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  1. How long is this thing goin' for? I'm at work. Y'all suck.
  2. Castiel

    In game love

    Yup, you're right. So, in a sense, getting to know someone online without knowing what they look like first can be a good thing because it removes that initial physical attraction we're used to starting with and sets us up to get to know the real person first.
  3. Castiel

    In game love

    You're the only one that can say if it's love or not. Many, many people get infatuation confused with actual love. It's possible to find love in a place like 3DX, but it's rare. I was lucky enough to have met the woman I'm now married to IRL in Frescos. But, again, actual relationships blooming from such a place are few and far between. The really real people are one in a million. Yes, if you're in a RL relationship and in a secondary relationship on 3DX - unless it was agreed to with your RL partner beforehand - that's cheating. Of course the honeymoon period fades. After that initial raw attraction diminishes, if there's still a strong bond within the relationship left, that's what love actually is. Tread carefully out there, people.
  4. Mothafuckers writin' novels up in here.
  5. Y'all some trolls.
  6. Castiel

    An apology

    In the title, maybe?
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uZbvaf9nGg
  8. Holy shit, a level-headed, thoughtful, coherent reply. This place still surprises me from time-to-time.
  9. Rob's got a point. Develop a brand.
  10. Spellchecker helps. You're misunderstanding what I'm saying. At no point did I say it was okay or "fun" to "harm" other people. Perhaps before replying to my posts and attempting to "harm" me by insulting my IQ, you make sure you have a proper grasp of what is being said seeing as you're not a native English speaker.
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