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  1. make sure you click that USA button if your a Verizon user.. it defaults to Europe the first time you open the game...
  2. okay East coasters go get yourself a VPN.. there's usually free ones out there that will solve your problem 3DX's security system is fucking with you pretty much what it comes down to...
  3. Well it's not the fucking Catalina wine mixer... but should be good anyway since prestige worldwide's best DJ is gonna be playing!
  4. yup the stabilization patch pretty much just made things worse
  5. so my problem was that it was just sitting there at zero percent when it went to update... I did a reinstall still sitting at zero.. what fixed it was left clicking on the 3DX icon on my toolbar.. And choosing Patcher... Something popped up to report it I hit exit and it updated..
  6. very sure a friend of mine mentioned a website where she gets her adult games instantly banned... in fact I don't even think she got the push enter just put the name in and banned..
  7. I suggest you make a list of what we can't say in 3DX anymore... seems you can't simply have a conversation about other adult games without us getting banned now!
  8. I'm definitely down for some booty shaken lol
  9. For the love of God fix the gifts already! I'm tired of not knowing what I am putting on their because I can only see half of my message and also have no idea how much of a message I can put before I'm cut off!
  10. do something like this... http://prntscr.com/k4v35f use this pose https://prntscr.com/k4v7fk or this one https://prntscr.com/k4v7up and the third person could use this one http://prntscr.com/k4v88o or could also use a couch trigger putting the back towards the middle of the bed and use this one http://prntscr.com/k4v8n8 it would just take some trial and error... need at least one person if you have the DLL and can bring in a partner if not, need at least three to help you test... then just move them closer and closer till you get what you like
  11. OMG uplifting rock ballads.... where are you? It's like playing hide and seek! lol
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