world called "Rocky Valley." It had a thunderstorm and the sound totally triggered my ASMR. β™‘ #bliss
  2. While I appreciate the filter, what I'd really like is a way to ignore the room owner from the room list itself, rather than having to enter a room I find repellant to do so. Caren
  3. Hello! I hope you're all happy and healthy and having a great day! The 3dx night beach room has both music and the sounds of the shore. Keely's popular room "The Lake" had crickets and other natural sounds mixed by her. Would it be possible for us to have sound objects in the editor like "running water," "rain," "wind," "ocean waves," and "thunderstorm," do you think? 3dxers, what other environmental sounds would you suggest, if Gizmo and Lisa consider this? Tell the people you love that you love them! β™‘ Caren
  4. Hey there 3dx! So, no new faces on the forum for a while, b/c nobody new can create an account. Is this a response to the time 3dx went down for a bit and the forum exploded in the worst possible ways? idk? Anyway, I'm curious who is still around? Say hello! β™‘ Caren
  5. I wake to birdsong Thankful for my health and job Begin the new day β™‘
  6. That hoodie looks awesome, provided it can be worn under shorts or a skirt. I agree with you, Arran - I'd love for guys to have things like a shirt and tie, a suit, a tuxedo, socks. β™‘
  7. I will be disappointed if the only thing in the new update is teledildonic functionality.
  8. Agency over who gets to do what to you has zero to do with sex or sexuality. I'd love an option to simply say 'no' to people who try to interact with me without my consent. We're able to say no to partner, apartment, and dance requests; why not hugging and kissing?
  9. Hey Bri! Search for "Bunnybot" in this forum. Have a wonderful day! β™‘ Caren
  10. If it has anything to do with lapdancing or some of the pole dance options from Curio... ::rawr:: I'm also hoping for clothing design options similar to what we had there. β™‘
  11. Hello 3dx world programming folks! I have some things to suggest for you to consider adding to the existing world editor that I think builders would enjoy: Doors that open and close with a click or remotely with the push of a button or switch (see #3) Elevators that can raise and lower, also with a click or button or switch Buttons and switches that activate doors and elevators Signs that can be typed on without the need to create letters out of 3d objects Also, as a really cool addition, maybe some kind of logic object or tool for like, combining switches to make a combination lock or something similar? I think some builders could then craft like, stories, adventures, escape rooms, board games, and fun, interactive experiences for other players. Anyway, that's my idea! Thank you for considering it! β™‘ Caren
  12. Here's to a year where we're healthier, happier, more loving, understanding, prosperous, kind, harmonious, mature, and gentler. Wooo 2021! ❀❀❀ Caren
  13. Crisp Autumn morning I'm enjoying the sunrise Thankful for the day ❀
  14. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry, Olesya! I hope you feel better soon and are recovered and back with us as soon as possible! Sending love and support to you and your family! ❀❀❀
  15. Some days you get tired Of stupid forum drama So you write haiku
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