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  1. UUUUUgh! Spoke too soon. On another 14 day quarantine here. Everyone is well and healthy but safety first. Expect to see much more of me this time as I am on at home isolation.
  2. After 14 days of isolation I am clean and clear! My workplace has ppl arrive from all over the world and we found out a couple weeks ago that someone had flown home and tested positive for the virus so 15 of us for 14 days were in isolation but good news.. .we are all well and healthy. Of course still taking all the necessary precautions. Skeleton crew at work of which I am one. Gloves and disenfectant all round! I hope as this virus continues to sweep the world everyone keeps themselves safe and well too.
  3. Sure lots of people are immature but that would fall under the category of their problem. Anyone signing up and logging should behave as a grown up and wait at least six months before they let the rest of us drag them down into our dens of debauchery and high school hijinx. lol
  4. Arguing and trolling AND common casual conversation was destroyed. Don't forget that part. Did I mention I think it's all about me. lol Just kidding. At any rate I, too, am off to work. Thanks for some casual interesting discourse gentlemen. I wish you all a wonderful day!
  5. You know as I think about this. Back during the UV/Eros debacle. Eros attempted to open a new virtual world (not the one that looked like SL but the first other one) I think it was called 3DChat. And I am not sure if you could walk together holding hands but I am sure that one person could get on all fours and someone else could ride on their back like a pony ride. And that could be between any two people. It was not under sex acts. So I suppose couple movement CAN be done. But I sure don't know how.
  6. Well I kinda feel like anyone that signs on for one of these virtual worlds especially one that is billed 'Adult' aka Sex should have enough emotional fortitude and life experience to see the writing on the wall the minute they log in and see the WC.
  7. Agreed on a couple movement. THAT would probably be one the biggest best additions. I am not even sure if any other virtual world can do that? But if they ever do Im so rooting for piggyback and Im going to bug to get carried around eeeeverywhere! lol
  8. Oh I disagree. I think the timer came about to stop ppl from doing one ad after another after another after another over and over and stopping the casual random conversations. However all its done in my view is create an Ads only channel. I think it also has killed exactly what you believe it is meant for. New ppl getting help. Now its just people putting up super huge ads every 60 seconds and nobody even looking at it to be able to SEE those new people asking for help.
  9. I think thats because the arguments often overtook whatever other chatter was going on. I have also seen where five or six ppl having decent civilized casual chat and ignoring the arguers (is that a word) managed to make them run out of steam and stop.
  10. LOL IKR! Boy I am so smart! However I am also untalented and a little bit virtual world lazy. lol
  11. @Tsela It was used by SOME people to create animosities and have arguments.
  12. Oh! Someone needs to make a layout and open up a room called World Chat. Then people like me could use it. And of course I seem to think its 'all about me' lol
  13. You are correct. I could go to a room and chat in local. It would be almost the same thing. I guess the reason I like WC more is because it is available to everyone that is in world. Not just whoever chooses to go to a room.
  14. @Tsela I think World Chat is there for whatever we want it to be. I use the iggy button for people that use it for things I find personally annoying. I liken it to a large meeting room where you can settle in and meet people you might not otherwise have met. I would imagine it is because my forays into the virtual world realm in RLC and when you log in there your avatar lands in a place called Transport. People often stand around there chatting in a large group (what we would consider 'local' here) It is something I enjoy.
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