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  1. I really should have updated this days ago. Thanks Torax Got in touch on Discord and all things are fixed.
  2. lol love to but I dont have your Discord. I replied to your personal message here though. Thank you for your response.
  3. lol yes. well I think so. I followed the instructions to unzip it. After I did that. Nothing. It didn't go anywhere.
  4. No the file itself that I downloaded is nowhere to be found. I can't open it. Its in my downloads but I cant open it. (i thought I did but once I did it was nowhere to be found.) I cant find the file in order to merge it. PS it didnt download as a .world file. It downloaded as a zip file.
  5. Hi Torax. I bought something from the 3DXchatsharing store and could never open it to use. The file downloads fine but I don't know how to get so I can apply it to my apartment.
  6. I too have just renewed my subscription. I also couldn't log in with my program. It said something along the lines of not being able to log in using it and I needed to download the program again. I am assuming that is because it has been updated since my last login. It is taking a very very long time to download. (I went to the members page and downloaded it from there) I can log into the members area just fine but as I said the download is taking a very very long time. Is this normal or is there something not working? Edit update.... Yes it did just take a very very long time. It eventually finished and I am back in world.
  7. the short answer is ... you can use only the world editor. There are many different creators here that have made some magnificent things. It involves a little thinking outside the box.
  8. yes I know ... I just didn't bother to find the buttons.
  9. There is absolutely never going to be a time where everyone in this virtual world is happy. To my mind it is easier to ignore trolls than it is to ignore the giant ads that were running over and over and over. When I do log in (which seems to be rarer and rarer these days) I enjoy WC. Not every conversation there is to my liking and I do this really odd thing... I don't participate and I don't watch it. I find a room and go hang out and meet people. I know it seems to be an odd concept but, call me crazy, that's what I do. When the ads were a constant annoyance it was impossible to have any kind of conversation in WC. I don't even really mind the trolls. (Oh for the days I chased JimmyJuice around the world telling him I was gonna kiss him when I caught him. hehehe) But I am also aware I don't have to respond to them. And I don't have to make friends with everyone. Some people simply suck. The old saying ya mama prolly taught ya ... ignore them and they go away... is mostly true in regards to the WC. I don't know just yet another of my opinions but that and a quarter ... well it won't even buy ya a phone call anymore. Edit... I don't know why there is a quote box in this post. I wasn't quoting anyone. I hit a friggen button or something and can't make it go away. lol
  10. Happy Father's Day to all you smexy Daddys.
  11. So I decided to start a diary in the forum. It's not going to be anything real special. There is no theme to it. I am just going to fill it full of things I like. And I am going to start it off with a video from Pluto Living. If you all haven't seen this on YouTube or Facebook yet you have to. This little dog makes me laugh so much! I do not know the back story of it or who created it or why or how but it always makes me LOL. Now if I do this right .... well let's see. Tech is just not one of my strong points.
  12. I like the no ads in WC. I would hate to see them come back for any price.
  13. If you are looking to only have a small group of your friends you can open your room to friends only.
  14. Hmmm I have never had to download or unzip or install any other program to play here. Edit... just logged in to see if my closet was working. It is. Sorry I cant help.
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