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  1. It's live now! I'll review changes in 3dx and edit this tutorial for accuracy! ♡ Caren
  2. Mhm, I just kind of went with defining things as they were presented in the interface left to right and top to bottom. Your workflow is totally legit too ♡ I know I've seen guys with stylized gloves in beta; was there anything else there that men can get excited about, please? Have an awesome day! ♡ Caren
  3. Yeah, sounds like drama. If they don't trust you then maybe it's time to move on.
  4. I mean if you're already partnered, maybe. It's already sketch that random people can hug you without consent. This is straight up sexual assault.
  5. Well, you can do a "save selected as" in the World editor, so I was hoping it could be something like that, you know? Caren
  6. Hey there 3dxers! Here's a little tutorial I've put together to help demystify some of the awesome new clothing options that are headed our way. Please note that this is only current to the 3dx 2.9 version and is totally subject to change! Please keep in mind that I do not work for 3dx, so this is in no way official - it's from me experimenting with the new tools and discovering functionality. ♡ 1. The general interface. You have to choose clothing that's been set up for the new options (pink arrow). There are multiple fabric options (125!) for each garment. Sometimes, you get more than one option, called "layers." (yellow and green arrows) I've selected the long-sleeve leotard. 2. Choose your first fabric under "Layer 1" I'm going with a foil glitter. 3. You can change the scale of the fabric texture or pattern with the slider labeled "Layer 1 Scale." All the way to the right is the smallest option... ...while all the way to the left is the largest! 4. Choose your color options. Sometimes you are able to blend more than one color per fabric. I chose purple and white, then changed the size to something smaller. 5. Now it's time to choose your second fabric! I chose a heart pattern, then repeated the above steps to complement the first pattern. The arrows show the fabric, scale, and color options. 6. 3dx already allows you to include a print or graphic add-on, so this might look familiar if you've already used the interface in the current version. If you click the "Print" button you can choose the color too. Here I've opted for a teddy bear in white. 7. The "Layer Mask" is an exciting addition for clothing customization! You can select different parts of the garment (for example, sleeves, bust, neckline et al) in favor of one fabric or the other. Note that the body of the leotard is now fully sparkled, while the sleeves show the heart pattern! Compare that with the look in step 6 to see how the mask changed things up! 8. The "Layer Blend" slider allows you to move back and forth, using your earlier choices to favor one fabric over another in different combinations. Here is my current look favoring layer one (and the current mask setting)... ... and now with the slider all the way the other way. Of course, any point in between is available! 9. Finally, some garments include a "Hider" option. This is to remove elements of the garment for a greater range of options. Here's a skirt with a bow and lace hem. Using the "Hider" option, I can remove the bow, the lace hem, or both! That's all for now. There may be other variations for other garments or for the men's clothing. My best advice is to dig into the newc3dx version and play around with looks. Have fun! ❤ Caren
  7. Caren

    Escape rooms!

    We now have seven different escape rooms and I'm currently working on number 8. ♡ Our themes run from light-hearted to spooky scary unsettling. Let me know if you're interested! Caren
  8. To clarify, by "individual garment settings" I mean files that can be shared independent of avatar settings. So if you have a garment with palette, fabric, blend, and hidden settings that can be shared easily with others. I apologize for any confusion. ♡ Caren
  9. Good morning 3dxers! So, I had an idea with the new clothing system in beta... is it possible to save individual garment settings as a file? For instance, a top with the new patterns, textures, colors, and blending options? My thought is that while there's no way to design clothes for other people, files of specific looks could be uploaded for others to download and use. What do you think? Possible? Have a wonderful day! ♡ Caren
  10. Caren

    3dx Haiku ♡

    Was it all worth it? The faces, the places, lost? Your evil echoes.
  11. Hi! Thank you for making this! Please pardon my ignorance, but I'm using OpenOffice and am unsure how to load a world? It seems to load your work fine otherwise. Is there an obvious button or something in excel that I'm missing, please? Thank you! Caren
  12. Caren

    Escape rooms!

    Happy Sunday! ❤ Maybe use this as an idea to add novelty to your 3dx experience - my friends and I have taken to writing and implementing escape rooms in 3dx. Given that 3dx lacks a great deal in terms of interaction, it requires some agreed-upon rules for the players: First person only No spycam The "door" is closed until the narrator says it is open Examine everything Take turns to keep from overwhelming the narrator When in doubt, try it out. You can't break anything! Hints are available if you get frustrated. We've found that time limits don't work because most of the experience is through chat; that written, it *is* possible to provide a challenging and fun experience for your friends! There's more to it, but I don't want to take up a lot of time. DM me if you see me in world or send me a message here! Have a wonderful day! Caren
  13. There was a room in a different world called "Rocky Valley." It had a thunderstorm and the sound totally triggered my ASMR. ♡ #bliss
  14. Hello! I hope you're all happy and healthy and having a great day! The 3dx night beach room has both music and the sounds of the shore. Keely's popular room "The Lake" had crickets and other natural sounds mixed by her. Would it be possible for us to have sound objects in the editor like "running water," "rain," "wind," "ocean waves," and "thunderstorm," do you think? 3dxers, what other environmental sounds would you suggest, if Gizmo and Lisa consider this? Tell the people you love that you love them! ♡ Caren
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