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  1. This comes up time and time again. Because we PAY for a chat service. Because why should we have to reduce the features of the service we apy for simply because others vandalize it? World chat is the single most powerful form of communication in the game but it is flooded with abuse and spite to the point that many people ignore it completely. This means that it doesnt matter if *I* block all the haters. If I type a message there (about shared interests/ asking for help/ or just trying to be social within our community) the effort is mostly wasted because most of the community will never be bothered to read it - and even the ones who do have world chat open will miss it becasue my message will get quickly drowned out by the hate spam. I also open myself up to abuse and ridicule simply by attempting to post in World chat, if some troll finds my comment worthy of their abusive attention. So. No. Blocking is not a solution. It is a way to deny the problem exists.
  2. Yikes. If I offended I apologize - but I struggle to see how. I think if you check the post again you would see I wasn't replying to you: My reply was directed towards the poster that I directly quoted who had said: [b] Well its not your own private forum neither the game is, so your desires and wishes has the same importance as the other paying customers, not less, but not more. If someone wants free speech in WC - they are entitled to have this opinion and voice it, as much as you are. [/b] My point being that no the wishes for free speech of the users don't override the rules of the server.
  3. No that's not the way it works. Free speech as a concept is basically where government is refused the power to interrupt, censor, or block the legitimate discourse of the population. "Free speech" as a concept simply doesn't exist in a private context. You are given the privilege to say what you like, within the boundaries of what is considered acceptable by those that own the server. The devs have made VERY CLEAR what they do and don't tolerate and this entire thread is in the context of THEIR rules. Not mine. Specifically: 2. Prohibitions, restrictions and conditions of use, for all game chats and channels.You agree not to do any of the following while using the Game or any SexGameDevil game chat or channels.2.01. Excessive profanity and inappropriate language is not welcome.2.02. Insults, personal attacks, abuse or harassment are not tolerated on any level.2.03. Derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, underage sex, or underage sexual preference are prohibited.2.04. Allusion of racial or national supremacy, as well as discriminative propaganda on any level is prohibited.2.05. Spamming or posting nonsensical messages is prohibited in the chats. This also includes excessive use of caps.
  4. There is no 100% solution. No system will be perfect. Right now the great irony is that a game called 3dx*CHAT* is often having its single most important chat feature hijacked by racist, bigoted and seriously disturbed trolls. I think moderators are the right way to go. Will it get abused? Yeah probably from time to time. No human is perfect: mods will make mistakes. But I am sure in our community there are a few people who would legit try and do their best. Yesterday when I posted on world chat that I have made this thread, and was trying to draw attention to the hate speech, it withered and died shortly after. I got a few "Thanks Karen" and such - but I don't care. An hour later chat was friendly and welcoming again - as it should be. In the end the community, and how we unite together, is the best tool against trolls. I hope the admins consider that and try to find us an answer to this. Lastly: I don't want to ban anyones free speech: But such speech is a privilege, not a right, on a private forum. "Free Speech" warriors can go shout in a park if they wish. As a paying customer,. like many others, I am here for troll-free and hate-free speech.
  5. I think those advocating for Opt out" kind of miss the point: Global chat is a feature that when it works is a great way for the community to invovle and inform each other. Put it this way: Its a function we pay for to meet and interact with other players socially. But it is often hijacked by haters and griefers who rant and ramble and turn it into a spite-filled wall of noise. Hence many players simply minimise it. But there is no other feature in 3dx that offers an ability to reach out to the community within the game itself. Why are WE the ones that must disable world chat? And thus deprive ourselves of the single most powerful communications tool in the entire game? My point is that WC is something we deserve to have as part of our game experience, and it is being taken away from us by trolls. I'm asking the devs to find a way to give it back to us.
  6. Well I think a mod team would themselves need to be picked carefully of course. Ultimately its about who lands the role of lead mod and keeps them in check - but there are plenty of forums that manage moderation just fine. No system is perfect but right now we have nothing. even someone with a "mute" button and a "Rule 1: Don't be a dick" rulebook would be better than nothing. Personally I think for a chat like 3dx the toxic spam is an even bigger problem than onan average game website - because the content and context of what we're doing here is so intimate and sensitive. Theres a lot of extremely toxic sex-based hate going on while people are trying to hook up and have a lovely time. Talk about killing the mood! If not mods - then maybe like an upvote / downvote system?.. if like 20 people downvote a comment a person gets muted for 20 minutes or something..
  7. For the record right now its just a flame war of hate. I have blocked most of them at this stage so cant share screens but you could get a good idea if you can see the history of the chat the past hour or so.
  8. Sorry but it's a fact. Sometimes it gets so bad it's embarrassing. I'm not really here online so much now post-covid - just when the fancy takes me - but Every. Single. Time that I'm here WC is an abomination of attitude and resentment. I like being here - and sometimes I think about getting a person I'm interested in into this place - but honestly? I wouldn't invite anyone else here. I wouldn't want to be a streamer trying to promote the game (which I love). So much bigotry and - i dunno maybe RAGE is the best word for it. Someone says something spiteful and triggers 2 others - who then trigger 2 more and suddenly its just walls of hate and misery spoiling the whole frikking experience. Is there any way to call a mod to give it some attention? I don't want to be that person that screenshots and reports. Most of it is just cringeworthy but it goes on for HOURS and frikkin HOURs and - I KNOW people will say "heyjust block them!" but the trouble is noone else can start a conversation about anything else. World Chat is destroyed as a means of communication. Most sensible people are avoiding it which means there's no point me trying to use it, even if I block all the screamers. I understand people have personal issues and I understand people come to 3DX to offload but seriously seriously World Chat is appaling and people need to be slapped out of there. Is there any way to get some chat mods?
  9. People are people. I've been in plenty of online communities where people are decent and well behaved entirely without moderation - and plenty more where its toxic and ridiculous even if the mods come down hardcore on it. The nature of this game brings people who might not have fully developed social skills. Simply put: They don't function in the real world at a social and sexual level so come here to find a replacement for that. But the truth is if you can't read human signals or follow social boundaries in the real world (How to approach other people and how to treat them with respect) then trying to do it in a 3 inch text box will not be any easier. The result is frustration and bitterness and a sense of failure and that spills over to the world chat. Whenever I see someone raging here or in the forums I just assume they are deeply unhappy and unfulfilled That makes me really sad - I will try to be better and treat them with kindness and respect and even forgive them if their ranting turns to cruelty as it does on occasion. I block as last resort. Silencing human beings is a terrible terrible result for them even if they never realize it. Having said all that: I will take the toxic wailing of sad frustrated people over perpetual room spam any day of the week. The room spam was a despicable abuse of a feature designed to encourage communication between members. Even if that communication is sometimes not what I would wish it to be. My thoughts only.
  10. yes I am.thank you . but is it OK that i have a different opinion without that you question my sanity or mental health? Is my opinion no less valid than yours? EVERYONE I KNOW is happy world chat is cleaned up. EVERYONE I know hated how ridiculous it was before. This thread has lots of people complaining about how draconian the response was from the devs. But would anything less have worked? Polite pleading obviously didn't work. I think this thread has a very very vocal and belligerent minority forming a kind of echo chamber and trying to proclaim this as some horrible action taken by a powermad dev team. Some of the comments here are frankly unrepeatable and borderline personal abuse towards the devs as far as I'm concerned. Again: just my opinion. But for the record I personally think that a clampdown and cleanup was an entirely reasonable and long overdue action against people who persisted and persisted in the face of vocal opposition from the majority of players. Many many players have been blocking World chat spammers - and that is detrimental to the entire community. But to be clear: This is only my opinion. I don't think Im sick for expressing it. I don't think its a particularly hostile or extreme opinion. Let me ask You a question β˜™π”Όπ•©β§.. Is it OK that there are more than one side and one opinion to this thing?
  11. World chat is so clean now - Its so much better. Its not perfect but at least its a channel i can look at without my eyes bleeding. I understand people are upset at the way it was cleaned up _ but honestly I think some of the worst offenders really didn't understand how bad it had become to try and use world chat for anything (Finding someone I got dc'd from or checking where people are or just generally talking to people). And also what you all seem to forget is that we were TRYING to ask people to stop spamming.. there was daily drama in the chat where people were trying to be polite and ask people to not spam every 3 seconds.. and being blocked or just insulted. It got to the point that the very subject of spam was its own drama. And finally when people started spamming using alts - so the same flashy box popped up again again again again again..in between another and another again again again again... I think 36 hour ban is more than reasonable for that. I'm glad you were stopped. I'm glad you were punished. Kudos to the devs.
  12. is the server down? I get the cannot connect message at the login screen.
  13. In game! Free hugs!

  14. It does work for me now. 14% Fingers crossed.
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