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  1. <morgan freeman voice> and just like that...they all went silent, to talk to each other in discord...
  2. Night! Sleep well when you get there
  3. The fact someone saw that and set it up makes me happy...
  4. screw it if we're tossing discord out there: Gruntztastic#9120
  5. Your meme game is on point! xD Teach me senpai!
  6. HA, as Etz said...we've seen it all. Unleash that inner freak and point to your baron field of fucks to give while doing it!
  7. JFC Pretty...I'm going to shamelessly steal that xD
  8. Discord is branching out to business ops now...I think they want to compete w/Zoom
  9. If this was an actual WC, it'd be a lot more raunchy. lol I think we're holding back!
  10. @redheadrider May as well keep it in a single thread right? versus 20 different ones about the same thing.
  11. Yeah I totally get it! Vent away. I just appreciate the severity of this and what these guys/gals are going through to unf*** the situation. I'm in the Etz camp and just gotta give this time. I believe this happened in 2018 as well and we were down for a good while, maybe 5 days. This one seems worse than that. So we come here and shoot the shit. I'm all for it.
  12. I want my cake (and cookies) and eat them too damnit!
  13. @salemalex Sure beats complaining right?
  14. I use my fingers to math...I'll take your word for it xD
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